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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My room is not a motel room!!!

Its now 9 pm, Monday, 23 February 2009. After the weekend of sex, I thought I was lucky to have a possible foursome today, this monday, and yet it was a dud! Marwin texted me if the morning party was good, I said no... I had a good morning fuck from Carlo36 who stayed overnight. I was so satiated from Wixon yesterday that I ended giving him a suck last night and my consolation prize, a massage till he fell asleep. I am not a professional masseur, but my hands are good enough with the help of lavander lotion to make them fall asleep. Around 10 am, Jorge came with his friend, and I was surprised to see that he has a cane when I opened the building door.. oh my good ... a blind guy? Well, his name is Manuel and he is visually challenged but he can see just not that good, or the cane is just props, I do not know.

So there are us, Carlo36, Jorge (a tall white guy), and Manuel (average height, good muscled black body) - and Jorge whispered that he Manuel is straight and would only do him. What the fuck? Screw them ... Carlo36 would have to leave for work by lunch, so if Jorge and Manuel are here to have sex, excluding us, then it means, I would only have Carlo36. Should I wait for the two? No.. we are all the in same bed, an european porn is playing and I simply started sucking Carlo36. Oh yes, I am shameless, and Carlo36 was just open minded. So imagine this - seated at the bottom of the bed are Jorge and Manuel trying to watch porn, and on their back, carlo36 and I were having sex, oblivious to them. :)

Apparently, they could not take it and are sort of shy, Jorge and Manuel left the bedroom, they went to the sala... and they had sex there. Actually, I thought they were doing it in the bathroom. So when carlo36 and I were finished, I just went to the kitchen, and surprised to see Manuel seated receiving a blowjob from Jorge, that is a sight, a white 6 foot guy giving a blowjob to a 5-6 foot black guy. No, I did not watch them, I went out to have some food, so I fixed myself something to eat.

Jorge asked that they want to use my room to have some sex. I said ok, but they have to wait, since Carlo36 is taking a bath and he would definitely dress up in the bedroom ... it would not be nice if they start and he would come in to dress up. So they continued making out on the sofa, but when carlo36 have dressed up - they said they would leave .. oh ok.. no problem...

PS.. Jorge texted me later that he is interested in Carlo36 and would like to know my friend. I guess I am not the only one SIN VERGUENZA around here .. but he ... oh well, think of good karma points...

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  1. I`d like to meet you and Carlos, if he wants bottom too and we can meet not that late...let me know. Pedro