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Sexcapades 1

1) Anton –
A lethal weapon in Greenbelt

Sex is all in the mind. This I would like to think so, for I remember doing it not for the physical look of a person but for the situation. Filipinos can be very conservative more so with the females in our society. I have a female cousin who is already in her 30s and yet my uncle and aunt would not allow her to date, except with a chaperon. Thus, on the pretext that it is only me and her that is going out – we would be meeting her boyfriend somewhere else for them to be able to go out on a date.

That night, Marissa was going out with Boogie. We met Boogie in Greenbelt Makati. We agreed to watch Lethal Weapon 2 I think, but then I have found out that Greenbelt Theater is a cruising place too, one can meet other men, fondle each other, even despite the attendance of a crowd. I was not sure if there would be action in the upper section, nor if I can do something if I would be with them. Thus, on the pretext of privacy, I said I would be more comfortable watching in the orchestra since I am near sighted. They allowed me immediately.

It was still the prelude. I sat on the stairways, the show was standing room only. I sat there smiling out of nothingness – of being able to get one over our conservative clan, of being able to help Marissa meet someone and possibly her future husband. Smiling likewise to see there are a lot of men, my gay radar is not yet that good, but I know some of them are game, are free. I smile at the thought that some of them are not here for the movie alone. I smile at the possibilities if I was alone again, in the near future perhaps. I was even told that the best theater of the four theaters here in Greenbelt is 2 and 4, I did not notice it before, but I did now with the tip. The seats in Greenbelt 2 and 4 are different, they are higher thus allowing two people to do something with out attracting much attention.

It was this smile of mine that attracted the attention of someone. He said “Hi.”

I was startled out of reverie, and said “Hi” too.

“You know you have a very mischievous smile. That can attract trouble.”

I was speechless, and I tried to give the best innocent and helpless looking smile I can muster.

“Would you like to have some fun?”

“What kind of fun?

“We can leave the place and I can show you”

Honestly, he is fat. He is a mestizo, a person definitely with Spanish Blood thus he is so fair. He seems to be in his 30s or 40s, I was not good yet in guessing age. He is losing hair on the top. I would like to say no, but his offer is tempting. The idea is ludicrous, Marissa and I are putting one over my Uncle and Aunt who have no idea that I was the front for Marissa’s date, and now Marissa and Boogie would have no idea that I would not be alone, probably doing more what they would be doing in the Balcony! To think I was suppose to be the chaperone, I should be the one guarded!

“Sure, except that we only have two hours, you have to get me back here in the theater since I am with a couple watching upstairs. Where would we go?”

“Do not worry, we would go someplace near, I will bring you back before the show ends.”

We left the movie house and went out. We took a taxi and went inside a motel along Buendia (now Gil Puyat) near RoxasBoulevard. Inside we immediately strip – I was not exactly as passionate as him. I merely allowed him to kiss and suck me. He sucked me good, he was kissing my whole body. Then, I felt his finger inside my ass, I tensed up. He said I should relax, the finger would help me cum more easily, just relax he says. I tried, with his mouth on my cock, he was licking it from left to right, and vice versa. I could feel the heat in his mouth. I feel his finger getting in my ass and doing a fucking motion, the finger doing a circling motion. I was convulsing already from the ecstasy. Oh shit! I came, my spunk coming out like a shower, splatting all over my body! He sensed when I was about to cum and just wanked me until I came. Wow!

I lay there for a while. I asked him about him, would he want me to wank him off? That was the time he said that he has cancer and he doubts if he can still cum, which is why he is losing hair. He is already grateful that I agreed to have sex with him. I took a bath immediately and we left the motel. That is when I learned his name is Anton Monf.

When I came back, the movie was over. Marissa and Boogie were looking for me. I said I went in to the comfort room. They never suspected I had sex! For the rest of the night, I was smiling of the tryst that I had. I saw Anton Monf some time later at the wake of Syjuco, the father of the stockholder of Dairy Queen Philippines. I guess he survived cancer and still remember, we smiled at each other.


March 26, 2000 - 5:38 am. I sat here typing on the keyboard drying my body, and my hair after four guys left! In the past year that I had that wonderful black and bronze day bed - it was used so much. Only now did I have 4 other guys’ nude, all sucking and caressing each other - and I was the only bottom! My ass hurts but it was nothing to the blissful sex that have transpired!

