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Thursday, April 28, 2011

In Bed with Ben

24 April 2011 (Sunday). Sex for lunch with Enan was wonderful. Ting visited and asked if there was an orgy - huh? Oh, he found the used condoms, I was too pooped out to pick them up. He asked if there was a foursome since there were three used condoms. Three? There should be four used condoms! But sorry, it was just Enan and me - I used two in fucking his ass, and he likewise used two fucking my ass!

I thought I would have something better with some guys txting or messaging they would come around 7, and I was thinking its sad that they would not experience Enan ... except that they are all NO SHOW!! The planned orgy by 7pm that I was looking forward did not realize, more so, no one of the assholes bothered to txt they would not be coming! I did receive apologies but much later on, after waiting for more than an hour and realizing it was a no show. Frustrating, I just thought of the sunday lunch blessing - the sex with Enan was incredible, he was equally up to the challenge! (Yes, the hunk of the week or the month would be Latinoboy!) Or ....

Ting thought I was really that frustrated when I just simply watched TV, and he has this laptop - he answered my PR messages in my behalf and invited over this Benjamin! His profile picture is a picture of his naked back, nothing more that I remember. I learned about it when he texted he is on his way and would arrived in an hour! Oh dear....

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sex before Lunch!

24 April 2011 (Sunday). Enan got excited at my profile pic picture in PR, then saw my blog postings. He contacted the friendly me and like the 24 hours 7 days a week open convenience store, I welcomed him with open legs. Oooops, I said, I do other people wishing to drop over likewise, he could join us that 7 pm for some group sex. Why not? Well, he has to attend a birthday party of his godchild! So, he requested if he can arrived before lunch ... no problem, but it would just be me and him. And that is how I ended up with sex before lunch, here in the city, while the rest of the citizens are out of town, most likely enjoying themselves on the beaches, minus well act like a bitch in heat, which is what I am!

Second visit, First meet.

23 April 2011 (Saturday). I remember TonseyD before holy week. I was in a scrapbook monthly club day with my cousin. He said he was in the area and decided to go to my place. Oh oh, my place was empty except for my three poor cats. So he came and he left. Then, he texted that if he is welcome I should text him so. What? I guess he took my absence as a rejection, it should not be so. But I do not blame him to think so, perhaps he thought that hanging around my place, I saw him and decided not to show up. I remember doing this to my college girlfriend - I broke up with her, and then coming home, I saw her car on our house, I did not come home - let her wait in vain with my mother!

This time, he texted me if I was doing something. I replied that I am not and that he is most welcome to visit me and I would be there!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Unforgettable ... Latinoboy

21 April 2011. Ok, there are those experiences that makes one to crave some more, want some more. Having sex with Nat in the afternoon was something, and after he left, having a meal and a nap - I woke up wanting some more! So, I ended up back on the net, to search for a possible hookup. I was chatting with two very good prospects - one was simply excitement and the other was latinoboy. Simply excitement seemed really intent of meeting me and going to my place. Latinoboy however was asking me to his place, saying he was already wanking off .. duhhh! I told Latinoboy that I stay in my pad, for then, I could also have other visitors. It turns out, simply excitement got my details but said he would drop by the weekend which he never did. But Latinoboy turned on my doorsteps that same evening!

Latinoboy considered it an adventure since this time he would not be waiting but going to someone's place. He also have to work later that night so it has to be quick, just to relieve his heat. In consideration, I took a shower, cleansed myself well. He arrived while I was in the shower and it was Ting that welcomed him and ushered him. I entered the bedroom with him of course fully clothed lying on my bed. Not bad, hunky he is. Ting mentioned that he "playfully kicked" my puzakal Felicidad. Latinoboy gave me a sweet, disarming smile "I thought he was dead, he was not moving". Oh well, how can I get mad with his boyish charming smile, I just smiled back, it seems no harm done. Felicidad is motionless again, back to her sleep. And I just corrected him, I have three cats, and all of them are females. Since then, looking at Felicidad reminds me of this Latinoboy.

Ting took his cue to leave bringing my laptop with him. I look back and smiled at Latinoboy and turned off the lights - its now just the male porn playing on the tv. I started to knelt on him, groping his crotch, bringing up his shirt, nibbling his nipple. I remember him mentioning that he was jacking off before he came, well he might be well primed up and there might not be no need for either of us to be fully naked. But he then took off his shirt and that is when I really noted how nice his torso is, firm, tanned, and yummy. With his shirt gone, I took the initiative to take off his shorts together with his brief. Others would pull down the short and then underwear, I prefer and find it more erotic to pull down the short together with the underwear, one pull. And then, there he is - a very young and yummy treat!

