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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Am back!... and OMG

Hello readers!

For the last three nights, I was my Mother's caregiver. We went to Urdaneta City, Pangasinan and then to Baguio City. So I had no sexual adventure or new pictures to share, my apologies, am sorry. But, it has been eventful, particularly tonight when I got back online on my laptop. Am happy being with my Mother but I find  it so restrictive of my sexual nature but made me share the following:

1.  Someone was drunk and went to my place saturday night. Drunk he was, he broke my windows and from the windows pushed a bookshelf overturning all the books and other things on that. He also pushed from the window my cat's cage - that she got out and ended up falling from the 3rd flr to the ground! Surprisingly, the cat survived - as if nothing! He texted me sunday afternoon - simply said "sorry".

The barangay tanod saw what he had done and arrested him. He resisted arrest and was almost lynch mobbed! Good thing, a neighbor intervened and just had him brought to the Police precinct. I guess, drunk he was, he resisted further and thus had some more with the police! My brother learned of it Sunday and check the guy, we did not press any charges. But because of his "commotion" on the precinct - he still had to post bail.

Moral:  If you cannot handle your drink, do not drink at all!
 I also have a life! I do not stay all day or night long waiting for a cock in my pad.

2. Arnie texted me Monday assuming I have everything and that I have visited Baguio several times, that my life must be great. How did I react? Badly. I found that text irritating because he was assuming too much of me which is so far from the truth. That hurts me because someone is saying I should be this or that when I am not, knowing I feel short of his expectation - its like failing your parent's or family expectation. It does not feel good.... I would like to think that I am now free of people's expectation, and then I would receive such expectation from a reader? Someone who had been promising, merely talking about meeting me but unable because he lives in Bulacan, limited income, limited resources, and that he feels the world, his family do not understand him? Duhhhhhh

Moral : Do not assume or presume anything.
We should also not placed undue pressure on people.

3.  Arriving back in Pasay, got a txt from XXX - asking for sex. I replied a polite refusal. Sure, had a nice time with his hard cock the first time although he was a bit difficult but being nice I kept the communication. Then, he said he read my blog and apologized for his second visit... ho hummm... fine.  Can we have sex? Persistent - thus I was forced to outright reply "Sorry Pass I am no longer interested in having sex with you." Then he apologized saying he did not know it was a threesome. What the fuck? He texted me that night asking what i was doing and when i replied I was with charlie, he asked we wait for him so he can join. Now, he raise that he did not know it was a threesome.. huh? So at this point, I had branded him as a liar in my mind.... and unwelcome in my place.

Moral : Stick to the truth, am a sex maniac not stupid. Most of us are stupid when we are in love.. but then we are not usually in love...

4. Got a message from PR, according to "Boying", he met someone here on PR lent his card and thus lost Php17K in credit card purchases , Php3K in cash, and his laptop! Please ... i do not know the details, BE CAREFUL! and I do not mean just safe sex - be careful in trusting.

5. Received a txt from YYY asking if XXX had been in my place, on my  bed. What the fuck? Well, YYY saw my blog post about XXX and his mobile number, he sent a message to XXX and XXX had been texting him... consistently and persistently.

Am tired from my travel and already irritated enough - my place is trashed, a friend was robbed, and this question? Why is it irritating? Stupidity irritates me. YYY got to know XXX because he read my blog posts - he saw the pictures of XXX on my bed, the same he had been... then he asked me if XXX had been in my bed? Duhhhhh

Wait .. wait a fucking minute.... maybe because XXX had been texting YYY, something was developing? YYY is even asking me for pics as in face pics and facebook of  XXX. Oh my .... and thus, studpid question it was to ask if a person had been on my bed, when the pictures are on this blog... he asked that question, hoping that I had not sex with XXX, and that perhaps it is more romantic that he, YYY, is more desirable that XXX would be his.... hmmmm, i guess he wants me to lie to him for his illusion?

Ok, fine.. I said.. No, I have not met him, I had not sex with him, I just blogged him from my imagination... yeah its an outright lie  that I sent sarcastically, but it was what he probably wants to hear. After all, what would justify him asking me if I had sex with this guy whose pics and blog posts is how he got to know him!

MORAL : There is no cure for stupidity, do try to think a little!


  1. the last paragraph was a blur to mee

    but oh my!!

    damn drunk, almost killed your cat :(

    1. which is why i guess he deserves what he got from the police....

      sorry if i was not clear.. made the blog around 4 -5 am yesterday.