Funny thing, three of them I have sex individually before - they being the most unforgettable for that month, as most of you should have read in other stories! Marco was the New Year fuck, my millenium welcome. He picks me up from the streets after the count off in Ayala, and we had sex until daylight came. In February, Rico was horny and I was so bored to meet him and I was the one who devirginized him. Rico was big that he no one had dared taken him in before and I am the type who does not back down from challenges - no matter how fat, or how long they are! And this March, Chris was a text mate who decided that it is time for me and him to meet, and it was a time well remembered for the sex started on the cot, to the bed, to the office table, and in the kitchen! Three individual unforgettable experiences, and now I had all three together at once and there was Ed, first time I met him! Likewise, there was Hussein, a dance instructor who passed by to watch but was able to control himself, he did not join us - stillthere were five of us naked having sex…

Actually, I was setting up Chris with Bong and Mike. Bong was not available since he has a date with his girlfriend. Mike was amenable to the two of them plus me. But at the last minute, he declined! By then, I have called up Rico at the hotel he works for and I was chatting on line to see any last minute addition! I also have sent text messages to some people that I know are good in bed, and they have all declined even Marco stating their own plans. Damn… I was afraid no one would be showing up… even the horny Scorpio Carlos seems to be vacillating!

It was already 130, have chatted with Ed who is 34 years old 180 lbs. 5-8, he would join if people came. Carlos said he would call if people would come. Mike has cancelled. Thus…. I merely invited Hussein, a dance instructor who stands a flat 6-foot who I have been catching with my eye in my cousin's 53-rd birthday.

Around 2 AM, Chris arrived! I no longer expected him to come, then Hussein came true to his word!!! I know Hussein does not have sex in his mind, nor would Chris like him. Oh my! Then my cel phone rung, Ed was on his way!!!! Thus, there were four of us - trying to sense each other out. Feeling each other. I am not sure with Ed and Chris clicking together, but I only wanted Hussein - he is mature and such a bear! Hussein was one of the rare Filipinos whose body has so much hair, he was not only tall he was broad shouldered, from all the dance lessons he gave! Chris and Ed took the hint, and left me and Hussein hugging each other. They proceeded to the bedroom without closing the door. Hussein does not want to take part, and simply encourage me to join the two. We could see both of them naked, Ed was feasting on Chris cock. We could hear the moans of Chris, he was having a good time, moaning and groaning.

My cel phone rung, indicating a text message. Chris though it was his phone, it was Marco - he wants a late evening fuck. I replied saying there are four of us and he is more than welcome to join.

Ed was licking the balls of Chris, who grunting from the sensation, keeping his eyes closed. I walked over and licked his nipple, moving my tongue to his naval, and then to the tip of his dick. He looked at the two of us - Ed licking his balls and I was sucking his cock. He was so dreamy eyed. No talk but Ed and I somehow know how to explore and continue licking, wetting Chris' body with our saliva. Chris' body temperature was rising, his body so good to touch and meld with, I loves the body heat - he was so hot.

Ed was on his back and Chris was straddling at his legs, both of their cocks being pressed together - and I got another chance of having two cocks inside my mouth!!! It was so weird and titillating - they were soft but were both hard in record time. My mouth was so full of two hard cocks, both of their bodies intense as my tongue flick from one head to the other, both dick heads inside my mouth. It was mind blasting, thus their cocks grow a little bigger and I had to release both! I could not contain two big balloon cock heads inside my mouth, no matter how eager. It tasted and felt so good, licking two cocks, my head moving from one cock to the other. I move my body, and I was on top of Ed, we were doing 69, kissing even each other balls. Chris who was resting for a while moved again to have his balls and stick nearer to me. Ed was eating my sausage, while I was moving from one dick to another. It was blissful, my cock was leaking pre cum.

