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Monday, January 29, 2007

A three way suck....

24 January 2007. Back to work, back to reality, thus the sexual adventures become less than it was during the holidays. But at least I have established new friends, and they are most welcome. Thus, Brian and Kiko both came back......

Its not my first time with either of them, but the first time for all of us. I got fucked by Brian and then by Kiko, both times good.. and the total bout the best threesome, both are so uninhibited. I felt so sexually gratified and exhausted, we took turns sucking, not only I would get to suck three cocks, I would at times feel my nipples being suck while my cock was being suck.. or both of them sucking both of my nipples!

Kiko fucked me last, and it was so different. Just like my first time with him, I was sucking another cock while he was fucking me. There is nothing like having two cocks at both ends. I think I was delirious with the sensation, lost to the sensuality of both of them.

Tripping in Tagaytay

A lot of guys have a thing for the straight guys, but I do not. I guess the allure of straight men is the idea of being able to taste a forbidden one, one who is not into it, one that perhaps no other would ever taste or have tasted. It is this "rarity" that I occasionally would go after the straight guy, afterall, it takes patience to be able to seduce them.

Joel is not just a straight guy, he is even the newly hired help of my father's mistress ..... hehehehe, and that is his appeal to me. Tagaytay is cold, and I had no idea that January night would be so freezing. I have no pornographic materials to seduce him with but I have the time and money. No, I did not offer money, I used the money to buy beer and alcohol!! With beer and alcohol and the time passing, soon I know he would be very very ripe for the picking. Take it from me, guys are usually horny on the unholy hours of 2-4pm! Three pm is usually right for a seduction move.

20 January 2007. Do I need to say that I was successful in having Joel pull down his pants? The cold air was freezing but the alcohol made him hot, and it was a mouth that made him hard! The pictures says it all.

slowly and yet more sensual

Robbie is in his 30s! Oh well, I should have known better, people who do work out and add to that the dark skin, they look younger than they are. What is so note worthy of our love making? He was so slow, he took the time kissing and touching my skin. He was in no hurry. But somehow, his lips, the gentle sucking made me hotter, made me want it fast, want it more, but he would not indulge me. My hardness was aching for release but still he took his time, I was writhing in ecstasy.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Blogging Bogskie...

15 January 2007. It has been a monogamous weekend. Have not had sex with anyone else except Ernz. The planned group sex yesterday did not push through, afterall business before pleasure. It being a blue monday, I had to report to work even with only 3 hours of sleep and then off to Makro Marketing. Thus, I am sort of pooped out. But blue monday it may be, Bogskie was tireless in texting Ernz. Ernz showed me his text "Chupang chupa na ako" (roughly translated - i want to suck cock!) I know I would not be able to handle two fucking session for Ernz, I might even fall asleep sucking his dick. So I ask Ernz to give in and allow Bogskie to come over - GOOD DECISION!!!

Bogskie is only 24 years, definitely a chub, undoubtedly hirsute or balbon, but clean, odorless, tasteless. He was so horny that he took a cab all the way to my place. So we went immediately to my bedroom, started some rapport watching a Disney channel, before switching to a man to man video. There my eyes started closing from exhaustion. I opened my eyes with Ernz and Bogskie looking at me, questioning how could I fall asleep. Eyes half open, Bogskie asked me "ok lang ba?". Damn the guy is holding back, waiting for my permission!! He is so sweet. I reached for his hand and put it over Ernz crotch. I leaned over and opened Ernz trousers, dished out his hard erect cock and placed Bogskie's palm over it. They got the message, I do not mind. Bogskie was not shy, he leaned over and started to suck on Ernz's standing cock.

I want a cock myself and started to feel up Bogskie. I was surpised to find a cock even larger than Ernz!! Now I feel revived. I think I would be turning into a chub lover!!!To cut it short, Bogskie continued to suck Ernz, and I started to suck on him. I also started to take pictures, my camera is out in a flash.

He said he is versatile but prefers being bottom. Hmmmmm.. with a higher level, more different... considering my fatigue. I continued to suck on his cock even when Ernz entered his ass!! He was hurt, feeling and moaning with pain. Ernz was quiet for a while waiting for him to get accustomed to his manhood. I made mymouth tighter and more wetter that he would not back out. It was a while before Bogskie stopped complaining but he did feel the ecstasy, he was then in heaven, his was moans of happiness. Ernz continued fucking him, while I continued sucking his cock. This was new for us... I like Bogskie, I like his moans, his gasps of breath, with every fuck and suck he received. Ernz took his time fucking, and I enjoyed sacking and jacking his big hard cock. And the inevitable climax came!

I like Bogskie, he was confident that his identity is secure and sohorny that he did not mind me taking pictures. And this sex, this higher level is best depicted by the initial picture - he is fucked and he is being sucked! But before anyone do comment that he took a small cock, pleazzeeee - Ernz is endowed but Bogksie is just a big guy that his cock look small. Their body size is so constrasting that in one pic, it seemed that Bogskie's dick is half the width of Ernz leg. Oh well, I hope to have more of him - trusting in terms of picture taking and horny for such an adventure.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Threesome .. without me...

11 January 2007. The suck video of me and Linus was ok except for the irritating kittens, I could not disagree. The kittens were my christmas gift from paul a very good friend of mine. The last time he was here, it was a foursome with Jake and that other guy. Now, the new friend now is a 21 yr old JV, still a student, just experimenting. It should have been a foursome, but since the kitten was crying I have to take them out, and I got left out!!! Anyway, Paul obliged me with some photos... although I wish it was his endowment shown in full....

