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Saturday, October 28, 2006

After Feel Effect....

A frequently asked question is how do I get my men? From the net, and I just give my best that they do come back like George. I have met George years ago from the chat room and we could no longer remember when we first met, except that he was still slim and not a chub that he is right now.

I dont consider myself a chublover, but a cocklover... well just take a look of my recent sexcapades - they body types varies except that I love all of their cocks. With a chub, the big advantage is that I can rest my head on his stomach while I suck again and again his succulent cock.

And the my new policy works, no cock pic, no fuck. So here goes another cock pic, that of George. It is a cock with an after feel. After feel is what I refer to those huge hard cocks that you feel as if it is still there, that walking is a bit painful or funny even after the fuck. The worst or shoudl I say best, are the ones that totally disables me from walking, such that I simply have to sit it out or lie down for a while.

Makulit din naman..buti na lang Masarap

I already politely declined the midnight fuck. I was tired from Jayjay. I know Jhun have been txting me as early as Tuesday night but we kept on postponing since it was a bit late and all. Oh well, call it civic duty, he was a nice fuck buddy. How did I met him? Jhun was brought by Patrick during one of those orgies, we were four or more. Jhun enjoyed my ass, we exchanged numbers and he kept in touch, and kept fucking me occasionally.

I said I was tired and would most likely not be able to do much, he said he did not mind. So there I was, just lying in bed, and then, he started...

Oh shit, he started by kissing and nibbling my ears, taking his sweet time on my nipples... being a long time fuck buddy, he already knows my weakness. I could not help but moan. I was tired and yet I was in heaven. I opened, a pillow under my pelvis, and we had to take it slow.. his dick was is also a biggie, supersized. More mature, more experience, he was always welcome in my pad, in my bed, in my ass.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Nurse J ... curing my depression

27 October 2006. That what you see is how big the "injection" was. It was painful and the therapy time was more than average. I was in pain, but it was like morphine. I was grimacing from the size but I was more than happy feeling it inside me. His body needs some meat, he is not ugly nor would he qualify as handsome but definitely a twink category. One might even doubt he is already 20 yrs old.

I do not remember the first time we met, probably in 2005 I think. Martin chatted with him and invited him over. Jayjay is nice and a very obedient student. It was private tutoring that I relished again and again.

He wanted another session but I would be leaving for vacation so he cut his review and went to my place. Nothing new really, I have been more than acquainted with his equipment. But the more he gets more attuned and takes longer!! This time, he initiated it. He was on top of me, kissing my cheeks, my neck, my chest, and my nipple, making my legs open up in the air! He was as soon girating his hardness, but.. but... I said wait...

I said.. new policy.. no picture, no fuck. And thus, I proceeded to take pictures of the cock I love to suck and fuck with.

My first suck.... at being 40!!!

26 October 2006. I turned 40!!! And just like previous birthdays I have the blues. A friend even mentioned that it is not just natal depression, but perhaps mid life crisis! Oh dear!! Just like previous years, I kept to myself, kept to my room, just stayed on my bed!

Then around 8, I have a misscall! Hmmm, I wonder who the caller is. I sent a txt "name pls?". He txted Chris and he was asking if we could meet and get to know one another. Duhhh.... another sex eyeball? When my pad is a total mess? I spent the morning looking for a missing statement of account!! On the other hand, it would be nice to have a dinner with a total stranger, and on my 40th birthday! I agreed thinking of Glorietta, so one ride we can have a romp in my bed. He said it was too far... he wants to meet in Baclaran.. duhh? Dinner in Baclaran? I am trying to spring out of my depression and to dine out - and here he is.... saan kami bangketa? Naman!!! We compromise to meet at Mall of Asia, at the globe.

Well, I took a bath and then a taxi. He said he would be wearing a black shirt. I went straight outside Globe Telecom booth. There was a short guy, fair complexion, black polo. I called him up, he said he is waiting at the main entrance!! He changed the venue, I was thinking it might be a frank or I might end up on a one way eye ball. It turns out, he was not talking about Globe Telecoms but the globe infront of the Mall of Asia!!!