Hussein mentioned someone was knocking, thus I left the both of them
and went to the door. It was Rico!!! A Five foot eight hunk with one of the biggest cock I know! He was bigger than any of us there. I was quiet then hugged him. He saw the darkness of the pad, Hussein lying on the cot, and the glimpse of two naked male bodies in the open door. He was quiet, definitely not prepared of what he saw and might happen. I gave him no chance to be rational, I hug him and kissed him, undressing him. As soon as I have his polo undone, I started licking his nipples, biting them. He was melted chocolate in my mouth, he sat on a computer chair, and I simply worked my mouth downwards. I was able to get his pants down, and simply started sucking his soft limp cock to a hardness and size no one in the room shall compare! Ed and Chris saw what was happening and went out. They joined me and Rico. I left them as host and lie beside Hussein, who wanted to be faithful to his lover, who simply lied down watching everything going on around him. It was a sight! Chris and Ed were kissing and licking Rico who could only close his eyes, the sight of three naked bodies was too much! Watching them - I was so hard. And the three went back to the bedroom, all naked three men, no effeminacy, and three solid looking men!

I watched on the cot together with Hussein, see their bodies undulate. Rico seems spaced out, his spirit not wanting to join the flesh feast but his body yearning and participating. His big fat cock was a meat both Chris and Ed simply devoured, he could not resist the attention being given. I wanted to join, but I do not want any more interruptions. I did not expect Rico but Marco was on his way. Marco is slim and tall, with skin so fair, one can simply kiss every inch of his body and a cock so right for sucking and fucking.

Soon enough, there was a knock on the door and I saw Marco! Marco stands around my height 5-8 likewise. I let him in, my pad is small thus he immediately saw what is happening inside my bedroom. Three naked guys having sex, their bodies melding as one. The scent of jasmine oil burning in the air, adding to the exoticness of the atmosphere. Marco was mesmerized, he let me undress me, am not allowing him any chance of changing his mind. This is the first time there would be five guys having sex in my pad, my first time to experience something like this - thus I know how they feel likewise, it would be so overwhelming. Soon, I got Marco naked and definitely hard, and I lead him to the bedroom. Chris was obviously enthralled by Rico. They were at one end of the bed, in the middle was Ed masturbating himself, grappling his nipple watching the two make out. I lead Marco at one end, and continued my oral assault on this cock and balls. Ed was also started fondling Marco.

I think I was a good host, not to mention a professional sucker. No cock remained soft in my mouth - from the continuous working on another body, cocks have a tendency to soften and my mouth to revive it. We were exchanging partners, almost all except Rico was sucking each other. Rico was so straight he would kiss and lick bodies but not suck any of the hard cocks. In once instance, Marco was seated sucking Ed who was standing over him, and I simply net and squeezed myself to suck Marco, it was a sight and a moan. Then, there was Rico on his corner with Marco sucking him, while Marco was being fondled by Chris, who I was straddling with his cock inside my ass, and of course I was fondling Ed, who was masturbating while watching all that was happening.

At one point, I had Marco entered me. It was so blissful. He was fucking me like a dog, with me on my knees. We saw Rico standing with the heads of Chris and Ed on his groin. Rico's head was thrown back, obviously in ecstasy! The scene has been one blue tape reality! Bodies on top of another. Someone would suck a cock while another sucks the nipple, the double, triple, multiple assault of kissing and licking was making each one heady. And the reality of being part was also inspiring. Soon, Rico may not suck, but he was ravishing Chris with his kisses and light suck all over, tantalizing him with his mouth in the groin area but not sucking him at all!

I had to wash myself and relax…. it was almost 5 am, it had been going for almost 3 hours already. I guess I should have not left, it dissolve with my absence, and as I towel myself so were they dressing up and left one by one. I hug Rico and Marco goodbye. Chris immediately left without saying goodbye, apparently taken with guilt for such a wild sex, he was remorseful based on his text - that is how wild the orgy was. Writing about it, thinking about is giving me a hard on already…. well, if ever, join me in my pad would you?

3. Prickhead in Cebu

I was on audit assignment in Cebu, February 1998. I had to stay in Vacation Hotel, I had to audit it. It was boring, I did not know anyone but if there is anything new about the times is that there is internet and a lot of internet cafes mushroomed in Cebu. I am not used to sleeping early so of I went to one which is mere walking distance.

