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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Frustration from waiting...

14 November 2010, Sunday. A blog post I find hard to write about. It is easy to share those that are wonderful, that one feels good. But when one feels frustrated? Rejected? Ariel said he wished he was there, that Saturday lunch. And then that Saturday night, Archie said he wanted to come but we agreed to meet the next day, so Joey and Anthony would be there. Likewise, called on two other reserves.

Sunday came, it was the fight of Manny, so Joey have called to tell that he and his partner Anthony would not be able to make it. Oh ok, I still have Ariel and Archie - although neither have not sounded off.

4 pm came... no one .. nada... the surprise, Joey and Anthony arrived, thinking there would be others, nothing! I got another text from JJ, he is interested but he proved to be a hoax .. nothing. Joey accidentally called on Aronn who said he would come but texted later that he would not be able to do so. See, frustrating! This is why I do not like to set up thing, I find it embarrassing!

No, I would not want to humiliated this way. Would not set up really, better to simply just wait and be surprised

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  1. hays...kaloka....nagenjoy ako kakatingin..i lke it..heheheh..more power to your blog!.mwahh