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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Wacky Wednesday With Wako

Wednesday, 02 March 2011. It was even a bit wet if I remember it correctly. It was a crime of opportunity, and when opportunity knocks, I open wide my doors. Wako is one of those married men that fantasize threesome. He is on a vacation from his work and thus being here he can have a bit of time, he was requesting if I can set up a threesome when I was saying it would be better to get to know him first. He looked and described it as screening, well, people do like to have labels for everything and I was not in the mood for arguements. Threesome is great if there is chemistry, otherwise it would only be good for one or two persons. And like I said in previous post, any first time should always be good, that one would want to repeat it again and again. It is marketing, one need not aspire only to get a market share or for people to try, but for them to enjoy going back, and yes, it then becomes my call whether to invite them back or set up something for them!

Wako is very secretive and discreet that I have nothing of him, no idea. Suffice to say, he was willing to meet late at night that our fun spilled over to the early hours of 03 March as evidenced in the pictures. He described himself as tall and moreno, and I am a bit careful of guys who are as tall or taller than me. I do like to have the advantage of height and size, in case, something goes wrong. He was texting that he was already in the vicinity and if I can go on the terrace. Ok fine, and I was surprised to see someone in jacket and shorts already on the terrace! It was a shocking moment - honestly, I was scared quiet, shock. He is not bad looking, its just that his appeal is that of a not so nice guy - reminds me of a villain in Mara Clara (a soap opera), his presence rings a bell of caution and yet that what makes him more appealing. I know he is a professional, and yet, his attitude was so relax, no care in the world, ika nga, parang tambay sa kanto, iyong tipong nambubugbog ng bakla! So, I guess forgive me if I was shocked and was off my game for a while. Why off? I know I commented that for married men, it should be straight to the sex, and good be, the wife should not miss him, should not be able to note his absence.

Looking back at the photos, I have not bothered to get naked. I was just using my lips, my mouth, my hands to excite him. These tools of mine were already good enough that he was bare naked while I was still in my underwear. I know, some would say its wanting to have control and I would be honest, being cloth while he is naked makes me feel more stable and confident, slowly getting back my sense of security, I admit being off balance opening my door and finding him there relaxed at the terrace. I know I excite him, he was hard, trying to touch me, to fondle my chest, grab my genitals, things he had to while I have not bothered to take my clothes off.