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Monday, April 25, 2011

Sleeping with the Ex

20 April 2011. Sleeping with the Ex - I am not sure if I should have done it or not, but I did it. Oh yes, ooops, I did it again! Actually, I do have several ex and before somebody judged me out there - I am 44 years old going 45, so I think it is not too much to have a string of ex boyfriends, with relationships as short as a month to as long as 6 years. Anyway, prior to last Wednesday I could only remember sleeping with Val after ending a relationship. Now, the second ex I would have slept with would be Seph.

How did it go? Nice, but it was simply oral. I know he was tired from work since his shift ends at noon. I had gotten in touch with him via ym, and that is how we have gotten to communicate and then that meeting. He said he still remembers my place, he would not forget having to visit me regularly. So waiting, he texted me - "Am lost, where is your place?"

I laughed and smiled about it. It was more around 5 years ago, it was a rebound relationship and he was only around 21 and now he is only 26, and am 44 going 45! According to him, after me he only remembers loving someone seriously who left him to go to the US. Hmmmmm ... I remember introducing him to a friend, and he said he has "tampo" (a slight grudge) for trying to refer him to friends - well, I am not possessive and am willing to share. I guess part of me takes pride and boast of having him, I mean, yeah, I can share him and for you to experience him but then at the end of the day, he still is mine.

Funny, I can't remember how we got to know each other or how we broke up, I do remember only being with him, waking up in the morning to open my door and let him in. He countered he remember those times how long he has been knocking and waiting at the door! This is my reason for blogging, for me to have something to read and look back, my memory would not be that sharp forever but writing about it would make it forever - and for others to hopefully enjoy a glimpse into my life - a life that others can only dream or fantasize for one reason or another.

It was exciting to see him ... and oh my god! I remember him with his hair, and now... he is bald! The thin waif that I remember have gained pounds, flesh on his bones. Same dark skin, and thank heavens, height does not regress. Still that enigmatic smile that melted my heart, makes me want to kneel and open my mouth.

We ended in bed, just lying there side by side, reminiscing, talking, embracing each other. Soon enough, the heat rises and I ended up sucking him, having his unique cock in my mouth! His dick is unique as its curved downwards, I mean its really curve downwards, sort of like a half circle. I have to angle my body like almost in a 69 position to take it inside me... and then he was saying " putangina... putangina ". I dont mind such cuss words, that shows he is enjoying my oral ministrations. And soon, he moved my head away and jack himself to orgasm.

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