I chat in one and there are also several users on line. I chatted in Gay Manila and I asked for anyone who is in Cebu. And someone named Prickhead macked me. We talked and exchanged pleasantries, he is married with three children I think. He is Chinese and he shares the internet subscription with his other brothers, they schedule their usage less the other would be automatically disconnected. He is interested in sex, and he said its hard for him to get sex really less word gets around. He is a vice president or something for a local drug manufacturing company, big deal, I just wanted some company. He knows my hotel and said he would drop by. Hohummmmm! I guess I would be alone. I went home, at least I had some fun chatting.

I was swamped with documents and I have opted to stay in my hotel room, they do not have an extra table at the office nor do they want to see me using one of the dining tables auditing the Hotel. The compromise then was I worked in my hotel room, the documents would be brought in as I request them.

It was around lunch and there was a knock. Oh no, I do not want to eat in the room, that would almost be like imprisoning me here! I want a fresh air of a different surrounding! Unsmiling I opened the door, and there is this Chinese guy - fair complexion, smooth (hmmm, so typically the clean Chinese), around 5-10, 160 lbs. I only stand 5-8 and around 145, still a bit above average than most Filipinos. He is wearing a long sleeve barong. Definitely not a hotel worker.


"I am Peter, I chatted with you last night as Prickhead."

My head was swimming. I have been chatting with him and now he is here in my room! And it being lunch time, he just took an escape from his office, thus far from possible suspicion of the office and his family! Would he want to make out with me? Or would he find me not his type? Would we simply end up talking, exchanging pleasantries, then the good bye?

"Come in. Do come in. Pardon the mess, the documents, I am auditing the Hotel and they have asked me to work in my room."

We sat on the bed and we were looking at each others eyes. No words, and I knew it. Our hands exchanged, unbuttoning each others long sleeved polo barong. We took off each others office attire. And then we were naked, hugging and kissing. Oh my, he is such a good kisser.

With his smooth skin, I continued to kiss and lick his whole body. I was afraid that someone may just immediately knock, interrupting us, but who cares. He was enjoying it, he was moaning, as my tongue roam all over his body. My mouth stop at his member, he has every right to call himself prick head. His prick is nice and long, around 6 inches, already above average from my experiences here in the Philippines. The situation of it, me doing it while office hours, in my hotel room, my audit client - first time for me in this situation! I was getting more heady with excitement, knowing likewise that he is married with children, not the usual gay or bisexual, a man of power, a man who has his passion well hidden just waiting for the right moment, and now is the moment.

His head of his cock is such a nice mushroom shape, it was so full and so pink! My body was tingling with excitement, I was sucking with all gusto - never had a cock like that! Anyone can just knock or come in, no one suspects - otherwise they would see two naked men, and me sucking him, my head going up and down.

"Godddddddddd, don't stop, it feels so goooooooooooood"

I am not stopping and I position him to lie on his stomach. I licked his back, my hands roaming, until my head was on his ass. I licked his ass, he was moaning. My God!! What if somebody hears us? It would be a scandal for both of us! But I did not stop licking his ass, I even went to his asshole, the more he was sensitized. He moaned more and more into the pillow, to silence the feeling.

He then moved upright, and I lied on my back. He sucked on my nipples, I have a big chest from working out and I was so sensitive with my nipples. I was the one moaning, but I was trying to tone down the noise. My hands groping his body. Then he looked at me, with my legs up in the air, his eyes asking.

Without word, I took a condom from my bag and KY jelly. With some protection, I lay down again, with both of my legs up in the air. Thus, as he enters me, he was looking at my face, but I had to close my eyes as he entered me. It was painful. I was biting my lips from the pain, from the intrusion of such a big cock. I grasped his legs, to caution him not to move. He stopped.

"Does it hurt so much? Want me to pull out?"

"Yes. You have a big cock. No, be still and let me adjust>"

He then proceeded after a while to insert everything. I feel his crotch against mine. He let out a sigh, and so did I. I feel him inside me, the rest was easier after his big head. Then, he slowly move in and out, he was pumping me slowly. I was no longer feeling pain, it was pleasure. I feel him inside, it was so nice, he was fucking me so nicely, it was so good. I look at him, and I started to masterbate myself. And I was tensing, it was so good, my ass was tensing against him. He was fucking me faster and faster, his face looking at the ceiling, his mouth open, gasping for the air. I feel the spasms. I was coming. He was saying…..

