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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Valentine Threesome

14 February 2007. I started a new sexual journey last Yuletide season with Paul and Jake. That was the time I got two kittens, and now there is only one of them. With this valentine, I had Ernz and Jake, thus I got a good sucking and a better fuck on my ass.

As always, things are not exactly planned but basically spontaneous, unplanned. This valentine, I was thinking of cuddling with Ernz, unsure if my ass can take a cock since my bowels have been very liquid. There is nothing like lust to cure my bottom.

his last year as a teenager....

What strikes me about Santi is his youth, he is only 19. A student of an exclusive catholic school and yet he admits to having treated, rehabilitated from alcoholism. Thus, the first time we met him, we just talked. Nothing. He was a bit tipsy, coming from a friend's birthday party. He came hoping for some action, but I felt he was after to being able to relate so we simply talked. Then, we escorted him to a tricycle. He lives quite near to my place.

Then, we had that disastrous foursome - never really finished the rest of it. Ernz was "threatened" by the straight guy. The words spoken was "subukan mo iyan, pupugutan kita ng ulo (try it and i would behead you!'. Ooops, we know that the guy wanted to try male sex, not only was he sucked, he even tried sucking, and had tried fucking me. Oh well... one of those moments.

Thus, it was then that I consented into Santi and Ernz. I was not into it anymore since I had my share already. But for Santi to be relaxed I was in the bedroom for a while where I took him inside my mouth, took some pictures, and till he started to suck my lover...... am i just imagining? well attached are the pictures as my proof. Santi was even more than willing to have his face pic posted, but I said no... men who have seen my blog trust that their face pics would not be posted since none were ever posted....
12 February 2007. The foursome was just an appetizer for Ernz. Nayo was nasty. (Under construction)

Monday, February 12, 2007

First Foursome in February

12february2007. Paul brought a friend, a 21 year old native from Iloilo. The guy is dark, muscular not from jeep but from being a helper, a true blue collar having to lift merchandise from delivery trucks and all! And of course, I have my lover Ernz with me, so this time, it was a foursome. When the three of them was doing it, I had liberty with the picture taking.

Monday, February 5, 2007

Threesome in Tagaytay

February 3, 2007. Tagaytay city, so cold and yet so accessible. This is where Ernz and I spent our weekend, this is where Harry came to our gate. The trip from Pasay was longer than expected, we hitched with my brother who had to drop by his friend - they were going to a stag party in Tagaytay. We arrived after four hours on that pick up!!! Just a good thing, Harry is young, he said he is 28 but he looks younger. He has an average bod, he claimed that he goes both ways ... thus, I was thinking that one of the postions would be a sandwich - he would be on top of me, while Ernz fucked him, it turns out.. we would have more positions than ever tried before.
Harry arrived as Ernz and I were trying to prepare our dinner, we have to grill our own dinner, grilled liempo and pork barbecue. Harry was in no hurry, he was more than willing to spent the night. Ernz and Harry agreed to buy liquour from 7-11 for some drinking spree but before they did, I asked Harry first to the bedroom - first round before drinking, which should be a break. Ernz was already inside, naked and in bed. Harry asked for a short trip to the comfort room first, and then quickly disrobed and joined between Ernz and me. Harry was really game, he sucked Ernz cocked while I sucked his cocked. Sucking was the name of the game... it was a suck train and later we repositioned for a three way suck. Rene moved to suck my cock, thus there were us, all sucking, all three cocks being sucked.
My lust rising we moved for a fuck. I was on my back, I placed a pillow under my ass, and Ernz gave a condom to Harry. Harry wore a condom and slowly inserted himself, Ernz was watching my face. Harry's cock was really hard and standing up, it would hurt me for its stiffness. I smiled as he inserted himself, having a cock inside me is so fulfilling, painful and yet heavenly, it hurts and yet i find pleasure in it. Harry began fucking me, slowly, controlled as I hugged him tightly. Ernz then moved his dick to my mouth, I had the luxury of two dicks at both ends. I was sucking while I was being fucked! Then, Ernz stood and placed a condom on his manhood and was positioning himself, this time, I was the one watching Harry as I sensed Ernz insert him. Harry showed a grimace, pain was painted but he endured the invasion of Ernz cock. Ernz dictated the movement, I sensed his move, his fuck driving his cock also drove Harry inside me. It was so satisfying.
To show my appreciation, I moved out under Harry since he got pinned, I moved myself for a 69 position with him. He took the cue and proceeded to suck me as I suck his dick, and I can see Ernz cock fucking him. It was so good.
Harry himself motioned for a new position, he was getting tired from being on his fours. I moved out under him, and he lie on his back. Ernz moved slowly during the process such so as not to dislodge his cock. I then proceeded for another target for my mouth, this time, I went for his nipples. He motioned me to adjust, this time, we are not sucking each others cocks, but each others nipples as Ernz continue to fuck his ass!!
Ernz paused from his fucking, I then replaced Harry on his position on the bed. Harry then fucked me again, but now he is fucking me while he suck on Ernz cock. I was having sensation overload, I felt every thrust, I hear the grunts and the moans, I smell sex of three guys, and I see this guy fucking me... while sucking a cock. Harry did not miss a beat fucking while he was so hungry for Ernz, cock... this made me cum!