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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sunday Tryout

Sunday, 16 January 2011. Sex is distressing for me, but sometimes work stress is too much that it disables me from blogging, not that I have nothing to blog about. Now, for this post - one would be exposed to Pinoy twinks. I am one not to judge people by age as I would not want to be judged by my age (but thanks to Olay and my genetics, my face have not yet matured, and so does my mind although I do have my senior moments). I had this guest that sunday, and trying to remember that afternoon, it would seem funny if someone was watching us. Arejhay arrived in the afternoon and he sat in this white stool while I was in the kitchen asking questions, I do not normally interview but I wanted to be sure that he is at least of legal age, meaning 18! So I asked about his family, which I do not bother to really remember, his age ... about his school and all ... then his birthday. True enough, he is consistent that he is already 19 going on 20 this year. Fine! Assured, I invited him to my bedroom.

Twinks or young ones - they are still experimenting or touting how that it is their first time, one is pressured to make it good... or the best sex they have at their young age. I sense his libido, his earning to have male sex. Actually, he is out of his house for a dance practice, wherein he escaped for some fun here! A good gauge is looking at their young nipples - which I took pics for you to appraise and note. There is a difference of a mature nipple to a young nipple, that at least is an age indicator.

I usually psyched myself for this, for then I do not expect my partner to have enough experience to make me feel ecstatic. The joy and happiness here is hearing their moans, those involuntary grunts as I licked their body, as I make butterfly caresses to make them twinge from such touch. I put their cock slowly in my mouth, taking time that they feel the wetness and warmth of my mouth.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Right of refusal

Thursday, 13 January 2011. I reserve the right of refusal and everyone has the same right. After last night, a threesome and a fivesome, I am not up to any group sex today. Daddy John ask if he could drop by with a friend and I said yes. The guy seems to have a good shape body but I was not up to it, I guess I was still tired and reserving myself for Albert. The same guy I had sex last thursday, I love repeat sex!

So, Daddy John arrived with his friend, and there is that familiarity but feeling not up to it, I just lead them to the room and left them. I wanted to upload and update my blog. What is the moral of the night? I have the right of refusal, my choice, my decision. There are those that text me that I have not met, and would like to go to my place and have sex, bring some playmates too - when I am not in the mood, I simply respond that they check in a motel. Which is true, this is my pad - its my call, my decision for others to have sex here for if I allow it, I do intend to join, and if I change my mind for one reason or another, its my right, my call. Anyway, I presumed they have fun. I allowed it since I like Daddy John and I do know him in comparison to those who text that I have never met nor had time on a one on one basis.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Fun by batches

Wednesday 12 January 2011. Monday was definitely fun. Kim seems enamored with Daddy John, who smiles about the sentiments of Kim but reserved. I guess with age, since we are both 40s, both of us have been scarred so many times with love that one simply is weary or very careful about falling in love. Daddy John got a massage from Ting, who was more than glad to have a client at my place, he would not have to go so a hotel or far flung place. So, I asked Ting if he already has a client or if he is free to visit my place. He said is free! With full confidence I invited people to my place. Oh, do not get me wrong, Ting is vital not as part of the group sex - but he is my doorkeeper! As mentioned before, I lost something, which is a risk if you have strangers coming into your place. With Ting, he stays in the sala, surfing, opening the door and answering text messages while I do my hosting inside the bedroom!

I have known Ting for at least ten years so I trust him with my things, and at times, he is the one who takes pictures. So, feeling secure and confident, I ended up with Noel, Jay, Markhot, Acro, and Absex. Well, they did not come at the same time, so I had first a threeseom with Noel and Jay. When Noel left, Markhot arrived who was just withing the same city. I asked him to rest inside with Jay, to watch the educational dvd of man to man sex. Acro arrived and so there was three of them, meanwhile, I munched on caramel popcorn, resting my ass who had the pleasure of Noel and Jay. Likewise, took the time to wait for Absex who arrived last, and thus making the second round a fivesome! Yes, it was Markhot's first time, but he already said he wants to be invited again! It was the second time with Absex and Acro, and I lost count how Jay have visited my place.

Noel is ... a dream come true? I have been following his blog, his hopeless romantic quest for that special someone, he is in love with love himself. He is handsome and attractive, so when he said he has nothing to do, and even if I had to share him - I invited him to have the chance to know the person behind the whimsical blog. Oh, yeah, I felt and share the pain, but being twice his age, I know better. I hope, I dream, I wait - happy with friends, and thankful to the spirits if someone becomes a lover. I wish he would be happy and not so morose waiting for someone. Life should be happy and blessed whether we have someone to wake up every morning. I still miss my ex life mate - bobot and ernz that have shared my bed, waking up to their handsome faces, but I will not sulk and cry over their absence.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

a young dad ...

Tuesday, 11january2011 - My cyberlove texted me a good night and asked if I had sex. I said good night. He repeats his question, I simply replied "no orgy tonight". Then, another text, how about one on one - busted! I sent a smiley, and said, yeah, I had a young daddy.

