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Friday, March 18, 2011

Sanwiched for Sunday Sex!

Sunday, 13 March 2011. Funny thing with nicks and names is that it gets confusing after a while. Markietot would be coming back again and I love his hard fuck such that I partnered him with Gary who I remember is willing to explore. But as it turns out, its a different Gary! Its just a good thing that I trust my instincts of going with the threesome, it was simply great.

Sexually, it was so superbly delicious. When Gary arrived it was then that I realized I was wrong but it was being his first time in my pad he was willing to try out. So, I was there in bed with them initially at the middle - but the chemistry was so right we were kissing, hugging and sucking. I felt this time Markietot should fuck another ass, not just mine but Gary already expressed that it has been a while since he got fucked. So, remember the fucking order - the smallest dick first and the biggest dick last! This prepares the bottom for something bigger and the top would not get an ass that has been stretched wider by a larger cock. And for the newbies or those that have not done so, it also allays fear.

Gary did not oppose my fingers and from there I prep him up for my dick. Do not forget I am not really a top but my small size dick bears experimentation, its not threatening, its not menacing. After my two fingers, I proceeded to stand and got a condom for my protection. Gary was quiet, no opposition so I was on top of him, his back on the bed, his legs in the air. Then .. Gary said

"Wait!!! ..."
"Relax ... its just me, I will be slow, I will be gentle, it would be just like my finger", I replied soothingly to Gary.
"Yeah, its not like I am going to fuck you -"

I quickly admonished Markietot. I keep secrets but I do not lies or small promises. I intend Gary to get used to me fucking me and then it would be Markietot's turn, by then, he would not longer be able to refuse, having tried me, he would surely try something bigger. My previous threesome partners are already accustomed to this practice, I forgot to mention this to Markietot, oh well, will tell him later, this would not be the last time, it is our first and we would be doing it again!

So there I was, fucking Gary. Markietot was watching us, he was watching me fuck another ass. I motioned him to put a condom on his everhard dick. I was getting ready to pull out and have Markietot inside Gary - that was the plan ... oh my god! I was so focused on Gary's ass I forgot mine! Markietot was ready to fuck but he was aiming to my ass ... hmmm ... ohh... and I let him, let me try it... OH MY GOD! OH MY!! I have to take some deep breath. It has been a while. I have been used to be bottom layer of a threesome - it feels great to feel two guys on top of you, feeling the thrust of the uppermost through someone else, looking at that handsome face grimace in pleasure and pain ... now, in a sandwich, it was my turn - and it was even better than in Venezuela! Yes, Markietot's cock is not as big as the one in Caracas, but that one was fatter, larger that when he fuck me, the pain in fucking Darwin;s ass was lost. But here, now, the feel of Markietot inside me is just right - I was lost in pleasure of my dick inside Gary and the pleasure of Markietot inside me! It is for these double pleasure, double sensation in front and in back that versatiles have it better than bottoms or tops! Yeah!! Yes - life has its up and downs, the last sex was a downer and this surely drowns the sorrow, this experience affirms my love for threesomes!

I excused myself after a while ... it was simply divine. The sexual chemistry between Gary and Markietot stayed even without me at the equation. They did a lot of positions - and this time, my role was that of a photographer. I documented the remained of the sex taking pictures and they were so lost in their fucking they did not mind the flash!


  1. wawa naman si gary...dinugo...kitang kita sa picture...

  2. hindi yun dugo---sa palagay ko tae yun---hindi muna sya naglinis ng pwet nya bago nagpagamit---dapat alam nila yun---

  3. hot. your blog is always great. :)

  4. Really hot story. Thanks for sharing it.

  5. haLa ka!!!dumudugo..hheheh
    duGo namna tlga yan oh!!! may tae ba kasing pula????