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Friday, March 18, 2011

Negligible sex as in None

Tuesday, 15 March 2011. So sorry for the long hiatus. There are several reasons for this - time,life does get in the way and when I talk about time this likewise includes the SUN connection - sometimes it is simply that slow! But of course, I do have to be understanding since I am paying quite cheaply for it - Php649 per month. And the last and best reason that I stop blogging was this experience. This negligible sex, this experience with this guy.

What is so bad? His attitude that he is sort of doing me a favor when he told me "oh sige, game na", and he was protruding his genitals, prodding me to action.. what the fuck? Just like that? So I said, " ok fine, sige " and I simply pulled down my shorts and sort of mooned him.

Yes, it was sort of being treated like a sex object, and yet, normally I would not even mind - why was I feeling bad about it? Why was I sort of feeling the rejection? One thing definite, it stopped me or inhibited me from updating my blog. Likewise, disinterested he was, I did not even bother taking pictures, he was simply not worth it.

Tienpachet texted me that night to drop by my pad - he said he wanted to have sex and yet when we were in my bedroom he commented on the porn. We ended up talking, apparently he has issues with a long, long time friend. My personal opinion is that he has feelings with this male friend of his, which he denies, again and again, that for us to have sex.. "ok sige na.. eto, pero ayokong maghubad, para mag iba" = duhhh, actually he does not want to disrobe just in case his male best friend becomes available, he could easily just leave, which he eventually did! He was pissed off that his friend since his high school years would rather go out with his friends than him, and yet he insist he only has friends since he has a lover!

And that was the last I heard and plan to see him. So, what gives? How come I am back online? I am still up from a good sex with Arel earlier tonight, he likes to have photos taken while having sex, it was one of those cocks that I feel blessed to have. I lost the drive to blog because of that night and recent comments I got, but as I count my blessings since then till tonight - Arel got the best of me, and here I am blogging again. Life is sweet .... and sour. Sometimes one would be up and sometimes you have to go down. Sharing the best pic I have with Arel, that broke this "bloc" I had with Tienpaochet. And what would I wish for Chet, enlightenment, we all have our denial stages, but there would come a time that we have to accept reality and embrace the truth, I hope that comes to you soon.


  1. Hi Bert, we all go through those stages of being up and down. We have all been waiting for news from you, and hoping that you were not caught in a down time. Keep on living the life - even with its ups and downs, Bert. We love you!!

  2. Die bert die,! Mamatay ka na kasama nanay mo

  3. Thank you d. We are all humans, and this lifestyle, we only have each other to support.

    To Anonymouse 12april 1124, wow... thank you for loving me that much. I guess your ill wish shows how much negativity, hatred is in your heart. I feel so sorry for you for having your character, it shows that you probably have a very lonely and sad childhood, most likely without a good mother figure - for that would explain that in your loving someone, you would even include the mother.

  4. what is your number? and where is your place?