I walked, taking my time. And there, I saw him. He is a short guy, slim, smooth, brown complexion. He has his appeal. He looked to be young, most probably in his early 20s. I asked him his age.

"am 19."

I was speechless, personally I dont date guys this young. Should I create an excuse and scram? Would I have a dinner alone? Smile and bear it.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Small but HARD, more satisfying

23 October 2006, a few minutes after midnight!! Weekend is now theoretically over, and it ended without any anal violation on my part.... how frustrating. I was having second thoughts with that saturday foursome! But I know I was reacting with bad personalities, they are still redeemable as they are very able with a help from me, in bed.

Well, I placed my eggs on Zeil and he did txt that he was on his way. I can still get a good fuck, he said he is around 5-6, 148 lbs, dark, long hair, and 26 yo!!! Have talked to him, and he sounds to be very nice and all, I don't want to keep my hopes up but he is a potential bed partner and more.

I woke up arond 3 pm Sunday, being on the net till morning writing and writing whatever comes to my mind. It was then a quick trip to Quiapo to buy some black candles, and of course, I bought them from the most handsome vendor, actually, he is the only handsome looking dude! I will be back... :)

He called, he seemed lost. I went out to the balcony, called him out. And there he was walking, a bit irritated and yet irresistable. He was wearing a blue sleeveless jersey shirt, long denim pants, and rubber shoes. He said he was a bit hot from the weather, so I immediately guided him to the bedroom and turned the air con to full blast. There we sat and talk, then I motioned him to lie down, to cuddle by my side. He obliged, taking his shoes off, and his pants... he was simply in his white printed boxer shorts. We cuddled, my hands touching his arms, his stomach, his chest, avoiding the southern region. My legs rubbing to his hairless dark legs, accidentally bumping his balls. I know, I was teasing him to hardness, I know he is loving it... he was quiet but he was moving his legs apart, opening them wide.

On cue, my hand caressed his body lower, till my hand bump into a hard head. Success!!! He is hard and would be putty in my hands, but.... with his legs apart, I was on my fours, I used my tongue instead. I licked whatever flesh I can see without fulling his boxers down, I could see and feel the boner getting harder, twichting itself. His eyes but his mouth was moaning with lust. He moved his jersey higher, exposing his nipples, from his legs, I moved upward, my tongue continually giving him butterfly kisses, my tongue trailing on his smooth body to the his erect nipples. He moaned deeper and more appreciative when I nibbled his nips, and moving from left to right, and back.

My hand was caressing his hard dick which have achieved full rigidity, it cannot accept any more blood, twas fully erect. From the nipples, i slowly went down, down to his waiting cock. He gasped when I blowed hot air on his hardon. And slowly, carefully, i placed my hand inside his boxers, pulling it down, exposing himself for my eyes to see. I took the head inside my mouth, my tongue flicking the eye, his pre cum flowing. Practiced and well experienced I am, I took him all in, and release. My head bobbing up and down. Unable to control himself, he would fuck my mouth up and down. Oh yes..... I took my time sucking him, licking his balls, he shuddered when I went for his jewels.

He spoke, breaking the moans and gasp he was doing. "Do you have a condom?"

I pointed to the side table. Damn, there was no more. He went to his wallet, and there was one.


He donned the protection, lubricated himself with lotion. My legs were up in the air. I could take him all in but I was careful, he would be the first fuck for the weekend, my ass have rested from the straight guy, my hole would be tight again. Oh, it still hurt.. and yet when he was in, it felt so good, so fulfilling. He started his humping, pain immediately gone, it was just a hard pecker comming in and out of my ass. It is not average, smaller but definitely hard, just like fucking myself with wood, and it was sheer bliss. I felt closer to heaven with his every thrust. I was smiling and I know his was a better fuck than the other fuck buds that I had.

