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Friday, March 18, 2011

Betrayal of Trust

Thursday, 10 March 2011. I met Kulas in Pasay Libertad, which is on my way home from a trip to MOA. I bonded that evening with Hilda after the night before. I thought I would be having some good reward with Kulas. He was a bit insecure about his body, already commented if I should take pics and post it less I lose readership, less anybody would read my posting. I had to assure him a little. He is stocky / chub and dark.

Ting was in the pad already waiting for clients to call, so although Kulas was bigger than me, I was not really scared. The sex was good although I initially was sceptic since his flaccid dick was not promising, but when he was finally aroused, it was a very decent size, good for sucking and fucking. I did not take pics less he lose his erection and the chance to have my ass fucked. We started with me on fours, doggy ass, but for his height, I ended up standing, nakatuwad. He was brutal, hard fuck. I took it. Then he lied down and jack himself to release! It was so much come that is when I took pictures. He allowed me. I had four pics, I showed him. It was clear pics, just his cock, his cum.

Later, we even discussed of upping the level - not only of pics, but perhaps we can have a video like he suggested and to maintain secrecy, we should use ski mask.. hmmm.. promising. He also then took the camera to take look at the pics. I saw nothing missing of my things. We even texted after sex looking forward to next time.

When I was to download the pics - ei, the camera memory is empty! I texted Kulas what happened, and that is when he admitted that he is not yet ready! Oh my, I felt betrayed. He lost my trust. He could have just asked me point black that he is not ready and not to exchange text and all as if he would be a partner in crime. I felt bad about this betrayal, for if he can delete his pictures without notice, he would be capable of doing other things without my approval or notice. It is for this, it would be the first and last with him.


  1. Deleting pictures on camera/mobile can be recover by using few software ie 'memory recovery'. You can get what you had lost before. Anyway thanks for sharing pictures with us.salamat.

    Your silent reader from Malaysia.

  2. Hi Bert. I can feel the disappointment and pain in your heart as you wrote your blog. Let it go and just remember that most people are genuine, not like that. Anyway, it is his loss, he won't have you again.

  3. Gurl bagay lng sa iyo yan. D ka dapt sineseryoso pag sex ka lang asa ka nmn n may seseryoso sa tulad mo

  4. Anonymous 21 March 21 147pm - Wow! You are so wise but you misunderstood me. True enough, no one should take me seriously for a relationship and I do not expect anyone to do so. In fact, I always tell that so and when someone is ideal enough to want me still exclusively, I do decline their proposal.

    I have encountered a lot of liars - the ones who goes into an exclusive relationship, does not want an open relationship since it does not reflect any commitment and yet they themselves would cheat - funny, one might call it karma, they cheat on their first lover and then have someone else, and expect loyalty on the other affair

    The betrayal of trust is not because of infidelity or broken promises in a relationship. The betrayal is because I trusted his word that its ok for his pics to be posted and that we even talked about "upgrading it", and make short videos - but how can one start making videos, when he is not even ready for his headless pics to be posted?

    last thing - since we are suppose to be commenting, can you try to comment not using jejemon or text language? if it is not too much to ask from you.

  5. Ang bakla palaban at galit sa jejemon mahaderang baklush bkit ndi mo n lng pkita face mo?

  6. Bert You may visit a psyche profession baka may sakit ka sa pag iiisip., . Or madami ka insecurities sa buhay,. I assumed hindi ka successful sa buhay mo dahil hanggang dyan na lang buhay mo

  7. patay na c bert...;a na cya update s blog nya...hahaha

  8. Give the man a break. We all choice the path that we want. "Kung sino ang walang kasalanan siya ang unang pumukol ng bato." (Naalala ko lang mula sa Bible.)

    Cheer-up Bert! -AR