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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Believe! Yes, you can ... fuck me!

Sunday, 20 February 2011. Brief write up - I have gotten into contact with Jayson but somehow it took us time to meet and get to know each other biblically. I do have my own "quirks" or what others might say "eccentricity". Sure, there are times I do not mind texting people but everytime I would remember my cell phone expenses, I have to minimize - so, my apologies to friends and more that I do not usually reply or enthusiastic about texting, unless its a sun number!

The week before Jayson was again texting me but I was not really in the mood of replying back - he has a globe number and I was still basking in the sensation of after sex, I have written about that foursome. But Markietot had gotten excited and was asking if I have any more friends coming over, so I just gave my mobile number with Jayson's number. I said, I do not know him, never met him, but he is interested and I have no energy to be invite him nor the load to give directions by text.

Do I endorse SUN? Noooooooooo!! A good reason I have no updates because when I have the time to post - SUN BROADBAND IS SO SLOW!!!! SO RIGHT NOW, JUST A WRITE UP, PI HATE SUN!!! DON'T SUBSCRIBE TO SUN! emo lang po.... anyone in sun, please - improve your services, i know i am paying cheaply for your services but i find it funny that you advertise a good download when i could not even play citiville!!

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