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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Explosive Sexual Chemistry ....

James TXT: Are you free this morning, around 1130am?
Bert TXT: Make it lunch time, I would be home by 1215, let us have a threesome

Thus, by lunchtime, James Q. was in my bedroom with me and Ernz. Ting was there to use my compute to look for massage clients, instead I asked him to take pictures of our threesome. What are the ingriedients of our lunch time quickie? 18 yo James Q, 29 yo Ernz, and 40 yo me. Funny, numerically the age differences was 11 and 11.

I was struck at first by James Q youth. I dont like being asked about my age so I do not bother much asking asl from txt mates, so there I was struck by his young face. James Q stresses that despite the young face, he is a chub and a very smooth clear one for that. I asked him to lie down on the bed with Ernz, played a man to man blue porn. James Q was still in jeans and shirt, but he was already hard when I groped his groin. He was definitely excited and was a willing partner.

I took his pants off and took a taste of his dick. I guided his hands to Ernz cock, and he took the lead. After a while, I directed Ernz to move up and offer his dick. James Q took to sucking Ernz, while I suck him. It was a simple three some daisy chain. Good thing, that Ting was there to take the pictures and James Q was oblivious to the flash, we continued our sucking frenzy.

We went to the second level. James Q was more than willing to be on top of Ernz, he continued sucking, slurping on his cock, showing without doub how much he enjoyed sucking a big hard juicy cock. I should know, I have enjoyed sucking that cock numerous times. This time, I positioned myself in his behind, fingering and then finding no objection, I placed a condom on my cock and slowly inserted myself. James Q was sucking Ernz while I was fucking him. He stopped for a while and continue. His was a tight ass... my cock was simply to prepare him for Ernz cock.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Short but TERRIFIC

The cliche have been short but terrible, with terrible giving various connotations. Joey Blue is shorter than me but he was blessed where it counts in my bed. Sad to say, Ernz was not with me for the weekend, the unit below was repainted thus it was not advisable to stay long... but an hour or two of sex was just fine!

Mature and yet ... a twink

We got to exchange g4m messages and then text messages. He seemed so mature with his communication skills, and been working for almost three years he said in a call center, thus meeting him in person was such a surprise! He looked younger, boyish, so fresh in person - and only then he claimed that he is actually only 19 years old.

Work and a sideline job have made me busy, then my last paternal aunt died. Thus, physically and emotionally I felt drained. And sex which have been only with my partner Ernz was good but the sexual energy of threesome is incomparable. It is hard to compare making love with simple animalistic sex of being fucked and sucking cock at the same time. That, is what I was looking for and Jed had texted his eagerness to be the third party, the cock to fill the vacancy that cannot be filled by Ernz(well, he is human thus he cannot be at both ends at the same time!)