I’m cummin’…

I did not care, I feel his cock spasm, grow bigger. I feel mine grow harder, I felt my own juice spurting all over my body! The idea of it being forbidden and on stolen time, made my climax so good, and he simply flopped down on me, smearing himself with my spunk as our body got into contact! So nice, I was so calm, the calm after climax.

Then someone knocked!

4 - Cromwell, my Lord Chatter

It was way back in 1998. I was new on the net and there was this chatter whose nick is Cromwell. Cromwell likes to feel and act as if he is a Lord. Whenever I see him, I refer to him as my Lord Cromwell and I would act as the lowly servant girl that has to do his bidding. In a way, we were talking dirty in a fantasy way. He was the Lord, someone who is noble and has to be obeyed, and I the lowly servant who have to give in his wishes.

I was already 30 and he was only 18, barely legal but legality of age is never really much of an issue in the Philippines. Tired of always playing it over the chat, we have finally decided to meet in person.

My parents would be home but I was playing the chance to introduce him as a friend wanting to use my computer, thus the rational for him to go to my place. I was skeptic about meeting him. We agreed to meet at Chowking, Masagana Mall. He said he would be wearing a black shirt with a printed design. He stands tall and lean, my type. He also has curly hair. So far, he seems to like me too. Why not? I stand around 5-8, and 150 lbs from diet and exercise. I know I do not look bad, and quite attractive.

We talked and decided to go to my house. My parents were not yet at home so we proceeded to my room. He said he wanted to use my internet account since it would be cheaper for him and I found that there is an error in the metering or quantifying of my hours usage. He started to chat online but my hand was wandering over his body. It feels good, I like them lean. He is so young and so hot, he was already hard and hot by the time my hand wandered to the forbidden region.

He stopped from chatting and closed his eyes. Then, I continued the move of my tongue. He was feeling the excitement, the thrill of being suck. I proceeded to take off his clothes and have him hard and ready for sucking. I was getting so hard, he had a nice beautiful long cock. That is something so unusual, but then, I usually end up with big cocks. His cock was ripe for the sucking.

Soon we could not control anymore and I proceeded. I was licking his cock, I was having fun with his long slim dick. Tall lean guys usually have long slim cock, just like his. Being young, he was so hard.

Geesh, I cannot stand it. I put my pants down. I looked for a condom and placed it on his dick. I was on fours on the bed, he was standing. The hell I was so hot, it was a bit painful, but bearable, his is slim and long not fat. He said he never did fucked anyone, but men are natural learners - no one needs to be taught how to fuck. He was hard and the next thing I know, he was inside. I was so blissful. I could then feel every inch of his cock as he move in and out. I was ecstatic. If felt so good.

He is young, with pimples. But in this doggie style, I can imagine him to be anyone I want. So I imagined it was a my Lord Cromwell, an aging lord, brusque and mature who is fucking my ass. And then, I felt him go faster, quicker. Then, he suddenly hug my back. I felt his cock quiver, he was coming. He was catching his breath. I was then pumping my own cock with one hand, striving to catch up. And then he came, he was suddenly still but he remained inside my ass. I was pumping myself, clenching what remains of his hard on. And I came myself, spurting semen on the bed sheet. WOW!!!!!

My Lord Cromwell ….. he fucked me in my room! And no one knows, except you


Being administrative, I was sent to Cagayan de Oro, Philippines. I was sent in advance to facilitate the opening of a radio station there. We have acquired the rights of a radio frequency, it was a matter of getting the people and the business permits / licenses, etc. I was not looking to it, I do not like going out of town, for even though they are cities, compared to Metro Manila, it seems to be provincial for me. People here are the type that goes to sleep when night comes and up before sunrise. I have been used to the city lights, to sleeping late as 3 in the morning, going from one bar to another with friends.

I have however told a best friend about it. Dondon then gave me a name and address to look for. He said Derek is someone he had met and that they have been exchanging some mails, and what makes the person unforgettable, is that he received some pubic hair, reputed to be taken from Derek.