Lets call him MarkYD as he left a mark. Oh do not get me wrong, he has potential, the sex was good but it was not spectacular. Off hand, Tony with his TSA brings into mind - i passed out from the ecstasy of his sucking, ass fingering, and nipple twitching, it was like an orgy with one person. JimQ, the muscled six footer guy comes second - he was fucking, withdraws his cock only to suck my cock, then fucks me again. As I said, JimQ's technique of hugot saka tsupa, mygod, imagine the sensation behind and in front, alternating? The performance of JimQ is unforgettable, then one has to remember his physique. So what made my young daddy a mark in my heart - he talked to me, he asked questions, as he stated it "I do not came here just for the sex, I want to know you more. I am one who can just have sex with anyone, I want to know the person". I was slow in answering for he forced me to face reality, asking questions I do not want to think. He kissed me ... but I was on the guard. It is something to have my body, but to know my fears, my problems, my work? Hmmmm... scary, I felt vulnerable.

somehow... i felt more naked as I answer his questions, and then I saw his tenderness. I saw his manhood rise and become hard. He kissed me, nibble my nipples, playing his tongue on my body ... I was open to him. It was not the technique, I was not just a body for him, I was someone to share with, and that made the sex hot, he brought out passion between us.

Monday, January 10, 2011

3 daddies and a chub!

Monday 10 January 2011. Daddy John is getting a massage from Ting, but he would not be asking for extra service or anything like that - we had that earlier! And I mean WE - Kim is 22 now, a chub and yet a delight to the touch as he has smooth white skin, it was like velvety. Kim said he had visited my pad in 2007! As I write this, I got his txt message "just got home. Thanks ulit! :) hehehe. daddys. ho hot niyo. ang hot ni john. hahaha. goodnight! :)". This is what I aim for, a good time for everyone that one wishes to come back for more, a good time that one remembers even after several years!

Kim arrived early, and just texted earlier if I am free. I texted back yes and that Daddy John would be there, no problem. His arrival is unexpected. Actually what was planned was Drinker and Daddy John, the two have been exchanging messages in PR but never got to meet. He took a quick shower and then we were just necking and all, he was moaning from my tongue, we are both in our underwear. I cannot be naked since I was waiting for Daddy John. And when Daddy John arrive, it was easy .. there was chemistry, there was no reservations. I introduced Daddy John to Kim, saying he could be a son, 22 years ago, when he was 18. Kim is half my age, since I am 44.

Kim is a delight, he took on John, sucking his left nipples, switching to the left. Daddy John was wide eyed, amazed at the libido, I can only smile back and be happy. I love it when my instincts are good.

Drinker texted that he is downstairs, and I replied that he just go straight to the third floor, third door on the right, none of us can go down and meet him since we are naked. I opened the door, hiding behind the door. He is bald in his pictures, with a beard that makes him look like a villain, the bad boy that one would want to have some fun.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

One of a kind on my first friday of 2011!

Friday, 07 January 2011. I have joked with John last wednesday that my last week of 2010 was spent celibate. I told him that it was like a year, and that this week is sort of payback time. There would always be some surprises, and one of them is Chet!

Being an insomniac and a net addict I am usually online, I am definitely not in front of the laptop but I leave my connection open. Consider this habit as sort of cyber fishing, afterall, most men surf and check who is online thus if you want to get noticed your profile should at least looked online. Chet was horny last wednesday but I declined since I just finished that group sex, I said most likely thursday. Thursday came, and there was albert, a short guy but a big dick, he made me cum while he was fucking me = so, being spent I declined Chet for the second time. Friday afternoon, he said he is going home early and that we can meet around 7, which became 9, and then around 11. I was thinking of cancelling it off ... really ... but I had a good dinner, and I have Ting and Felicidad as company so my mood was already better. A side story of the night would be on the comments section.

And so, on the third try, I finally met chet, who I expected to be shorter. His skin is smooth and all. I think he sensed that I was a bit tired and said that he would not take long, that it would be quick, remembering someone who finished even before I got to suck him .... a really fast one, I asked him "Should I take my clothes off?"

Thursday, January 6, 2011

short and big

Thursday, 06 January 2011. I woke up ok, I was fine till I have breakfast in my mother's house. I take my breakfast, lunch, and dinner at my mother - to bond with her and to keep her company. My mother lives just a block away. And many have asked whyd o I have to have my own place and not stay with my mom - duhhh, would they dared visit me and have fun if I do not live solo? I do not deny that I am already 44, I am simply lucky genetically that I do not look my age and that I am still able to have some fun.

A usual comment about my place is that it is unkept, that I can spend some time organizing and cleaning it but then ... I have no more time since I am tired and between having fun and cleaning my place, would rather have some fun. But whatever mess my place is, its twice or thrice that in my mother's house. So there, my allergies would come back, so caleld biting me in the ass. With teary eyes and a clgged nose, I was not able to report to work. What shall I do aside from playing the computer and surfing?

The answer was have fun with albert ...

definitions ... meanings of group sex

Wednesday, 5 January 2011. Let me recall last night before I forget. Daddy John was prompt, the very essence of dependability and professionalism, he was in my pad by 7pm. TonyI2 arrived with a bottle of black label, he admitted it was his first time for group sex and he needed to loosen a bit. Vince arrived alone, although he planned to come with someone else. Yujiro completed the group while Jay sent a message he just woke and asking whether he could still go and join - him, I chose to ignore.

How was it? I have three guys I never met before but I felt secure with John's presence. The sex was great although not much fucking since Tony, John, and Vince are practically newbies!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


damn... he came twice... and only then his cock went soft

Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year!!! Happy 2011!!! new strategy ...

Monday,03 January 2011. Oh yes, its a new year, and I had a new strategy. And it worked just nicely. Sorry dear readers if there was no updates for a week, since I was celibate for almost a week! And today, the first monday, first working day, had my first threesome! Sad to say, all the positions and variations were not caught on cam ... but I have high hopes that both of them would be back, and more photos in the future. Wait.. what is my new strategy for the new year, I just invite new friends at the same time! I promise no orgy or threesome, thus if only one show, I am not pressured or mood gone astray, two or more come - simply enjoy the happy moments!