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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Chef for Friday

The Tollgate Keeper

Ballerina for a Night

Its now 2 am of Easter Sunday, been staying up sleepless and all and sleeping the day away. I have been updating my blog, posting some and then withdrawn the march postings,I thought it best to finish my January backlog. I have saved some blank postings in January thus this would be posted as of January although, I am reflecting it only this holy week, first week of April 2012.

In my reflection, I cannot help but smile knowing I have forgotten the names and/or nick of those one night stands. This is the reason I do blog, less I forgot those memories. Funny, I would remember him as michael or mark something, I know, senior moment, my Mom would joke about, but then I am 45 years old. I do remember a brief background of his - he teaches, taking a masteral in one of the universities. It was a tuesday and he texted me, quite adamant and all, but sensing nothing sinister or bad, I went along, although I could not understand his necessity at that time. There must be other days, well, he is very busy and for that, we never saw each other again.

Lets just call him Prof Angel, for he brought me to heaven. I have a very stressful job which explains why at times I am not up to sex, and definitely not up to updating my blog. I write a lot of correspondence, that is actually my job, to write letters in behalf of people who need help, which usually are females, mothers actually that would cry in behalf of their "children"! So by the end of the day, I would be emotionally spent up from those tears and hysterics, I would just prefer to lie in bed, than having sex and having that posted here. Well. Prof Angel is heaven sent. I might have forgotten the name he gave or nick he used, but his sex is one of the best that I told on him with my best friend, Paulo, I want to set both of them. Paulo laughed about it, and told me... so for a night, you were a ballerina!

A ballerina? Yes, I guess a ballerina would be best suited to described the sex instead of saying it was sexual calisthenics or gymnast, the movements, the change in sexual position was graceful in a way.

Let me recount that night, I remember eating at Cartimar - yes, am a stress eater. He was texting that it was the best time for him to have some fun. Tom, he would not have work, and then he would be caught up again to the busy rigors of his professional life. He only admitted to being a faculty after we had sex. He went into my pad, and since he was the determined guest that night, I was able to take pics of his cock. Well, hello world, as he is tall, one of the very few taller than me, he is one of the well endowed cocks! Wow! Yes, I relished every suck, every moment my mouth was on his dick. He loved the tongue bath i gave his cock, he was happy and ecstatic, no protest when i took pics. He has no chance to protest, I suck.. take his dick in full, then flash! And before he can object, I would take him fully inside, slowly moving my tongue all over his cock head, making sure his man meat is wet with my saliva.

Now, ok, he is tall, he is endowed, I suck as I usually do. How did I become a "ballerina" for the night? Sucking is only an appetizer, of course, I would have to take him anally! I have to have him inside my ass. I am pleased to put my lips, but it would be more pleasure to sit on it, have that human snake in and out of my ass. But if you are there, amazing as it was, once I sat on his dick, it stayed inside my ass, moving in and out but never really out even when we change from one position to another, it was magical.... sychronized movement from one position that his dick did not get pushed out, it stayed in my ass ... until he came!

A dick that size, the best position is him on his back, and I straddle him, sit on his dick. I would be moving up and down as long as I can carry my weight, then, move my ass in different directions, forward, backward, and then circular... and one movement I do, rock on it, fuck with all my body weight.

He filled me inside so well, I want more. I motioned him to sit up so I can hug him, while he fuck me. Likewise, I moaned as he placed his lips on my tits! I love my nipples getting work, I would worm and wiggle, squirm with delight. Thus, in this seating postion, my energy would wane... just a bit...

That bit of energy loss, my turn to be on my back. From both of us, seated sex, I arched my back till I was the one on the bed, he was straddling me, he was on top, and once we have adjusted to this new position, he drilled my ass, fucking it with all delight like a crazy person, in and out, up and down, I was smiling from sheer delight. My legs were moving, from being in a V position, it was then together over his shoulder, and then moved to sideways, squeezing his manhood.

I was on my side and he was still inside, from here, it was easier to move myself, that my stomach was on the bed my back to him, he was now fucking me from behind, still without leaving my ass empty. We did variations of this position, my legs open, my legs close, my butt further clenching on his cock, he would moan when I do this.

From lying on my stomach, it was easier to go be on my fours, then back to a seated position, but this time, not face to face, with his hands on my chest, my nipples. From seating, we move ourselves off the bed, he was fuck me standing up, with me bent over!.. then back on the bed.. dog style and all..and then lying across my bed. He was no longer able to contain himself.. his sexual groan increasing till he came! Oh yes, wow... I can only wish for one more time with him... I can only hope... in the mean time, remember I can the sex with the pics..