He continued his onslaught, and I endured every thust he made. I was happy, I was fulfilled. Then, he hold himself back, he was still, he was near. OH NO! I moved, humping my ass on his cock, I want the sensation, the feeling to continue. He was not able to hold, he came, and I felt the cock getting small.... losing the blood.. losing its size.. and PLLOOOOPPP!!! It was out...

I could only smile and wait for the next time... nothing like hardness to the extreme.

Saturday, October 21, 2006


21 Oc tober 2006. Boring, tiring saturday afternoon. The only excitement is the foursome. Yes, I had three visitors, there was Paul, Jonathan, and then Rod. Rod was the one who set the time at 3 pm but he arrive very late. And then he made the comment, "ano ba iyan, matatanda?".

Oh well, basically there was the four of us... and the best part.. i was sucking jonathan who was sucking paul, who was sucking Rod. I was at the bottom, thus looking up it was such a sight. And after that, I left the room. Before that, I was sucking Rod while Jonathan and Paul was doing each other. Rod just left me and went to lie on one part of the bed - does he want to follow him or he does not want me? That is how I started sucking Jonathan, and when Rod felt left out, he stood up and Paul was nice to suck him...... but my mood have been sated so I left.

Soon after, Paul came out, he and Jonathan are finished. I went with Paul. Rod was begging that I finish him off. He is a Joel Torre look alike, proud of his Revo, and a hard dick which I am comfortable inside my ass - but he is acting like an asshole. I decline and went out as promise with Paul.

I returned that Rod was still there, he had been txting me. I came back but my legs was pretty tired and I was pooped out, I was passive. And soon, Rod lose his erection, tried jacking himself to hardness but only ended cumming on his hand... call me bad, but I lose the excitement. So here I am, day is almost over, untouched for the day.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Service from Straight Guy = Bruce

I have a lot of problems and worries that I am at a lost on how to handle them, so I try to do the things that I can and where I am good at -SEX and SERVICE!!!! Some net friends have been asking if I have a new serviceman, and I have always replied in the negative. Well.... fresh meat was finally delivered yesterday, 15 October 2006!!!

Actually, the referror have his doubts since the guy is not exactly handsome nor ugly. So typical ER, as in construction worker, farmer, waiter, peddler - basically a true blue collar worker. And true enough, he works as a farmer in their province and on off season, he goes to Manila and does whatever work is available - and now, he is willing althought reluctantly to do so. Imagine, we were together for around 3 hours!!! Just to make him feel relax and at home being naked beside another man, relax enough to get hard and touch me sexually!!!

Net friends say I am lucky having to break in guys like him, personally I find it taxing. I have to constantly remind myself of patience and I find it even difficult to have an erection. He gave me a massage, not that good nor really bad. I was relaxed with the massage for the skin touch is always magical but it left me wanting for more. I ask him to be on top of me, he did, and then he froze... and then he moved sideward. "Sorry!!!" he said.

Twice - that happened... he simply froze so sex part was hard. I had to keep the blue film going. I even changed it, have him used to seeing man to man action to that of male group orgy. I have to imprint that male sex happens. Oh dont think I have not tried my lips, I have wet, well trained lips. I enjoyed sucking him to hardness, his cock was not that thick but it was definitely long, the type that would reach deep inside me. I like throat sucking him, he would shudder, and I would feel his hand on my head, his pelvis thrusting, shoving his cock.... but for him to do something for my pleasure.. he losses the hard on..... i could only sigh....

We were simply lying in bed naked, I would touch him. I placed his hand on my chest, and that at least he is adept to touch and fondle. He is separated and have two children. I did not push my luck, I did not have him touch me, nor he did during all that time. He is not handsome, looks older than me, but his face was weather beaten, aged faster by life. He was quiet, unexpressive, and yet I find him appealing. And of course, my weakness, a long cock. He was gifted with the length of his prick.

Yes, I tried getting pictures of him hard and erect, but somehow my mouth's magic dissipates. His hard on goes soft once it leaves the confines of my lips. Well, I tried, so let us say, just enjoy the pictures available. I asked him to jack off, he tried, but he could not exactly get it fully erect. Yes, I told you, it was a frustrating, thus I do not like being the first one. Sex is something I enjoy, but male sex is most difficult to teach to a straight guy - one who would be doing it for the money.

