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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Am back!... and OMG

Hello readers!

For the last three nights, I was my Mother's caregiver. We went to Urdaneta City, Pangasinan and then to Baguio City. So I had no sexual adventure or new pictures to share, my apologies, am sorry. But, it has been eventful, particularly tonight when I got back online on my laptop. Am happy being with my Mother but I find  it so restrictive of my sexual nature but made me share the following:

1.  Someone was drunk and went to my place saturday night. Drunk he was, he broke my windows and from the windows pushed a bookshelf overturning all the books and other things on that. He also pushed from the window my cat's cage - that she got out and ended up falling from the 3rd flr to the ground! Surprisingly, the cat survived - as if nothing! He texted me sunday afternoon - simply said "sorry".

The barangay tanod saw what he had done and arrested him. He resisted arrest and was almost lynch mobbed! Good thing, a neighbor intervened and just had him brought to the Police precinct. I guess, drunk he was, he resisted further and thus had some more with the police! My brother learned of it Sunday and check the guy, we did not press any charges. But because of his "commotion" on the precinct - he still had to post bail.

Moral:  If you cannot handle your drink, do not drink at all!
 I also have a life! I do not stay all day or night long waiting for a cock in my pad.

2. Arnie texted me Monday assuming I have everything and that I have visited Baguio several times, that my life must be great. How did I react? Badly. I found that text irritating because he was assuming too much of me which is so far from the truth. That hurts me because someone is saying I should be this or that when I am not, knowing I feel short of his expectation - its like failing your parent's or family expectation. It does not feel good.... I would like to think that I am now free of people's expectation, and then I would receive such expectation from a reader? Someone who had been promising, merely talking about meeting me but unable because he lives in Bulacan, limited income, limited resources, and that he feels the world, his family do not understand him? Duhhhhhh

Moral : Do not assume or presume anything.
We should also not placed undue pressure on people.

3.  Arriving back in Pasay, got a txt from XXX - asking for sex. I replied a polite refusal. Sure, had a nice time with his hard cock the first time although he was a bit difficult but being nice I kept the communication. Then, he said he read my blog and apologized for his second visit... ho hummm... fine.  Can we have sex? Persistent - thus I was forced to outright reply "Sorry Pass I am no longer interested in having sex with you." Then he apologized saying he did not know it was a threesome. What the fuck? He texted me that night asking what i was doing and when i replied I was with charlie, he asked we wait for him so he can join. Now, he raise that he did not know it was a threesome.. huh? So at this point, I had branded him as a liar in my mind.... and unwelcome in my place.

Moral : Stick to the truth, am a sex maniac not stupid. Most of us are stupid when we are in love.. but then we are not usually in love...

4. Got a message from PR, according to "Boying", he met someone here on PR lent his card and thus lost Php17K in credit card purchases , Php3K in cash, and his laptop! Please ... i do not know the details, BE CAREFUL! and I do not mean just safe sex - be careful in trusting.

5. Received a txt from YYY asking if XXX had been in my place, on my  bed. What the fuck? Well, YYY saw my blog post about XXX and his mobile number, he sent a message to XXX and XXX had been texting him... consistently and persistently.

Am tired from my travel and already irritated enough - my place is trashed, a friend was robbed, and this question? Why is it irritating? Stupidity irritates me. YYY got to know XXX because he read my blog posts - he saw the pictures of XXX on my bed, the same he had been... then he asked me if XXX had been in my bed? Duhhhhh

Wait .. wait a fucking minute.... maybe because XXX had been texting YYY, something was developing? YYY is even asking me for pics as in face pics and facebook of  XXX. Oh my .... and thus, studpid question it was to ask if a person had been on my bed, when the pictures are on this blog... he asked that question, hoping that I had not sex with XXX, and that perhaps it is more romantic that he, YYY, is more desirable that XXX would be his.... hmmmm, i guess he wants me to lie to him for his illusion?

Ok, fine.. I said.. No, I have not met him, I had not sex with him, I just blogged him from my imagination... yeah its an outright lie  that I sent sarcastically, but it was what he probably wants to hear. After all, what would justify him asking me if I had sex with this guy whose pics and blog posts is how he got to know him!

MORAL : There is no cure for stupidity, do try to think a little!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

A touch of Grey

 Failure is part of life. I do not succeed always. I do not pass always but I do not mind. I look at it sometimes as just part of Karma, Yin and Yang - I feel bad and the world will make me feel good. I fail.. and then I would pass. Just like this guy - an unexpected surprise.