He was smooth, thus it was so easy and delicious to lick and kiss his body, his legs, his back, his balls - and that area! Ok, I don't remember writing about it - but I lick and prod that so called male g-spot, the small flesh after our balls but before our ass - men are so sensitive and usually groan with pleasure. Only that by going to that area - one has lift the legs up, and i notice how heavy and wide his legs but he did mention no one have ever done it... (here goes one of my secrets, so please, you read it - hope you practice it!)

I was licking and sucking his body, moving myself up and down. This is a way to give him pleasure, make him moan, and to keep the sensation good. Focusing on one area for some time would only make him desensitized, so one's mouth and tongue has to keep moving, likewise the hands should constantly touch the nipples and the skin. Do remember that the skin is considered the biggest organ, thus every part of the skin can be made to feel very sensual.

From the sensual touch, hand, mouth and tongue - one moves to heighten it to anal sex. A sign that it is time is when instead of being still, he would gyrate and fuck your mouth furiously - and that was what latinoboy did so I know it is time - and obviously, he asked if he could fuck me. Oh wow, I was just more than happy to oblige him. In his profile, he considered his cock size to be medium, but I felt him fully, he can gag me with his cock! That qualifies his dick to be large! Mine is definitely small. For Asians, like Filipinos our average cock size is 4-5 inches (you could researched it on the internet, i came across the site). So back to Latinoboy, time to fuck!

Latinoboy shared to me that some has described his penis as "sakto" just of the exact size, and I agree. I have control my groans, less I really shout from his fucking. He was fucking me hard, he was fucking good. He was on top of me, my back was on the bed, my legs on his shoulders, my hands holding to his biceps - and damn, those biceps are really round and hard. He was not only fucking me with his manhood, he was fucking me with his whole body. I lost control of my ecstasy - Ting barged in the room, warning that I was moaning to loud! He said he could hear it outside the room.

Coitus interruptus! We stopped. I had to take the rubber out, he was still hard but I do need that break ... it was too hot, but it was so good. Soon, we started again, from licking, to sucking, and then I placed another condom on that hard cock of his, and he simply shove it in my ass. Man! He could really fuck ... he was being able to control himself, I was enjoying it very, very well. Sooooon, I was again noisy from the ecstasy - but although moaning I tried to quelch, "impit ang aking mga daing, humahalinghing halintulad sa isang puta!" So, again, Ting barged into the room, look at us and left. This time, he did not bother us, we did not stopped, Latinoboy just continued slamming his body, continued his onslaught.

I was afraid of taking it longer... I simply beg him to cum, and that he did on cue, taking his cock from my ass, pulled off the condom, and released his cum on my body, spraying from down my genitals to my chest! And so, I grabbed the camera to take a shot of his semen, his liquid gems on my torso!

Reality check - he was late for work, his office was calling and texting, but he was smiling. I was tired and I felt my legs strained, for it was not only his dick fucking me, he was fucking me with his body - but I would gladly do it again and again, as long as he wants me. Ting commented that he was afraid of my moans, he never heard that before, and he thought the guy might be strangling me, but when he got home - remembering our sex sounds and what he glimpse, he admitted jacking off TWICE! Ting also texted, if ever Latinoboy comes, this time, he would join in! And for the first time, Ting himself commented that Latinoboy is good looking, he finds the boy handsome, his eyes beautiful "mapungay ang mga mata". So the guy is unforgettable - before the sex (kicking my cat!), during the sex, and after sex (Ting commenting he is good looking and that the memory of the sight and sound made him jack off twice!)

Looking back, he declined to have any photos taken. But later on, he was too good to be left to our imagination, i wanted something concrete - but by then, he had been lost to the ecstasy of my mouth and tongue, he obliged me with a cock pic and me sucking his dick. Later, when he came on my body, I took pics of his come plastered on my chest, showing how it spurted and showered almost to my face! And in my last self photo, I accidentally shot him in the background - so nice a body, such a hunk of flesh - I know I should not but my apologies, just to share a portion of that body! And let our imagination fill the rest of him.