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Yummy and Kitty

Holy week is suppose to be used for reflection. So far, I think I have done a fairly good deal of updating my blog. Although I have uploaded and posted some, I saved them as a draft to give highlights to my musings of earlier time - such as this sex with Yummy Elmar and Kitty. I know, Kitty sounds like funny, cartoonish, when in person, the guy is definitely a gym rat, with his muscled body, smooth skin, and nice dick. Well, he is a medical professional on his doctoral studies, married, so he says. On that, seeing the camera, he was very kittish about it, when it was Elmar who trust me that simply disregards the camera.

What is more remarkable about that night, is that both slept over till the wee hours of the morning. Since there was two of them, not just one, and I trust Elmar, I obliged. During the sex, I had the time of my life with both of them, sucking and fucking both of them. But they did not suck each other, I was doing all the sucking, and I was not complaining. How can I complain when my mouth is full?

The thing is, its not easy to sleep with other people when one is used to sleeping solo in one's bed. So there I was, the last to sleep and yet easily awaken when I felt movement. True enough, I saw them sucking in the dark! Yeah right, I admit that I have a small dick that size queen would not like to suck, its a fact. So, some would not like to suck me, and thus, would not like to show that they suck cock at all, I am not offended. But I just find it ironic or funny, that they would try their best to be "pure top" - the ones who simple let themselves be suck and fuck bottoms, and yet here they are in the dark, sucking cock. Oh well, I do not go for labels, just that, why hide?

Anyways, Kitty may not like to be photographed but here are four pics of Elmar - just to show he did visit me and I got to suck him good. Kitty ... well, he like what he saw which is why they had their own suckfest later in the the dark.

Big body, Aching legs

Ok, ok, I guess I did not get my rocks off with green lantern. Worst, I owe my friend for coming to the rescue. But if that happens, why do it? Well, consider it as charity, as additional good karmic points. Along with such point of view, if my ass needs a fucking, it will get a fucking. This point of view is basically what Rhonda Byrne of the Secret.

Thus, surprise, surprise, somebody texted me - Zeke. He is taking a taxi from Robinson Manila to my place. Oh oh, he has money... I mean he has the means to pay a taxi, and not just the LRT or jeep. In a way, that was a bit calming, hard to think of him to be of someone with a bad intention so I welcomed him without any shout for assistance. Him, I plan to face alone.....

OH MY GOD! He is big, and I mean taller and wider than me. If he turns out to be a bad person, I would be at a disadvantage but my spider sense or gay instinct was not screaming. Instead the voice in my head was... alleluia.. alleluia, see, be nice to people even if others would not. My ass remained a virgin despite the threesome, and my ass was still screaming for a fuck, and now a fucking I would get. I was wondering how big he would be and how it might hurt .. with my ass still untouch that day.

He got lose but seem nonchalant. He was nice enough to tell me front hand that he has another appointment after that and that he cannot stay. Duhhhh, as if I would want hi to stay, that meeting was just for sex, since my sexual thirst was still unquench, I want a fuck and then good bye. I just replied with a simple smile and " no problem". On a general level, good sex ought to be repeated but it would be nicer that you leave, yeah, fuck and leave, let me bask alone, savor solo the after sex feeling, or rather at times, be in the loo when the dick is good and y ass literally had a good fucking.

He was moreno, big and wide, and so thus his cock, average I think. As he is big, I suck him good, it was a bit fat cock, and then I sat on it! And that I remember, the uncomfortable soreness on my legs as I straddled his big body, it was more of the cramps that I recall on my legs than my ass. I guess he was also not used to sex that much since straddling him and gyrating, quenching my ass, he did not last long, he came.. pushing his pelvis up and down on my ass, pushing upward more, and then downward. But somehow, I know that was simply a one night stand.. my clue? The advance notice that he is just there for sex, and that he leaves as soon as he finished. Finished he did, he put back his clothes - a shiny satiny polo, green / bronze / gold, whatever, at least his clothes support that he indeed was squeezing a quickie before going out with his friends. Zeke came and go, leaving me with my legs quivering from his wide body, that I straddled..... a good karma, since green lantie left me... hanging...

Sex in the dark

Its not that much that one encounter requests but what endeared this first threesome of the year was he asked for darkness. The lights are normally turned off, with the tv providing the illumination as it plays sex education tapes - meaning m2m or male porn. But he requested that the tv and dvd player be turned off likewise!Ah ok, so i thought of turning the electric aroma burner, which uses a small 2.5volt light bulb, the one normally used in refrigerators, he asked that it be turned off too. Que? What the fuck, it would be too dark until our eyes adjust to the light given by the street lights, which is not exactly enough. I wonder why?

One thing seems to be more definite, it would be the first and last. I do not like the set up, upsetting when the routine is change.

Lets name him greenlantern as he abhorred light and delighted in the darkness. He is a cook, nice builty, seems chinese with his fair skin. Very manly and discreet. He had texted me before but I declined since it was too sudden and I was not in the mood. This time, i feel forced in that he was on his way, I was not yet ready at all! Last time, I begged off, now I cannot do that, he was on his way. I hate these so called alpha males, but then, if I spurn him the second time - I do not want to risk a stalker! I, myself, is afflicted with being OC (obsessive compulsive behaviour ). Oh well, who knows?

