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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Untitled ... unknown ...

Wednesday, 27 October 2010. I took yesterday as a rest day, made no bookings. I reserve yesterday to simply be with myself and meditate - it was my first day of my 44th year. I wonder and thought how would I start a new life? With another 20 year old? Well, Coituzadik, that is his true nick in PR, is only 20 years old and we have been exchanging messages. I was hesitant with him because he has the looks, his profile pic seemed to be part of a photo shoot, part of a portfolio, and no one wants to be rejected. Ok... Wow ... now, he admits I was correct in my impression. (Yes, he is still seating beside me on my bed as I write this blog post of mine, watching a porno movie). He is a horny 20 year old kid without doubt! (Are you still reading this, or searching for his face pic in PR?) I guess this is a good start for another year of fun.

I believe that there is always a first time as it is my first time to be blogging about someone still in my bed, nothing special about us meeting - except the dreaded rejection upon the moment of meeting each other or in the bedroom. True enough, he had his share of rejection. After the first round, we got to talk, and I got to learn more about him. He stands around 5-8, and 158 lbs, previously he weighed 190 lbs but lost weight after 3 months of gym! He still has to go for that defined muscle look but I already like him as it is, a V shaped body, sturdy big legs! And most importantly, a very hard cock that more than satisfied my mouth and ass, and not only once but twice, so far!

We met at Mcdonalds Libertad at 6 pm, he was very prompt, arriving earlier than me. He was wearing turquoise fitted shirt showing that V shape body of his, no belly. I was afraid that in private he might still turn around or simply leave after his first cum. Thus, arriving in my place - the old modus operandi, I put on a man to man video for him to watch while I took a quick shower. Men would always be visual, watching porn is a sure way to make them horny, raise the libido - thus, minimizing the rejection factor if he finds me lacking physically.

I came back in the room only with a towel, he was still fully cloth. I knelt in front of him, paying homage directly to his crotch - and it was exciting, for he is smooth and white, he epitomizes cleanliness. He has some fine body hair with his legs definitely hairy, that showed in his crotch to his ass. I opened the zipper and he was hard, and I could not take it all in - thus we proceeded to have him bare naked! Oh yes, this one I have to blogged but I took out the camera after I have sucked his dick. What makes the cock special? It was so hard, fat, very sturdy! It was a delight sucking that from the time we arrived in my bedroom to now, he says, give me a blowjob, I simply comply!

PS ... oh wow, he is asking for more bottoms .. any applicants? anyone interested?


  1. coituzadik has a great looking cock. I wish I could suck it and get fucked by that cock.

  2. Definitely interested. Maybe we could threesome???

  3. im interested with him bert.schedule me soon when i get back soon.....

  4. wow. can i have his number? im bottom. =)