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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Comfort sex or... rather comfort orgy

Returned home and my first morning, I learned I lost a first cousin.... that was... depressing. So I declined activity on Friday the 13th ... however, I figured that sex is a good way to comfort for the sudden loss. So, I agreed to meed and welcome friends  in my pad.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Have Faith - Final Hoorah!

Ok - I did get to meet all 12 Dabawenos - got to taste 11 of them, one refused on the grounds that he got to know me and feels that i am a friend, even called me Kuya. At least he was polite as a poser can get. At least two are still studying, and the others are working professionals. How should I end my last night?  The supposed threesome with eleven and twelfth bombed out - simply think, mirror, mirror on the wall - who would be horny and game for a threesome at two hours before midnight? The first! TJ! So, i texted him and said I still have a friend I got to know and ready for a good time. The 1st and the 11th, this is how I should end the sex stories. TJ only has one question, the age, no biggie since I already know his preference for older, mature men. Surprisingly, for all the confidence of a hard fucker - Eleven asked if the second attempt would like him. Huh? Insecurity? Oh well, I assured him he has nothing to worry about. I already met TJ, he was the first one I met, the first threesome I did in Davao.

True enough - TJ arrived and we had not problem with the threesome. I had the time of my life being sandwiched between two hot guys - having a hard cock fucking me and another hard cock in my mouth! They would squeeze me between them as I know they kiss each other, I presume on the lips. I was moaning in ecstasy on the pillow and could not see what they are doing with their tongues! And that is how I ended it - a good threesome, having two of the best sexperiences....

Oooops, I thought it was over ... TJ is a night owl and Eleven has no plans for the succeeding day, they stayed and went online. TJ appears to be not only into mature older men but also in exhibitionism! So there he was with Eleven, performing on cam! I declined to do a show, am not an exhibitionist. But I love sex, so there, i went on to suck both of them! Both of them got hard and enjoyed it... so I got more pics of them jacking each other to their second cum!

I have no plans right now to come back, I can only hope to meet some of them here in Manila! Is there a moral to this? Sure I bombed out in the earlier threesome, but it should not stop me from trying again, so should anyone. There are bad experiences, but there are also happy times! And we should keep the good times rolling......