When I saw him on my terrace, as I am not ready I had to call Louie, who thankfully was available. I just came home, I cannot leave a total stranger in my bedroom, and he seems so "top" and yet someone willing to go oral on someone well endowed like Louie - ergo, a call for help from Louie, who came to my rescue.

So back to Green lantern's request for darkness, there are three of us. We cannot see him, he cannot see us, it was simply the hands doing the looking. His body is sculpted most likely by working out. It was a delight to kiss and suck his biceps, holding and feeling his hard, smooth body..... till my hands reach the souther region whick usually delights my hand, mouth, and ass... I was not expecting much ... for there was nothing to expect at all.

Funny, now I realized why he preferred darkness - but even without sight, my hands are enough to sense his manhood. Oh, I like the hardness but his insecurity is in the size and not the rigidity. No matter - the fun began. I have no inhibitions but both of them simply trying to size up the other. Tauro is open to oral, but he expects reciprocity, or else, he would simply withdraw. Which he did.

So it was a threesome that spared my ass. Only the green lantern came and I owe Tauro for the night! And I though he would be my karmic payment for the previous night orgy. Oh well....

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

First Orgy for the Year!

I only had a few (less than five) encounters in December of 2011, no orgies if I remember it correctly. I stand by for a self imposed celibacy for financial good luck. One is usually blessed in career, family, love ... or sex - as such in my case. My career was stagnant, worst, my salary was placed on hold and for several months I have to live on my mother's mercy. It did pay off, before the end of the year, I got a portion of my salary back and thus I was not that despondent.

2012 hopefully would be better financially. Lovelife? I am not that hopeful. I am content with my friends and that includes my BFF (Best Friend Forever) Paulo. I actually started my post for the year, asking for text mates for him, I guess he has some idle time. I just edited my posting to a thank you and posting his pics. I think I also have to update that to include what happened!

Anyway, before I forget my first orgy. Let me start to write about it. It was fun from the accounts.I did not participate, just hosted since I am not sure if my salary would again be placed on hold. A little sacrifice would not hurt.

Elmar wanted to meet but requested if we can have a group fun, I remember that I was having a merienda in Cartimar when we started texting about it. So I ended up sending invites and all, it would be easy to have Paulo. Paulo is usually free on Wednesdays and Saturdays. A Saturday night would seem ideal except by nightfall I would no longer have the stamina for some bed fun if I and my Mom went out during the day. I reserve my weekends to be with my Mother. So, wednesday it is. What is frustrating is that later on, Elmar was a no show! That ... prick! Dickhead.

Anyway, I think I had a good numbers. Dennis is always a delight and a darling, he cuddled with Paulo, its always nice to cuddle with hard, dark muscles. Physically, Paulo is 100% male, the type that would stir up desire, that unfortunately can go deeper and in vain. Yeah, Paulo had been so hurt that his heart had been taken from his chest and put in a steel vault. He would smile and be sweet, but very mindful and and careful to be hurt again. I had to remind Dennis to be careful that he might fall for Paulo for as they say it, he has a cactus heart.

Did I mention that the night was a little comedic? Problem with even numbers, it becomes twosomes. So there was Winshane and Jomar took to him, SWALLOWED HIM WHOLE! Jomar is a bit heavy on the side, but Winshane has a cock described to be deadly or hazardous to your health - one can choke on his cock, but Jomar simply took it all, up to the hild! Paulo recounts he almost laughed at the facial expression of Winshane, eyes wide open, surprised that someone took his cock fully and deeply. Winshane afterwards left the room to Jomar's dissapointment, he was hoping to sit on the cock but Winshane had already withdrawn from the group.

Winshane asked me about Jomar, he was uncomfortable... oh huh.. well, er... I was not really counting on Jomar to be part of the group fun. I usually "taste test" members but he texted he was sad and all, who does want a gay suicide? So I took the risk. I hope the readers and all would now understand why I insist on a one on one - yes, it is a screening process, its a a test! Paulo smiled and laugh about it, telling me about it.

I had my fun when Marino came, yeah, its his pics that are attached. He was the last I expected and the one I took for myself. I cant remember his name or nick, but I refer to him as Marino since after sucking, he did fuck me... rapidly and quickly. Paulo termed it as "kantot marino", so I referred to him as Marino.

And that is how I had my first orgy of the year. Magandang bueno mano.

Monday, January 16, 2012

My BFF is thankful for those who called and texted

To those who texted and called on my friend, Paulo, Thank you so much. We bonded again, sunday, 22 January 2012. I was able to take some pics, and let me share one. Sorry, had to take his number down.