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Monday, July 23, 2007

Nico... a masseur for hire

Nico is 19 going on 20. A provincial lad trying to earn for his family, finished high school, and unable to enter college due to financial limitations. He learned to do some massage from a barbershop in his barrio. No cock pics, but a face pic here. His is the first face I post - FOR A LIMITED TIME only, for I am sure, only until he gets a better source of livelihood. You can contact him at 0921 2059 558.

Any other questions? Feel free to write your comments...

This blog entry would be deleted after a period, afterall, I do not post any pics - he is only an exception.

Doing it with Danilo

Danilo used to work as masseur full time. Now he is working as a waiter, giving massage to clients only during the daytime - he apologize that he is even unable to answer calls during his workshift. He works nights but this Sunday afernoon he obliged me.

He showed that his body have fully recovered from a motorcylce accident.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Striking Gold with Arnold

Red was memorable, he fucked me hard. We even had another fuck session last tuesday. And that being a repeat, I no longer took new pictures. I said it would be very hard to find another cock that would equal or even be better than his ... I was wrong. Arnold had an equally fat cock. And why I consider him "gold", this time we were even able to capture his cum on camera!!

Hotel Group Orgy

Papi has just flown from Hong Kong, staying in a 5 star hotel we agreed to meet and have sex. He said he does not mind if I invite a few friends, which I did. Thus, the initial two became more, ending a total number of seven, unless I miscounted. If there is any regrets I have, I brought a camera with the cameras discharged!! Useless camera!!

My only consolation was being the center slut for all, being fucked by Rod, while sucking ernz and jacking a cock in both of my hands, while the other two guys were doing each other in another part of the bed!


He was so shy. That instead of having a foursome, it was then scheduled as three twosomes. Doki would just then then do it with us, one at a time. In deference to Carl and Ernz, I cut short my time with Doki. Unexpectedly, Carl and Doc took a long time.. and Carl's remark "NAKAKAINLOVE SYA" (he is loveable), who tormented me for his number till I gave it to him. I would not have shared the number but then they have been intimate... and since they separated so late... there was no third time.

Monday, July 2, 2007

In Bed with RED

Red is around 5-5, 135 lbs. He works out in his home gym in the mornings. He is fair and so smooth. He looks to be in his mid 20s but he admitted to being 30 yo. Why did I nicknamed him RED? Because Red is what I saw and felt having sex with him and Ernz! This time, it was Ernz who was taking the pictures so sees more of me sucking his cock. One good shot that Ernz got, is me sucking both of their cocks. Oh, it was so difficult trying to take both of them at the same time but it was such an effort.

I could not take anymore from sucking both of them, I asked Ernz to fuck me. I had Red positioned himself. I was lying on my back, my legs in the air, Ernz took his time fucking me. It still hurts! What makes it hurt is his hard dick, he takes pleasure seeing how loss I was in ecstasy! Red is not that tall but his cock is that of a big man, it was even fatter than Ernz, whose cock is slimmer and longer. I would have shouted when Ernz started pounding me, he was ruthless, banging his cock, fucking me hard, and I could not scream. Red's Cock was gagging my mouth. I could have been frightened but I was lost in the sensation, I have a sizable cock at both ends. What more, Red repositioned himself, sitting on my chest, feeding me his cock, I could not see Ernz, he was blocking the view, all I sense of Ernz was his dick - no sight of Ernz, just his manhood sliding in and out of my ass, fucking it as hard as he can. My head was nailed on the pillow with Red's big fat cock.

Ernz, would stop and I saw his face, on the side of Red. He smiled.. and said
"Ammmmm cumming! One big hard push, and he was still, his penis not getting soft. And I felt him moved his stick slowly.

Red was still hard from my mouth. Ernz left the room ... Red positioned himself where Ernz have left. My asshole was still craving for a bone, it was sore, it was hurting, but I want it. I need it, it feels so good! Red.... oh yes ....yes... yes...