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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Surprise! Surprise!!

 At times, I would just smile when people assume that the group fun or these threesomes / foursomes happen by schedule or regularly. Sometimes it gets to me, sometimes I simply do not think about it. Funny thing is that there would be those who sees the pic and then would ask me if the pictures are true or if I do orgies! Duhhh, my usual line - it happens! I have been blogging for around 7 years or so - what, i had been stealing pictures or digitally creating all these pics? Sometimes I would deliberately say no, which is for me a stupid answer for a stupid question.

But i usually try to grin and bear the irritants in life - after all, life is a cycle - there are the bad and the good. I would like to believe that the universe tries to balance the bad and the good. This day, I had Jhong and then Eli, I was basically tired. But Paulo wants to drop by, so I let him - afterall, he is a friend for around 16 yrs, and surprisingly, the white roses he gave me in 1998 which I had dried and framed - still exist! We already have a long history, longer than our personal it love or regrets...

So, although I already had sucked two cocks, met two new one on one - yeah i allowed my friends Jaypee, Paulo, and Andy to visit me - and as proof, its their pics that are posted here. For this group fun, I was simply the photographer, I kept my clothes on!

I do not have a foot fetish ok... I just thought by taking a pic of their legs and feet is enough to document that I had these three guys on my bed that night...

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Group Fun? Orgy? = STRESS!!!

 One of the common messages I get from PR are "self invites", those who would ask when is the next orgy or group fun, please text me, please invite me, sali ako, sama ako... and here is my number. My reaction would usually depend on my mood, which is predictable due to my blood sugar level (hell, diagnosed as diabetic and under maintenance for the last 6 years), then one has to consider it the summer season - hot! Hot! Naturally, some people feel hornier, the need to release semen and all.

I mean, I do not get it at times. These PR messages immediately assume that there would be an orgy as if its a movie cinema or something. Worse, more irritating are those who think that I would be available 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week for sex! I could not even update my blog as much as I want to! I do have a life, sex is just part of it.
 So normally, for these people, I just ignore them unless they would be willing for a one on one.  And then the reply, don"t you do orgies? I see group pics, it happens! How: when people I already know message me, I just give one time, one day : voila - Group fun.

But it does not normally happen, as I have my own life, my friends or fuck buds also have their own lives.

So, it like a roulette, sometimes there are people, sometimes there are not. Life is up and down,  those I was sort of expecting did not show up or not available! Jayson had been texting me the whole weekend wanting to go here and I replied its just me! Me that got hooked up reading on my kindle on a series. I am now able to make a post since I finished book 8 and book 9 is not yet available. I took pity on this teacher. tutor, whatever and decided to invite him and some friends.. and thus at 10pm : it was him, Paulo, and me. Then he asked me : Are there anymore coming?

Ouch! Stress level had gone up! That was his expectation when I already texted him that only expecting really the three of us. He  apologized except that before when he visited, it was "madami" / plentiful. And that is exactly why I do not like to schedule or chose to dis invite people. I am afraid not to meet their expectations. Sex is suppose to be fun, not stressful, I see no reason why I should be stressed for the turn out.

 In my mind, note: never to invite Jayson again.

I do cross out people from my invitee list after all, I justify that there would always be others that would like to visit that would not be stressful.

So as Jayson irritated me, made my blood pressure high.. oh my goodness! Ryan 7incher said he would like to drop by! And he did, the first pic is of Ryan 7incher, an early 20s kid that had been wanting to come but does not know the area. I actually had given up on meeting him. He asked if he could even bring a friend along, oh well, I have Jayson and Paul with me so I said yes. This is one of those exceptions, normally its a No. How do I know what to answer, it really an intuition thing.
And Ryan brought with him this Rodel Simple, its his cock on the second pic above! Small head, big fat body.

Actually there was even a booboo. When they arrived, Ryan did not introduce Rodel who was appeared to be hiding or shying away at his back. So from there, I took the cue. He considered him a non entity, so I also ignored him : till he even followed inside the bedroom! What is he joining? I though he would just wait outside till everything is over? Duhhhh.. Major Oversight!

IT WAS SO STRESSFUL! I wanted to just shoo them away with nothing happening. So.. count.. left them for a while and take a cold glass of water. Paulo did not go in and continued drinking on the veranda! I cam back to find them all - naked and having sex! ... wow!! In the words of Kris Aquino: SULIT!!!

The cocks of Rodel and Ryan made me smile ... sulit already the stress!

So there was fucking and sucking and believe me, I was into sucking those hard cocks, I miss having a photographer!

PS. After their release, Rodel and Ryan left. Jayson left after that and smiling he wants to come back again, I clarified, no promises.  Klevz and Andy arrived, so there was two - twosomes - two pairs of fucking. Paulo was able to bottom Klevz, and Andy of course fucked my ass!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Bonbon for an Afternoon

 Bonbon claims to had 3 girlfriends and 2 boyfriends and that he had no sexual relations... huh? Now, this I find to believe.

Likewise,  I am unsure of his age - I was confused. Age is not exactly an issue but that he is unclear on this - if he lies already on his age, what other lies are there? Lies on one's name is a given. But age? Sexual experience?

Red flag! Somehow my intuition warns me to be careful. But he called me up even and there was something in his voice.

Oh well, that hint of  "desperation", that its now or never.. and i agreed to meet him - outside my pad. I normally would rather wait in my pad since there are a lot of " no shows" or posers.

I decided to meet him where I wanted to eat dessert, Chowking! I got to know more - undecided.

Anyway, he had travelled far and so I invited him to my pad. As I closed the door, I immediately touched him, opened his fly and sucked him... it was a test. If he allowed me, then we can proceed... if not, PERIOD.  While I get to know him, I do not know if he was lying or he was simply that inexperienced due to mixed signals - of which all the girlfriends and boyfriends decided to end the relationship.  And if I reject him, how would that affect him? Physically, I like his tan, very manly. He is cute in an innocent way.  Hmmm.. nice, hard, round dick.. he allowed me.. and he simply looked at the ceiling.

So... I brought him to my bedroom.. and proceeded as always.