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Monday, April 23, 2007

Surprise Sex from Rob.... and Brian

21 April 2007. Yapz have left after I set him up with a friend. I took my dinner slowly and an ensaymade for dessert. I thought I was done for the evening then Brian texted if he can come by, and if there is anyone with me. I replied that I do not mind if he drops by and come over but I have no one else with me nor can I look for a third party that instantly. Then, Rob, texted that he is in the vicinity and if we can finally meet and have sex!!!! Oh, the Gods must be smiling at me. I texted yes to both. I have known Rob from G4M since January 2007 but our schedule could not meet, he was only a few street corners away. Rob works in a call center so when he is available, I am either sleeping, resting, or working! Rob is a 6 footer, around 150 lbs, 25 year old Cancerian. And when I got him naked, he is hairy! Balbon!(Oh well, I am getting ahead of the story)

Big Headed Yapz

21 April 2007. It has been awhile due to trying to beat the April 15 tax deadline, not to mention the office accounting reports! Good news, I met the office deadlnes. Bad news, misunderstanding with my lover - but not because of sex or new friends, but because of cigarettes! He though I hid them under lock and drawer to make him stop smoking. Duhhhh!! Then... a text message, if I was avaialable that evening from Yapz. Never met the guy only received an email from him. Hmmmmmmm ... GO! Go! Hey, I am not going to fuck around to get even, I have been fucking around even before I met Ernz, and then I was fucking with him. My regret was that it was better having a threesome with him. Oh well, one does with who is available.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Hosting an Orgy

11 April 2007. I ordered some Tarot from Amazon and had it delivered to JC, who came back home last 09 April and was nice enough to deliver the cards to my pad. He asked if I could host introduce to some good tops, so I volunteered Brian and my Ernz. Afterall, one good deed deserves another.

Brian was quiet, it was unfortunate that his wallet was picked on his way to my pad. JC was also shy. I do not have any seats in my sala, thus friends are immediately directed to the bedroom. Men would want to have sex, and would usually sound agressive over text and the internet, but in person... shyness would usually overcome libido.

My bedroom only has a single bed, its small, but the advantage is that its easy to sit beside both of them and reach for them. If one has TV, best that it be showing a pornographic movie. Men are more drawn to such "educational tools". Generally speaking its best to maintain silence and if one is so nervous enough to start talking, simply try to shut the person up. Conversations simply kills the mood in an orgy. There should be no chit chat or idle talk, the mouth simply used for sucking and licking. The hand doing the talking by moving and encouraging the people to undress and to start fondling one another.

Egghunting Wilbert

08 April 2007. Managed not to taste meat the past week, but now I guess its ok. And Wilbert texted me that he is in the neigborhood, and if we could finally have sex... and I was really starving!

Wilbert is shorter than me since I stand around 5-8 and he is around 5-3 or 5-4. But I do not mind, for then he could really suck my nipple while fucking me. As evident in the pics, he is a bit chubby and hairy. It was a rare moment that Ernz is not in the pad, but he allowed me to have the sex eyeball provided that Ting would be my security man. It pays to be a little bit cautious on these times thus it is usually a threesome for Ernz would be there.

I do not discriminate for what matters most is a hard working tool. Wilbert seemed shy and defensive, his line "Sorry I do not have a good body." But his tool was already erect and standing as soon as he got naked. That was fine with me, I immediately dove for the hard cock, sucking it with gusto. Wilbert was gasping and commending how good it felt. He reciprocated the affection. He lick my nipple, my weakness, kissing my body, my legs... and HE RIMMED ME!!! My chest was heaving, taking air as much as I can.