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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Frustration from waiting...

14 November 2010, Sunday. A blog post I find hard to write about. It is easy to share those that are wonderful, that one feels good. But when one feels frustrated? Rejected? Ariel said he wished he was there, that Saturday lunch. And then that Saturday night, Archie said he wanted to come but we agreed to meet the next day, so Joey and Anthony would be there. Likewise, called on two other reserves.

Sunday came, it was the fight of Manny, so Joey have called to tell that he and his partner Anthony would not be able to make it. Oh ok, I still have Ariel and Archie - although neither have not sounded off.

4 pm came... no one .. nada... the surprise, Joey and Anthony arrived, thinking there would be others, nothing! I got another text from JJ, he is interested but he proved to be a hoax .. nothing. Joey accidentally called on Aronn who said he would come but texted later that he would not be able to do so. See, frustrating! This is why I do not like to set up thing, I find it embarrassing!

No, I would not want to humiliated this way. Would not set up really, better to simply just wait and be surprised

Surprise Sex Eye Ball ....

Carl ... a midnight snack

Saturday, 13 November 2010. The day has been long. What started as boring become exciting as the afternoon rolled on. Was I satisfied? Definitely, i was not looking for anymore hookups or visitors for the day. Thus, when Ariel was inviting himself, I simply replied that I was alone. He said... I understand ... you have reached quota. Huh? What does he mean? That I have a quota of number of guys to have sex within a day? No, I definitely disagree with that - its just the satisfaction level was so great I felt no further need.

BUT, here is the BUT part - I must have said yes, Carl was texting if our scheduled meet would push through. Oh dear, who is he? My mind is definitely slipping. Well, I believe in pay it forward. I had a great time earlier and since its a Saturday night, minus well meet him still. I agreed to meet him around 10pm, well, it was midnight madness and I took the time to shop. The three (3) s against stress for me is sex, shop, and snacks (food)! I texted Carl I agree and would just go home if he is on his way. Carl has a very different work schedule but he works in admin and that he is not a call center agent with the normal graveyard shift.

Carl is slim, thick black hair, fair skin. I guess I can say that he is just an inch fatter or fuller than the average twink. He arrived around 11 or so, and we ended up talking, discussing. There was something - a good conversation about life, work, it was different with him, nothing immediate carnal. He likes to read and can carry a good conversation. Soon enough, I lost track of time and it was past 1 am already! I just posted the pics of aldrin, the nice boy that morning, and left the laptop.

To put back things on course, I locked the door, stood up beside him and started caressing his shoulders and to his back, giving butterfly kisses. The intellectual discourse have to be stopped, else, we might end up sleeping that late, and the expected intellectual intercourse would never realize. I moved my hand from his shoulders.

"I am getting hard from you caresses", carl said.

"No problem, I really want you hard and I take full responsibility". And I proceeded to take it out, to see it fully in its whole glory!

Wow! What can I say about the cock? I thought I had been blessed earlier with the long cock of Anthony, I am being rewarded with a thicker cock, equally hard! I would be masterbating myself to sleep very, very well.

From the sala, we moved to the bedroom. As he was undressing, I delighted with taking more pictures of his body, his cock. I then handed the camera to him later to take more shots, he gladly obliged, taking pictures and all.

It pays to have a blog reader as a partner, they know that I take pictures and that I do not post any face that would make them identifiable. Still, one can identify them if you have had known them physically. I remember Dylson, of years ago, he came back for sex and I posted anew his pics without any names - but someone recognized his dick, I guess that someone have memorized his cock that he was able to identify him. Sorry, mumbling here. Likewise, he knows my fetish and he obliged me. He was fuly inside me, fucking my ass, coming in and out and he would likewise nibble on my nipples, it was undeniable pleasure. Soon, with the pleasure, he said:

"Am cumming..."

"Go ahead! Cum!"

And that is how I ended my saturday well into the sunday morning.