Being the host, I have to make the new friend comfortable thus I was at his side. Paul and Ernz are no strangers so they would not be slighted or be jealous of my attention to JV. The TV is showing a foursome, that ended with two guys fucking two others. I was hugging and touching JV, assuring him with my touch. He obliged by opening his fly, and then volunteered to take off his pants and brief. His cock was still soft, well, he told me earlier that it was his first time for such an "orgy". I said "relax" andy my wet lips took him in. He was hard in an instant. I guided his hand to Ernz cock which was already hard in anticipation of the sex. Paul then took that as a cue and took off everything!!!

It might have been JV's first time but he was not shy, no need for prodding, he went on his fours and suck Ernz' cock. How could a decent male lover refuse a big and hard cock as of Ernz. Sad to say, Paul asked if I can bring the kitten out for their noise was very distracting... duhhhh, I ended out trying to pacify the kitten while they finish their sex!!

Ernz told me that everything went fine. Paul and him took turns fucking JV who enjoyed it and came on his belly while a cock was moving in and out of his ass. They were afraid that JV might object as they fuck him alternately. Ernz said he was hugging JV, who was perspiring while Paul was fucking him very hardly. It ended with all of their cocks being relieved.

Next time.. I would be there... Care to join us on Sunday afternoon? Paul said he would try to drop by, for we would bring our pets to the vet.

Patience with Fred .....

10 January 2007. True to my expectation, the dryspell is over!! Ernz is back, and my hole is happier than ever. New friends would most probably face a threesome, me, him, and ernz. And I received a text from Fred - the one I was suppose to meet last week! The sex eyeball finally came to happen. Now, Fred came wearing office pants and cotton linen barong, straight from work, he is undoubtedly a professional, a white collar person, thus he declined for any pics... duhh... anyway at least I would just post some unreleased pics of Ernz.
Fred said that he had sex with someone around two (2) years ago, and the last time he jacked off would be around three (3) weeks ago - due to busy schedule. Fred was initially uptight, talkative. Uptight that he declined to take any of his clothes off, but talkative, he talked alot. So I kept my mouth shut. Initially he did not want to suck Ernz, but he ask "if i suck Ernz, would you suck me?"
"Of course!" that was my plan all along.
Imagine Ernz on the receiving end, being sucked by Fred, while I suck Fred's cock! Hot to look at!.

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Happyness is .... ERNZ!!

Well, i lost my cell, bought a new one but all the contacts where gone. The load was gone so soon so unable to reply. Then, there was no signal from smart!!! Imagine having no connection for a few hours, only to receive all of them later on - including a sex eye ball with Totoy!! But then, I am still smiles. Ernz is here and he is more than I can ask for. His cock is still never say die and can easiy fuck, fuck, and fuck my ass till I came.

Sunday, January 7, 2007

Jan 3 - I lost a big part of me.....

03 January 2007. I was looking forward to a threesome, one of the them have expressed "jealousy" for when he first came, there was only pictures taken and not a video. I said to him, the next time there would be one. It would be the first visit of the second person. I was realy looking forward to it, but business before pleasure. So I rushed to do my marketing for a small convinience store that I manage, and in my rush, I lost my celphone inside the taxi I took on my way to the store from Makro Buendia!!!

So there, I lost my cell and the promise of the night did not push thru! I was on the edge of being catatonic. It was an obsolete phone, Nokia 3200, and I got it three years ago, December 2003. It was the free unit of a plan I took then, so there is no monetary value really, it was obsolete!. But, it contain pictures - like of the guy I shared a tricycle coming from Tagaytay, who later fucked my mouth, and of friends. The cell even has the recording of the last encounter of me and my family last year. And worst, it has the numbers of contacts over the years, it has the NUMBERS OF ALL THE GUYS FEATURED IN THIS BLOG!!! Now lost... gone.. kaput.. nada!!!

The night before was so surreal, I was with Dave till morning. He did not only have a big cock, it was rock hard, it was so stiff. And sex starved maniac that he is, he was a very quick study, he did to me what I did to him... I was looking forward for the night, for things were getting better than before... so I was thinking what would top Dave? Perhaps this new guy and Brian.. theoretically, two cocks should be better than one.... sad to say, I ended up getting a hair cut instead! Losing my cell, I lost contact. True enough, with no reply from me, I did not meet anyone.

Looking on the bright side, well, I finally have a better phone, one that I spent on. Would I stay with Smart? Am not sure, Sun may be frustrating but they are still cost effective.

I feel like a fool.. having to re start all over again......

Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Dick hard David on a Tuesday!!

Wow... am surprised, with going back to reality - WORK, i thought I would now lack in dick to lick. Boy!! Was I wrong!!

I got to know David from an email exchange in gmail. He saw my blog and declined to meet me because I was 40 years old, he viewed me as old, ancient. And YES, I felt bad but then guys and cocks still went my way... and I got not only to suck and fuck with them, I got their pictures for my blog. This blog that he enjoyed very much. Soon, he was writing how sory he was and wanted to fuck my ass. Well, he did txt me and I agreed. He was then at Ayala Avenue, and txting what I plan to do to his cock, made him hard and stop walking on the road. He had to sit out his hard on at the corner.

Monday, January 1, 2007

LICKING LINUS ..... 2007 year starter

Linus feels he is not endowed as the others I have tasted, but I assure him, and with full honesty, and lustful sincerity ... his penis is at least an equal because of its hardness. His cock was so hard, hardness that you can hit it with a softfrink can. And he has the staying power to maintain his hardness that I was able to suck it for a long long time, even with lights on, and with the halogen light!!
If I would based 2007 based on our afternoon sex, I cannot wait for the rest of the year. Imagine, he allowed a video of me sucking his dick! Oh yes... and Martin came just in time to take our pics and video - of course, I asked Martin to leave the room to finish our fucking session.
I have uploaded the video of our my licking linus on the first day of the year. Please check the file section of binatangpinoy02