One thing I did not like in going to out of town is not being familiar with the underground gay life. I say its underground, for I find it hard to believe that men here would not be fooling around. Men would always be men, they would always be horny. In the Philippine culture, it was found that we have the "babaylan" these are the priests that were touched by gods, basically men who are gay, and dress up in what would be considered drag in the current time. So, the Filipinos have gays even before we were colonized by Spain!

Thus, upon settling down my things in the hotel I sought out Derek. I have nothing sexual in mind, it would just be more advantageous to have a local help me. Likewise, I am not sure of the local dialect - I know they would understand English and Filipino, but if one knows the local dialect, things are different. Filipinos tend to be regionalistic, basically tending to someone your own. So, in the past, I try my best to learn some local words. I was apprehensive looking for the address, and I though I was lost going around and around, walking in the subdivision. Then I found the address, he was not around. I left my name and the address of the hotel I am staying.

Later that night, I heard some knock on my hotel room. I hope it is him and not some hotel worker! I need some company, I was getting bored. I opened the door hoping, and there was this 5-7 guy, nicely tanned, looking very oriental, very masculine, slim at around 145 pounds. He looks every bit of my type, making my heart skip a beat.


"Am Derek, you passed by my house looking for me?"

Yes! My prayers have been answered, at least someone here I can seduce! I smiled, trying to be very friendly. "Oh, yes, I did. I am a friend of Dondon, and he advised me to look for you. That perhaps you can help me around, I do not know the locality nor the dialect. I would be here around a week."

"Dondon. Yes, I do know him." He seems to reminiscence, while smiling with such a beguiling smile. My heart was beating faster.

"Care to come in? Instead of us talking here by the door?"

He came in. He was wearing only blue denims and white shirt, accentuating a slim and fit body. I would love to have my hands all over him, oh please, I hope he likes me too.

We talked a lot, decently that is. He told me of the people locally. He was here to stay with some relatives. He is a love child, being supported by his mom, who is in the USA. He had finished up dentistry, but have not taken the board exam at Centro Escolar University in Manila. His mom wants him to take up Physical Therapy here so work would be easier for him in the United States of America. He had a lover before but it did not work out. Oh, sad to hear (but my mind was delighted to know he is currently not attached). He would be willing to accompany me around during his free time, and I was thankful for that. And then, he asked if he could stay over the hotel. My room has two beds, it's a twin. I did not hesitate, I said yes. Even if we end up doing nothing, at least I am not alone. The hotel gives me the creeps!

I could not remember what happened next, but I was lying on my back, and he was already fucking my mouth. He has a nice dick, slim and long. I have learned to relax my mouth a bit thus I was not gagging from his cock.

But he wanted me to suck him only to make it more slippery. He then placed a condom on his prick, and raised my legs. I was noisy, not the usual timid one. I was cursing him, urging him to hurt me, to fuck me hard, to bang me with his tool. He was enjoying it - but I was silenced when I felt him inside me. It was painful, it hurts, I bit my lips and then cursed him. I tried to push him off, but the simply drove himself further inside. I was gasping for breath, trying to control the pain, the intrusion of his manhood inside my body. I cursed him, used up all my vocabulary. My curses was spurring him to be more forceful, more aggressive. I was surprised I was taking all of this pounding and I am feeling the surge of an oncoming orgasm. I felt my semen coming out - through enough, I came, with my spunk shooting towards my face and body. He was surprised to see my shoot that far, with some cum on my pillow. This triggered his orgasm, and I felt him shudder and then spent, he rolled over.

Now, this is a nice welcome! If he would be this for the rest of my stay, I would forgive my boss for sending me here. I know I would be satisfied and well fed sexually. We slept in separate beds after I cleaned up, but I was so tired I did not wear anything at all except a shirt - the air con was cool. He said he wanted to sleep in an air conditioned room since it is so humid outside. He enjoyed my dirty talk, for it sort of raises the risk of someone overhearing, and us being caught. Well, no wonder he wanted to stay and enjoyed all my cursing despite my honesty in cursing him.

