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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Afternoon THUNDER!!! (part 1 of 2)

Life is so uncertain, it is full of surprises. Thus on a hot wednesday afternoon I did finally meet Thunder and XXXXX came back in to my pad. Actually, XXXXX would had been back earlier last weekend for an orgy if not for my aging body, had to attend to my mother and be with her in a scrapbook class - rendering me too tired for the rest of the weekend.

Thunder stands around 5-9, 132 lbs and 23 years of age. He was definitely game and projects himself to be a power bottom.  I dared him if he can XXXXX and my toys - and this time being the sex aide here, I used the prostate massager inside in his ass to prepare him up for the real cock. Then for the first time, I had the prostate massager with a live cock - XXXXX was surprised about the feeling, there was vibration on his cock that he need not move and just simply relish the sensation.

And as seen on the pics, from being on top - Thunder was motioned to the next position - he on his back with XXXXX on his knees.. still with the prostate massager ... and am relishing the view and having my camera.

XXXXX asked for "Tisoy" so I placed a condom in my white dildo and handed it over.  Tisoy has a big head but after taking that in, it has no more surprises ... Thunder at first voiced "No", he thought he would not be able to handle it, take it.. but XXXXX has more experienced and we both knew, its time for Thunder to level up!

Thunder was moaning something.. yup.. there was only Thunder on top of him BUT now with a dildo.. his bottom experience was definitely levelling up... it was a double fuck.. a live cock and a dildo.. here ends the first part.. after taking it in.. a short break in the comfort room ...

Monday, April 21, 2014

One on one ... threesome ... foursome ...

Nothing planned then around 5 pm, Vinvin texted that he is back in town. Ah ok - so I texted Larcy and James. They said ok and I initially set it at 10pm so I can go out for a while, but Larcy mentioned he had worked early the following day so it was reset at 9 pm and alter, James had to decline for something came up. Vinvin himself was delayed because he was moving out and thus he came last. Good karma : from Pr I got Happy Party - it turns out I knew him 2-3 years ago. Pasko ata ng pagkabuhay, he was only a student then, now a professional working in Makati and wants to have some fun. He arrived first, ahead of the others.. around 8:45 pm. So, how does one keep an early bird from boredom? We watched porn and I suck on his cock, fully cloth as I was waiting for Larcy and no longer hoping for Vinvin. People think its easy to have a group fun but people have their own priorities, they would not arrive  - no show or surprise me by being here.

Stressful having a threesome or more, but then one is rewarded by meeting and finding a good cock like that of Happy Party! He said I was "masungit" at PR, but then he just messaged me asking to join a group party without introducing himself and his profile has no picture at all! I had to explain that I try my best to meet a person before introducing and calling other friends - lets be realistic, does one really introduce a total stranger to your close friends or family? What if there would be no chemistry? What if the person tends to be choosy and a "party pooper"? I have met some personalities that did not make it to another round or meeting my friends. So here, enjoy the pics, as I enjoyed sucking Happy party. It was a one on one, and after a while.. could not help myself.. after all Larcy who asked for an earlier time has still not sounded off and it was past 10pm. oh duh...

The porn movie got to me and i disrobed totally. I placed a condom and lubed Happy party .. and i slowly, controlled movement sat on his cock. As my mouth was able to take him fully, so did my ass engulfed his full hardness. He was looking and savoring the feeling ... he said " nasagad mo!". Yes, not only was I able to take it all in, I rocked myself on his cock, I moved up and down until he came inside.

I thought he would leave after spending himself, he said No. Oh.. and we embraced in bed and soon I was sucking again on his cock .. was thinking of getting fuck for the second time when Larcy arrived. Oh.. one on one ends and it is now a threesome. I have known Larcy and thus without much ceremony we were ahving fun. Not much pics since I was so much into our threesome. Happy party fucked me while he was sucking Larcy, and then I heard a miscall.. and fell on my stomach which prompted Happy to spend his second cum. Larcy had cum fast on the blow job. I left the room thinking Vin had arrived - I left the two for their one on one, no rest for them.

It turns out, Vin was just on his way here! I took time in the loo for some rest texting back Vin, who was asking for status and a description of Larcy since he knows a Larcy. Oh please... so juvenile, what was he thinking? Would I rather text or have sex? I stop texting and joined back in on the the heat of it, there was a knock on the door.. forgot to lock and Vin was simply on the bedroom door! Hahahaha

Ok.. that ends the threesome.. now for its time for a foursome!

