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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Shaving Gabriel

I was on leave. I need to refresh. I need to recharge and so I stayed home. Its daylight and I am not in the office. Finally, I replied to Gabriel that I am home and that I am free to meet him. He had been patient to text and send messages but our schedules are so divergent with his call center work schedule!

He was excited and so was I. Relaxation is not just simply staying at home and watching tv, that includes having a good bout of sex and releasing "steam" - spewing cum generally feels good! And my empathic abilities allow me to feel likewise the climax of another guy and feel good I was responsible for that! Thus, I take whatever opportunity to make other men happy, even those anonymous message senders. Fell free to meet me in person, let us get to know each other, or refresh ourselves.

And thus, that afternoon, Gabriel arrived in my pad, in my place and I had the liberty of undressing him, touching his brown skin, and taking his cock in my mouth. Then, lazy me, just laying there on my back, legs in the air in a v shape position, and just controlling my ass muscles that Gabriel was static about - he enjoyed that he came soon...

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