I slept on my stomach. I woke up early in the morning, not with an alarm clock nor due to sunlight. I have the drapes cover the window less someone sees two guys fucking last night. I felt someone was on my back, then I felt pain!!! My ass was being fucked. His cock slide fully in, well lubricated, he woke all my senses with his dick. I was startled, but he held me down, pinning me with his cock drilling in to me, he was fucking me! He was holding me that I could not move to the left nor take a look at him, all I could see is the white pillow, all I could feel is his cock inside me, his left arm on my back holding me still, his right hand on my side. My own cock came alive but I could not jack off, but I was breathing heavily with the sensation. With the sleep I was well rested and alive, his cock feeling so nicely inside me. Then I felt him stopping, his body shaking - and all he said was "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh". He came. And that was only then he released me. Turning over, I immediately jack myself off, trying to release myself, he help me by sucking my nipples, mashing my chest - he knows how much I liked it - and I came with my semen flowing like lava from my cock this time.

We rested! The rest of the day and the succeeding days were quite productive, and sexually gratifying. He likes my body, he enjoys fucking, and I like being fucked!

One time, we went back to the hotel during lunch time. We have been out to the Municipal Government. Exhausted, we lay in bed - and as before my legs were up, he was naked, but I still have a white shirt on. He was fucking me furiously - as furious we were being directed from one office to another. Likewise, we were in such heat that we forgot to turn the drapes. Our room was in subterranean, at the back of the hotel. I was about to cum, I was feeling it, he was likewise moaning - then we saw a shadow!! He quickly pulled himself out and turned to the right side of the bed, going to the floor. I likewise turned the other way, going to the floor to hide on the left side of the bed! There was someone, we both saw her, it's the laundry woman! He was passing by our window! Laughing out, we turned the drapes to hide us from the outside, but then we have lost our libido. Looking back, the most memorable for Derek and Me was that point - almost being caught fucking and turning out to opposite sides of the bed to hide on the floor! Well, I was looking forward then to go back again!


Saturday- Dec 4, 1999. I had to go to Robinson’s Manila where Loi was waiting for me. We had agreed to meet that time and update each other. I would have left earlier but I suddenly had an allergy thus the running nose and sneezes right after I took my bath. I immediately downed two neozep which would definitely cure me but would make me sleepy! While I wait for it to take effect I went online and waited for my lover Leur. He came and left, no kisses - he might catch it. Then off I go to Robinson’s - I was drifting on and off inside the taxi even. Loi was waiting for me at the door when I arrived. With the time constraints we immediately did a bit of shopping at the Handyman and some blank tapes from Odyssey then off for dinner. We had dinner at Bahay Inasal, then home. Caloy was lucky to be able to get a taxi, I was not. There were a lot of people waiting, so I chose to go back inside Robinson’s and watch a movie. Relax a bit.

I opted to watch Kevin Bacon's Stir of Echoes or something. True to my expectation, my eyes was shutting on and off - I definitely have snoozed off, I lost track of the movie. But I felt someone's hand on my knee. There is this guy on my right, he seems to be slim, around early 20s, 5-6, 140 lbs. He looks to be so butch with his dark skin and all, but there is no mistaking where he laid his hands on.

He did not only woke me up, he certainly did woke my manhood. My cock was hard, straining from the anticipation of anonymous sex. We were on the first row, I sat there to avoid any possibilities. But here he is taking the risk. The risk was also making my heart beat, pound faster. My eyes was on the guard, looking above, left, and right to see if anyone may see us or chance upon us. He was on the look out too.

I felt his hand crawl up my leg, he was sending shivers to my body. I provided better access, then I felt him placed his hand inside my shorts, I felt him hold my cock in his hand, growing harder than ever.

He then slowly masturbated me, pumping my cock. Oh oh, he quickly took his hand as someone passes by less takes notice of our indiscretion.

Theater sex here in the Philippines is fun for the thrill but not so fulfilling! Then the movie ended. We walked side by side, it seems he is still interested to pursuing more. We have not exchange a single word. We have gone down two escalators, the final one - he was near. "Are you coming with me to my house?"

"Where is your house?"

"Pasay". I live in the next city. "You, where do you live?"

"Sampaloc." Oh, oh, that would be on the northern side of the Metro Manila.

"What is your name?"


"Well, Francis, would you be joining me in my pad? "

He was quiet, obviously thinking and pondering about it. Then he answered, "its too far."

"Oh ok". And I walked straight out of the door. Unspent.

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