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Friday, March 18, 2011

Friday Night Fun!!!

Friday, 18 March 2011. I have not much time for fun lately due to work. So, to make sure I would have some fun, I have invited some friends over like Markietot, Dennis, and Mankid. Yeah, Markietot again, but then, can you blame me? The guy is game and he has a hard dick that never say die! I look back at what we had done and I want a repeat. Reviewing my earlier post, there are still some pics I have not, so sharing them - and I guess there would be no question what being sandwiched for sex is so nice. Gary was very accommodating that I also dared a double sensation for him, having Markietot's in his ass and his cock in my mouth! And here is the pic, one of my favorite things to do for fellow bottoms in my bed. :)

I wanted a repeat but then Gary was not available. But I was hoping that this new friend, who surprised me by sending me a text that he wanted to meet me and more. Oh, I was hopeful. But, when he arrive, he was a snot. He looked at my placed and consider it unkept. Oh well, I can sense this things so I just continued changing the curtains. Then, when I was finished, nice that I was, I did invite him to my bedroom. Hmmmm, I do not like what I was sensing but minus well give it a shot, after all he did exert effort coming here. So, I started my SOP (standard operating procedure) turn on the tv, place an educational porno, turn off the lights, have him in bed, and lie on his side. Then he said "dont you have any other porno?"

Huh, ah ok, so I turned on the lights, gave him something to choose, and I put out my laptop and log on the net. Yeah, he watch or texted, I surfed. End of story. I tried being nice and I did not boot him out, let him rest, let him watch.

Then Dennis arrive, Markietot, and Ting ... The snot was looking at them. Dennis and Markietot asked if he is joining, I said NO... he is leaving. Yeah, time for him to leave, I do not want an orgy go sour with him - nothing happened between him and me, I would not risk it happening in group sex.


  1. yup bert welcome back! good time are here again hehheheh