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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Yummy and Kitty

Holy week is suppose to be used for reflection. So far, I think I have done a fairly good deal of updating my blog. Although I have uploaded and posted some, I saved them as a draft to give highlights to my musings of earlier time - such as this sex with Yummy Elmar and Kitty. I know, Kitty sounds like funny, cartoonish, when in person, the guy is definitely a gym rat, with his muscled body, smooth skin, and nice dick. Well, he is a medical professional on his doctoral studies, married, so he says. On that, seeing the camera, he was very kittish about it, when it was Elmar who trust me that simply disregards the camera.

What is more remarkable about that night, is that both slept over till the wee hours of the morning. Since there was two of them, not just one, and I trust Elmar, I obliged. During the sex, I had the time of my life with both of them, sucking and fucking both of them. But they did not suck each other, I was doing all the sucking, and I was not complaining. How can I complain when my mouth is full?

The thing is, its not easy to sleep with other people when one is used to sleeping solo in one's bed. So there I was, the last to sleep and yet easily awaken when I felt movement. True enough, I saw them sucking in the dark! Yeah right, I admit that I have a small dick that size queen would not like to suck, its a fact. So, some would not like to suck me, and thus, would not like to show that they suck cock at all, I am not offended. But I just find it ironic or funny, that they would try their best to be "pure top" - the ones who simple let themselves be suck and fuck bottoms, and yet here they are in the dark, sucking cock. Oh well, I do not go for labels, just that, why hide?

Anyways, Kitty may not like to be photographed but here are four pics of Elmar - just to show he did visit me and I got to suck him good. Kitty ... well, he like what he saw which is why they had their own suckfest later in the the dark.


  1. I would happily suck you, Bert. I like them small.

  2. its quite sad that kitty cannot be honest even when it comes having sex