Ps... if Latinoboy sends you a message, answer it. His profile does not have a face pic, not because he is a shrimp but protection of being stereotype. Afterall, he told me that he has sex with women also. This reminds me of Ting's another comment, "namumuti ang titi, kakasabon iyan, sa sobrang gamit, parang titi ko". Ting is already 45 and works as a masseur, but Latinoboy is only 22 just very well experienced. Before I forgot, he mentioned he learned to control his cumming since he used to join jack off circles and he does not one to be the last one out.

Cyberboyfriend to Reality

21 April 2011. I had been in a cyber-relationship with Nats for a while, it was basically more of YM and txt messages. I feel free to call him "boyfriend". Yes, I know, its "holy thursday", so many have no work, and I was tasked to simply sit in the house while my mother and brother's family are in Tagaytay! But Nats was asked to report to work, I guess to simply check their network systems since most are in a holiday mode.

He was txting me directions, this one, I decided not to respond anymore. I believe that if one is really determined, one would end up at my doorsteps and I have given him my address, directions, and even photos of my place long beforehand. Well, if he has forgotten, so be it. Then, the phone rang... he is here! Oh my god! Time to reward him, he deserves a prize - Me!

Cavemar for Myself!!

I had Cavemar last 01 April together with Dennis. I had been exchanging txt messages with Cavemar for sometime and he is sweet but considering the time we had been exchanging messages, I was no longer expecting to really meet him in the flesh so when he promised to visit me, that visit coincided with Dennis being in my pad. Now, he said he is horny and just near by. This time, I did not welcome any invites nor invited anyone else. I am going to have him all by myself!

Cavemar came that evening, and we did not have much time for forplay - he was hot, he was horny, and just after closing the bedroom door, getting our privacy, we were at each others arms, mouth, and body! My attention was not divided, it was all focused on giving him pleasure, making him happy, making him squirm.

This time, I asked Cavemar to lie on this stomach, I want to kiss his back, give him the experience of butterfly kisses. This time, he had me on my back, with legs in the air ... he fucked me with gentleness, and yet the urgency of his libido. It was a sex how I wished I could have captured with a camera, or even better - a video. It was a glorious sucking and fucking for me.... next time, I would control myself better, distance and take some shots...

Sleeping with the Ex

20 April 2011. Sleeping with the Ex - I am not sure if I should have done it or not, but I did it. Oh yes, ooops, I did it again! Actually, I do have several ex and before somebody judged me out there - I am 44 years old going 45, so I think it is not too much to have a string of ex boyfriends, with relationships as short as a month to as long as 6 years. Anyway, prior to last Wednesday I could only remember sleeping with Val after ending a relationship. Now, the second ex I would have slept with would be Seph.

How did it go? Nice, but it was simply oral. I know he was tired from work since his shift ends at noon. I had gotten in touch with him via ym, and that is how we have gotten to communicate and then that meeting. He said he still remembers my place, he would not forget having to visit me regularly. So waiting, he texted me - "Am lost, where is your place?"

I laughed and smiled about it. It was more around 5 years ago, it was a rebound relationship and he was only around 21 and now he is only 26, and am 44 going 45! According to him, after me he only remembers loving someone seriously who left him to go to the US. Hmmmmm ... I remember introducing him to a friend, and he said he has "tampo" (a slight grudge) for trying to refer him to friends - well, I am not possessive and am willing to share. I guess part of me takes pride and boast of having him, I mean, yeah, I can share him and for you to experience him but then at the end of the day, he still is mine.

Funny, I can't remember how we got to know each other or how we broke up, I do remember only being with him, waking up in the morning to open my door and let him in. He countered he remember those times how long he has been knocking and waiting at the door! This is my reason for blogging, for me to have something to read and look back, my memory would not be that sharp forever but writing about it would make it forever - and for others to hopefully enjoy a glimpse into my life - a life that others can only dream or fantasize for one reason or another.

It was exciting to see him ... and oh my god! I remember him with his hair, and now... he is bald! The thin waif that I remember have gained pounds, flesh on his bones. Same dark skin, and thank heavens, height does not regress. Still that enigmatic smile that melted my heart, makes me want to kneel and open my mouth.

We ended in bed, just lying there side by side, reminiscing, talking, embracing each other. Soon enough, the heat rises and I ended up sucking him, having his unique cock in my mouth! His dick is unique as its curved downwards, I mean its really curve downwards, sort of like a half circle. I have to angle my body like almost in a 69 position to take it inside me... and then he was saying " putangina... putangina ". I dont mind such cuss words, that shows he is enjoying my oral ministrations. And soon, he moved my head away and jack himself to orgasm.