Excitement comes after boredom

There are still a lot of unsolved murders, and I only learned this year that a friend of mine was murdered last January 2010. May he rest in piece, but I doubt as his murder is still open - Ito Sequerra was a good friend and we have always maintained contact. Thus, it is imperative that in meeting new friends one should always be careful and take precautions. One of these safeguards is to avoid meeting two new strangers, one can be tall and big and equally capable of depending against a person but against two people? The odds would certainly not be in your favor.

Do I welcome two friends? I do but I made sure I am not alone, invite a friend. Since I was already with Aldrin, my nice boy, I said yes. So Joey arrived with his friend Anthony. Joey is chinese, and his skin is white, clearer than mine. Anthony it turns out is his partner, his boyfriend and that he was sort of initiating him into this alternative lifestyle. I welcomed them and brought to the room where Aldrin was surprised and I guessed overwhelmed. He was still naked watching showtime. He was controlling his laughter, but he still chuckled from time to time, releasing his nervousness about it.

How did it start? Get a feel with the most shy or reserve and that is Anthony. Joey is already relaxed but if his partner get the jitters and decide to back out, certainly it would be two of them walking out. Aldrin was nervous, he was smiling, and chuckling, I can also use the word giggling about the situation, but that would not sound so manly, but bottomline - he did not expect but he would not leave my pad. So there I was, in bed, fondling Anthony till I get to open his trousers, took his cock in my hand and then in my mouth. Yes, I did not rush him to get naked first - that might be a mistake. I turned off the showtime and turned on the porn wherein there is also a group sex happening. His eyes would be transfix there and men being visual makes him more horny. So with the sense of sight and sense of touch - my mouth on his cock, oh yes, take a look at the pictures, it was that hard. Sad to say, I could not take time to get better pictures. Again, remember, one has to make them relax and enjoy, I can just hope they really have a good time to return. This week, I had sex in between postings from two returnees and I guess I can now say they are my FUBUs. Rare I retake pictures of repeat if I have a good collection on file.

I sucked Anthony while Joey and Aldrin was there watching on the side. Joey showed attention to Aldrin. After my head have bobbed up and down, then, after a while that is when I asked Anthony to undress. Joey was already undressed and Aldrin still undressed. This is when I also gave attention to Joey sucking his cock which was already hard, I guess from watching me suck his partner. In the time that Joey was undressing, that is when I took shots of his cock liekwise sucking him on my knees - so he cannot say no. Joey was on top of Aldrin. True to my assessment, Joey is an equal in terms of maturity and he already knows what to do. He took a condom from the bowl of delight, placed it on his cock, lubed, and then angled on my behind. Now, this is pleasure, this is heaven on earth. Sucking a long big cock while being fucked. I was lost from the pleasure, I was no longer thinking, just feeling both men at both ends. And one hand of mine reached out to jack Aldrin so he would not be left off.

It was pleasure to be filled with a dick at both ends, and yet it is a visual delight, hot to see two couples fucking. Soon, after Joey had his feel of my ass he focused on Aldrin who willingly tried to be a bottom. Joey is not that gifted - his was tool that is not threatening so he was able to convince Aldrin to open up his legs. Soon, I was on my back, legs in the air, Anthony standing up, my ass on a pillow. And there on my side was Aldrin in the same position. Both of the couple were standing fucking! It was hot really for me, to see someone else get fucked while likewise experiencing the same thing! The fucking continued, the sucking was there.

How did it end? Anthony wanted to return back tommorrow, sunday - which they did!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Boredom on a Sat morning ...

just pictures for now .... he is a nice boy, 21 yo ... maybe i should be ashamed that he is less than half of my age or that i am more than twice his age, but i did not force him .. he knocked on my door and i welcomed him .. i was brought up that when opportunity knocks.. OPEN THE DOOR!! (ohhh.. actually the door was wide open waiting for his arrival since he had text he is on the way )

Monday, November 8, 2010

The Power of Reading

420 Pm, 08 November 2010, Monday. I am home, in a very untidy, unorganized, pad. Reading is a pleasure, reading fantasy have always been a hobby of mine - I remember reading inside the comfort room of the office, just to finish a pocketbook! Now, I can read the book in my kindle which i did. Unfortunately I lost sleep and ended up being on sick leave today! Then I realized I still have some stories to write, I was reminded by someone in my FB account about it. People like to read my blog for I am sort of living a life they dream or fantasize about, but remember the story of the goats - the grass is always greener on the other side. Sometimes I wonder how is it to be married, to have children, and yet yearn for male sex.