I thought that perhaps I should let it go at that, just let my mouth be the sole recipient. But what if I let him loose and he encounters a client who wants anal? Would he be able to fuck nicely? Well, he knows how to receive a blowjob but fucking an ass? I then remember Henry, he said, do it, for the sake of art. Henry and I were chatting, when I they came in. So back to work, back to the cock, I suck... niblng his nipples, and touching his whole body. So far, I console touching him for his hard muscles, his lean body was a result of hard work and not of lifting weights.

I suck his head, lick his balls. And in an instant, I placed a condom on his cock, and before he can protest or anything, I sat on his cock!

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! Putangina!!


I only bobbed around thrice, hard to sit on such a cock. I embraced him, prodding him to a sitting position, and then he knows, I want to lie down, to be on my back, my legs in the air. My patience is now paying off. He was inside and he was fucking me, he would fuck slowly and then jerk himself very hard. My eyes would bulge, I felt I might become messy. His cock was long that it reaches deep inside me. Oh yes....

Yes!!! and more yes!!!

I closed my eyes, and felt simply thrust. Eevery inch that goes in and out, he was an animal. And yet I know he was being gentle, unsure how I am taking his onslaught. I was encouraging him, eyes closed in ecstasy. Oh damn......

Then he was moving faster and faster, I was hurting and yet the pain was bliss... it felt good and yet I fear for the different sensation, am not used to such long cocks. And then just like a storm, he was spent. He was quiet. He lay on top of me, breathing heavily, a hard muscled body on top. I hugged him, comfort with his body, skin to skin, and... i want more.

Rugged looks, weathered face, substandard massage - but there is always a blessing, a gift... the fuck was worth it, his hard muscled body thrusting inside me. The prick may not know how to make love to another man, he did not kiss at all... but he knows how to fuck!!! A different experience for me........ perhaps I should try to instruct him again... or let others give him further lessons?

A Prisoner in My Own Pad

16 October 2006. Almost 12 noon and still in my pad. Just like last week, I will wake up in the morning, I know I could make it to the office in time. But I took some more blinks, and soon I wake up. And yet I could not get myself out of bed. I lie there, staring at the ceiling. Wondering.

I still have so much and yet I feel so bleak. I am wondering on what to do. I have no desire nor motivation for office work, except the income and future income would be most welcome.

Oh no, not because of any lack in sex... had three bouts this weekend.

Somehow, I thought by going to work I would have broken the cycle but here I am, I still would rather keep to myself. I still feel dread, still feel afraid. I cannot but help feel something would happen, that I might die, in my mind, I should already account for as much as possible. Been waiting for this since last week... instead I received a txt, someone indeed have died. I was sort of sorry for them, relieve not me, and yet disappointed it was not the mistress. Yes, I have always imagined and wish she would die, that she would then be gone from our lives. I know she is affecting me dearly and that it is not right... but my emotions are my weakness and my strength.

I have made myself a prisoner in my own pad.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

The EYE Contact

Last night, 11 October 2006, I crossed upon someone gazing through his eye. WHAM! We walked pass each other but I turned after a few seconds, he had turned likewise. No, must be a fluke, I am practically 40, and 20 lbs overweight, bad hair and all. I took a few steps and turn again, he had likewise done the same and just stood there. So... I have no time to further the game. I walked back to him. And I ask his name, and exchange numbers.

Such eye contact would probably end me up again in bed, my legs in the air, my lips moaning or faking it depending on how endowed the guy is. But as before, such occurences gives me a smile.

Eye contact is simple and yet people find it heard to walk straight and take a look at other people's eyes. Looking back, cruising in streets and malls, its usually the feet and the eyes that are exercised that I did not gain so much weight in my younger years.

So, a question that is usually asked of me.... how do I get my men? With the eyes... even behind glasses.