A touch of Grey was the title I already had in mind while i was taking pics and sucking his dick. For those who are familiar - there is this trilogy of 50 shades of Grey, which explored sexuality. There is no need to blindfold the guy, he was so afraid that his face would accidentally be taken and digitized he kept his face under the pillow. Hmmmm, why not suck him until he cum without seeing his face? So I kept on flashing, taking pictures so he would not take the pillow off. I even pressed the pillow on his face so I need not see his face the whole time....

But from the moan I heard, he had enough. His dick had also maxed out on its hardness. He took the pillow off and motioned for my camera... oh oh... ok fine.. time to side my camera.. less i lost all the shuts.

If I would not have the pics to share.. minus well satisfy my ass, and so i sat on his cock. And only at this time that I took my clothes off assisted him in being fully naked.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Assessment : FAIL!

 I had been busy going out with my Mother. Yeah, so what if i am a Mama's boy? She takes care of my rent, electricity, water, etc! So there, I watched Dredd with her, went to Nestle Club at Rockwell. Had not had time to txt and surf for a new friend.

 Charlie dropped by saying he is bored at home. I shared the number of potential visitors to him so he can close the deal so to speak while I ate my dinner. Disaster! The potential new friend was so trying, such a newbie -Charlie lost his patience. That possible threesome would never happen then.

Then, Von texted me asking what is happening. I replied that I have Charlie and we would be having sex.

 Von replied " Please wait. I will be there "
So I smiled, I would have a threesome! Group sex is definitely no planning.

Then I lost my smile. Von is someone that has been texting in 2011, just txt, no action. It was a surprise that he finally showed up in my place. After that initial encounter, he showed really no changes, just text - nothing more, so I never did really consider him. Hmmmmm ... would he show up or not?

 Well, he did. Surprisingly. And for the warm up.... just to get things started - I played an educational tape - see the pics, they are hot. This is how i operate:  I have my own place and I have a good collection of male porn. Men are visual creatures, watching male action would always get them horny and ready!

Oooops! I touched Von and he moved my hand away! 
What the fuck! Oh well, so I ignored him and started sucking Charlie. Perhaps Von is not yet horny, he watched the porn and he would watch us. 
I was thinking, once he is horny from the tape and from the live action, he will join in... or would be part of the sex.
Charlie's hand move on him, to have him part of the action. 
Same reaction - he pushed Charlie's hands away. Oh my...
And that is how Charlie lost his erection... made small talk, and then bid his way home.
Von asked if he is finished, Charlie lied and said "yes". I just smiled. 
Charlie told us that he still has work and its time to go home... he was being polite.
Von rejoined if Charlie is leaving, he would go likewise.
Oh ok... bye! I smiled no need of booting him out.

And that...regrettably may I say would be assessed as Fail! :)

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Making out with MarkJoseph

September 15, 2012 - Saturday : Club day! Its a monthly meet, time for me to go bonding with my Mother. Unfortunately she was not feeling well, so I left all by myself and would just tell instruct her. Weather was bad, rain would come and go. For a while I stayed at Glorietta waiting for the rains to lessen. Stressed out and tired, I had to cancel out with Markietots. He was suppose to drop by and would even stay overnight, we had agreed so for more than a week, I was looking forward for a hard fuck. He is one of the best fuckers in memory, sad to say, he stopped dropping by since he switched jobs. Now, he has scheduled for a sex up, and I ended up having to cancel!

Going home was stressful with the rains, more so - cancelling out on such a good fuck! I was honestly crestfallen. Arriving at home, I turned to my other love: food! My Mom has cooked chicken adobo and nilagang baka (boiled beef).  Then my nephew was there, the rest of the nilaga would be brought for their dinner. I was told to place some more for our dinner - then my mom stopped me! I might be giving them less!

What the fuck! Its not really fair! I lost my temper. I disagreed, and started to count the pieces, and getting emotional - whatever is already on the bowl, i just placed it back in the casserole. I place my unfinished plate and walk out. Duhhhhh!! I was not thinking.

So I ended up back in my pad, just watching TV. No one.... cold.... hungry.... unbalanced... questioning myself....

I went online, my only social life, my source of my sex life... to fill in an empty love life.

I answered my messages and there was one from MarkJoseph! Hmp! Asshole! Prick! Bastard! Twice or thrice he messaged that he would drop by but he did not show up nor even texted. It has been more than a year since I saw him. He is sweet - turned sour! When he was in the pad, he fucks good and cuddles so nicely. He also opened up, it was not just sex - we talk, we communicated.