Patrick! Patrick!!! I called on him on the terrace of my apartment. Its the only 4 storey apartment building and I live on the the 3rd floor. Oh well, I simply texted him again.

Patrick! I saw him on my floor, he just needs to look to my direction, to his right. He was wearing eyeglasses, short gray barong, and a backpack. He said he lives in Novaliches and was in the area to get his passport, which was dated last December 2009! I was thinking like, oh my - under normal circumstances, he would not even dare to go to my place.

He is shorter than me, and he finally made it to my pad.

A little chitchat, and curious enough about passport I asked how his look. He obliged and then ooops.. his name is not patrick! No wonder he would not turn when I was calling him. Aliases abound in this alternative life, particularly if one is married with two children! Me, am still Bert and would always be Bert.

He is a bit chatty, so I likewise engage in conversation. We went to my bedroom, nothing much. I turned on the dvd player - he asked if I have any filipino porn. Sorry to say, I do not have any Filipino porn, the ones I have watch years ago were a bit boring that I simply stopped buying them.

So we are there, he had his gray polo down but not naked. One has to go by the feel - there was no animal passion of immediate kissing or anything. He was not relaxed, thus, one has to be patient and to let him take his time. He is the type that is not sure of what he is doing, brave and yet insecure. So he watched the porn while I lie next to him, touching his nipple, caressing his cock inside his briefs. Until it was him that took off his pants, i fished out his dick and made it harder with my mouth, it was only semi hard. Then for ease and full deep throat, I positioned myself between his legs and took him all in. He stopped me at one point, less he cum. So, I stopped and gave him space. He took the initiative to take my shirt off, then fondling my chest and placing it in his mouth, damn.. my ass wanted his cock!

He wanted to fuck my ass, and I placed a condom on his dick. I positioned myself on fours facing the mirror - he has my camera, maybe he would like to take pictures like Meticulous Paul. It was not that painful, I was primed and so he went in without much problem, without fuss, and I get to practice the muscles in my ass, clenching it tighter ... making him grunt... and cum!

Another happy friend... asking if we can have a threesome on wednesday and if I try double fuck? Hmmmmm ... scheduling is so difficult. Friends usually keep their own schedules.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Tsupain mo na ko! (Suck me now!)

03 November 2010, Wednesday. I am still awaiting for my work assignments thus have time to think and write. For the past two nights, I was behaved, alone on my bed. Meticulous Paul, definitely touched me. Yeah, I like him ... I like him so much that I was in a very good mood when I received a text from Echo, I just replied YES! Ok! Afterall, I was happy and content, why not try to share the same feeling.

The texter was Echo, he said he is uncut. Huh? Now that is rare, not so usual. He also texted me, I am handsome, and I am good! I have no expectations that much for I do not want to end up simply being frustrated. But his text were making me smile more, I mean he sounds a bit cocky, trying to convince me ... oh well. He might turn out to be a dud, but with the mood that I was from Paul, I took the chance.

Halloween surprise. He is tall, slim, and looks clean. He wanted to watch home made porno ... which reminds me that I should take time to put all of them on a cd. We went straight to my bedroom. He asked for the porn and so I brought out this laptop of mine.

As I set up the videos.. he said "Tsupain mo na ako!". It was a command, said with a smile. Hmmmm... it has been a while that I was a sex slave, so meekly and with full humility, I knelt in front of him, and pulled down his pants. Oh wow... It was a nice cock to suck, no evidence of being uncut, his dick was so stretch out! And so, head down, I started sucking his dick.