But I had a recess, took the time to take some photos - so it was just the three of them. Vin was so delighted with the big cock of Larcy, who commented that his is nothing till he tries Happy Party "MAGIC" is how he described it. It was simply magickal.. something so small become bigger and harder! So here are photos of their threesome with Vin sucking alternatively two cocks. I am the host and thus I suck on Vin's cock.

The best foursome position we did? I was on my back and had Vin fuck me, he inserted his hard cock and then Larcy penetrated his ass.. and Happy party filled his mouth with his dick! It was hot, all the stress of setting up the fun was forgotten. I have Vin's cock inside me, I feel it twitched, get harder, softer.. as I watched him suck on Happy party's woody - I know how it taste and feels. Being on the bottom side of a sandwich fuck, I feel each thrust of Larcy, I was the final recipient of that fucking. Vin was hurting from the cuss words he was saying but he manned up and took it all. Soon,  Larcy pulled out and it was Happy party turn on his ass, and I turned - he had gotten soft, so from my ass, i took the condom and took him in the warmth of my mouth - I had a close up of their fucking.. so hot!!!

Cum shots... all lined up.. they released their cum. Score wise, happy party came for the third time. Larcy made his second release and the late comer of the night ... had one release.  Me, smiling and happy while I blog this.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Unexpected ... its a Mystery

Its Good Friday now, most shops and gyms are close. One is suppose to reflect and so on. I thought about an event for some people yesterday, sounded it off last week and had to call it off because of the planned water shutdown. Then, as the day progressed... the water continues to flow and I was told that the water shutdown did not push through. I got text messages asking for an event, ho hum ... ok fine. So Lilarcy initiated the idea and guess what - he is the one that is a no show!!! It was basically someone volunteeting to be a guest speaker at a talk and yet he is the one who did not attend, well, unfair it may be I had other attendees. So for readers and those who like to ask, how many? Duhhh, how would I know how many would really end up in my place? In this case, Lilarcy who initiated for it did not show up, oh well.. someone to write off. XXXXX arrive to simply drink 6 beers I think. James and Carlo arrive and I took pics of their chemistry. My role, my peg : sex aid or sex assistant : I was the one who placed the condom and then lubed the hard dick into the ass.

James JT is a good guest and he is welcome to drop by again. Carlo it appears just came from a break up, his ex was still looking around and thus he opted out of the relationship. Its the lost of his ex, our gain - Carlo has one of the best fuck in town. I joked that what happened was the sorrowful mystery and the joyful mystery.. sorrowful was when James JT kept saying "masakit... malaki masyado" and then I took time to add more lube on Carlo's cock. BUT he was determined to take it all - hurt he was and yet he stayed still, he did not pull off the hard throbbing cock .. until he mouthed a different line "sarap... ohhh" at this time he was moving up and down while I suck his cock. I was the aid providing my hands and my mouth, my ass and cock were kept off, I did not even bother to disrobe even a shirt. The last mystery .. the glorius one was when they reached orgasm...

James JT is tall, probably 5-9 at least with a little tummy. XXXX declined to join as he favors slim guys but he kept bobbing when given the chance like when YYYYY arrive. It turns out Larcy and XXXXX know each other outside my pad.

The haters would most probably be cursing me to hell etc etc. The thing is, there is more than one religion, there is more than one deity that we believe in, what matters is Hope and Faith. Ano ba bawal? It goes down to personal beliefs .. sa akin, bawal hindi labasan, bawal ang hindi mag enjoy. Thus, I kept on sucking James JT as he suck on the cock of Carlo. James JT even asked me why I did not suck Carlo's cock : well, it was his to enjoy!

Most peeps who contact me are looking for an orgy, group fun. I usually decline them, because of their high expectation : which is group sex - what were they thinking? That men are living here, available and ready 24 hours a day, 7 days a week when they come? I live alone with a cat so I can only guarantee sex with me. Sometimes it is hard to be nice because of their thinking ... but the thing is.. people come and go, some I am still in contact with, some are no longer part of my life. This is why I take pictures and blog them, to capture that moment.. that if it is a one night stand or a one time sex ... I had enjoyed that moment.. something to look back in my old age...