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Friday, July 24, 2009

Mornings with Jose

23 July 2009, Thursday. Its another morning with Jose, this is my second time to be with him, the first was last June. Now, I took the chance and asked for some photos and he was nice to allow me to take photos of his cock. He got turned on, that he took some more photos fucking my ass!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Pedro Banana ...

Terrible weekend! It was a nightmare! It was work, but imagine having to wake up around 6 to start working before 8 pm, and continue that until almost midnight! My boss is definitely hellspawn despite her mimicry of innocence - imagine, to be tired, sleepless, and hungry!! No dinner, and as not to fold up from hunger, it was mini chocolates, diet coke, and milk!! I almost wished to go back home to the Philippines, if not for the money... and the latino cock!! Oh yes, its only the sabor and the pleasure of a latino cock that kept me going.. so I survived Aruba and came back here in Caracas Venezuela. There is karma, if there was hell, there is heaven - so I was rewarded with the pleasure of tasting Pedro again. So, as a teaser - posting his cock pic immediately. It is really curved like a banana, thus the pleasure is so different.. and may I spoil the story of sex - he came twice!

As I have written in a previous post, there is something about a curve cock. So here, take a good look, Pedro´s cock is more curve downwards, does it feels more different. I have posted my first sex with him last year, but unfortunately I was not able to upload any picture nor was I able to update that posting. So here, since I honestly feel that Pedro is my reward for a horrible weekend. I sucked his cock as much as I can. I was so hungry for his cock I have not taken off my shirt, I simply dive into his crotch, taking as much as I can of his dick. Then, to take it, I was on my back, and he was on his knees, dipping his dick in my mouth, he was feeding me his cock. And I was hungry no more.

My ass is still shaved, it seems my anal hair takes longer to grow, so he started rubbing his cock in my deep ass. My ass was hungry, it opened it self and devoured his cock, the pic shows he was ready to fuck me totally, but we stopped, fitted him with a condom, and that is when he put it in, and I pulled my ass off. Oooops, it was too much, but then, the second try, it was better. He placed more lube and I had adjusted to the feel of his cock. These moments of pleasure makes the stay in Caracas so bearable, and worth having to work for a she-devil. Yes, I was so hot, I was so horny I was grinding my ass on his cock.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Shaving for Sunday Sex

12 July 2009, sunday. By my blog, it would seem I have been celibate. NOT REALLY!!! I guess I am still lucky to have some pension sex - as pensions are not enough to meet one´s financial need, pension sex refers to minimal sex, I get some but not enough - as in around once a week, lucky if I get twice a week. Then, add to that I am so busy with my job, and not blow jobs - nothing new to tell. Likewise, no new pics to show and share. I am taking some time to update my blog, afterall, I was able to get some pics of DocM - a white latino doctor. I have known him last year 2008, could not remember exactly when, but definitely not earlier than October. However, did not post before since I have no pic to share about him. Being so professional, he would not allow me to take pics of him, and I did not press on the matter - although, as one can see, he has a curve cock.

A curve cock is not exactly the norm, more so that his curveness bent downwards! I love downward bent cocks, they feel different, more satisfing, and a challenge to take, always! It definitely touches one´s inside not normally reach. I have always been a cock slut, more so if it is a curve cock.

Well, I have a little been depressed lately. My father had been murdered so I had to rush back home to the Philippines, and that accounts for 3 weeks of celibacy! Since I had been away, I no longer have my own place to sleep and have fun. Actually, I slept in my mother's bed, and she slept with my nephews! Add that to work, ugghh.. my sex life was really in peril.

So, here comes Doc M, but he has a fetish I almost forgot - he insists on a shaved asshole, and so I allowed him to shave me despite the side effect of itchiness from the shaving itself! We would go to the bathroom, shower together, I would spread my legs wide, opening myself, brace my arms to the wall, tense as he shave me back down there. This sunday, he passed by, I actually waited for him, I guess he would not shave me since my hair behind is still growing.. not much. But I have not shaved my facial hair for a week or so (told you, been a little blue)- and that he asked me to shave!! I just grinned, and trooped to the bathroom, and shaved my facial hair, and, also my pubes! I would not risked him shaving me or ask me to go back and shaved my southern hair! Shaving for sex, better than paying for sex - not to mention, its a big, long, downward curved cock!