It turned sour when I received a call - hello, who are you? I am the lover of MarkJoseph! I got your number from his mobile bill. Are you still seeing him? Do you know where he is? I got this mobile for him but he has not paying it. be careful, he would just use you... etc etc... blah, blah!"

Again, same message I received on the PR

can I drop by?

I answered with equal sincerity (which was none, he has no credibility) : Sure, your always welcome.

So there... the clock ticked.. the channel had shown all its programs... its about to sign off... its now Sunday Morning. Its now officially 16 September - am still unbalanced, quiet, morose... there are no more rains and sadly, no prospect! No new friend, no visits.. wait...

Knock! Knock!

Someone is knocking on the door! Highly unusual! All visitors usually text me that they are already here! So I placed the chain on the door before I opened it, took a peek.  I honestly did not recognize him, must be a set up, or something - he is cute, skin so smooth and a bit creamy, and a smile to die for.

"Am MarkJoseph, remember me?"

Huh? I stood there, smitten, looking out left and right... might be a set up. I usually get a txt, and it has been more than a year  and a half... (last I had sex was April 2011). I... well opportunity knocked! I unlocked the door chain and let him in.  But my mind was still not on it.. I was still unbalanced by my fight with my mother.

I lead him straight to my bedroom. He was looking left and right - "what happened here?" looking at all the clutter of my place.

"sorry, my things finally arrived last May 2011 and so - the place is instantly full. Got ups and down, and never really got to cleaning and organizing - would rather had sex and orgy instead of focusing on the place"

"ah ok"

So there... wait.. he was amorous.. and

"Putangina!" My eyes bulged out and I was shocked of what i said. He bit my shoulder!

"Sorry... sorry"

"Please! I was not expecting you and its really bad timing"

"I told you I would be coming over. I messaged you."

"Yeah, I did but I no longer believed you. You know the story of the boy who cried wolf? That is what happened. It has been around 18 months since i met you, had messaged over PR you would come but did not, so this time, I no longer expect you to do so"

"Oh... you want me to leave?"

"Stay." Then silence.

"Can I use the computer?"

"Ok, sure, please go ahead"

He surfs while I watch Boy Abunda interviewing Dr. Margarita Holmes on TV - of course, talking about sexuality and all. Till the show finished...

"Am done. I think I should now leave."

My eyebrow arched. I have cooled down. Sure, he was an asshole but most importantly he is a prick! A gifted man with a long cock and he knows how to use it.

"Wait! You do not have to go." And I stood up to hug and insert my hand immediately in his shorts.

"Stop it! I am no longer in the mood. Best I leave, better I go"

"No... sorry... please" as my hand fondles his limp dick, definitely dead.

We had a light struggle, he does not want to stay, and I was hugging and holding his manhood. I pushed him to the bed, till he lay there. He was putting up a bit struggle, but my hands was faster - and my weight is twice of him. It was easy for me to be on top, to pin him. In an instant, I was able to open his shorts, zipped him down, and his limp dick out of his brief into my mouth.  He stopped struggling, my head already going up and down, my lips trying to lock on his shaft, my toungue playing with his head....limp.. getting desperate... but.. slowly .. so slowly he responded.. no longer struggling.. and his cock now erect! Yes! Oh dear!!!

I looked up ... then his phone rang! He answered it, and my head continued to suck him. His dick was wet with my own saliva.  I hear their conversation but still concentrated on an erection that I fought for.

"Yeah.. am still here in Pasay Libertad, but I am about to leave.. yes.. I will see you"

No way would I allow him to leave with an erection, be it a quickie.. i would have his male essence, i would have that semen of his! I would drain him!

I moved his shorts and underwear, he relented... I got access to his balls. I lick his jewels and made him moan. He was enjoying it. So I finally got his shorts down. His hand on my ass. Got the signal. I also took my shorts away. I reached for the condom and lube prepared him. I know it would be a quickie.. I dont mind... sucking him felt good, having that cock head up to my tonsils felt good, it would be better to have it inside my ass.

He pushed himself! This was one of the rare moments - I did not control my moans, I was noisy, enjoying every thrust, every push, every inch. It was a mad rush of sex, both of us still wearing t shirts.

Ohhhh.. Ahhh... He was fucking me hard. I was screaming into a pillow.  There was a slight pain for such an onslaught - but it was pleasurable. It was hurried, it was wild, it was passionate... just a hard fucking...

Hummp... hummp... shit.. fuck... ohh...

Then I felt him shudder... and be still.