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Thursday, June 13, 2013

No Surprises , BE EXPECTED!

I get comments, emails, text messages ... and PR messages. Some are encouraging and some expressed their surprise - that sex happens or filipinos do have some orgy / group fun. Most wants to join or watch. Then, there are those who appear to be lacking in brain cells - like assuming that since I have this blog, I am available 24 hours, 7 days a week - simply waiting for a cock to knock on my door. Duhhhhh! I admit to being unemployed  but I have other concerns too, like my mom. I love sex but sex is only a part of my life - it  is not my life. And sex is not always good.... sometimes nothing or I have to decline.

Last monday night - I had Ghanny, Tauro and Paulo but it ended up in two twosomes. I also ended up sleepless and tried my best to be able to sleep that tuesday. I ignored the text messages but a call - I had to wake up for it is most likely my mother. After lunch, true enough - it was my mother, she forgot her keys. I went back to sleep... another call.. grumpily I answered... huh? Not my mother! It was a Jeremy calling saying he went all the way from Batangas or something and that he wants to have sex!

It was an exercise of control, I wanted to shout at the guy. I have not agreed to have sex, and you are here waking me up to ask for sex? I was grumply, "MASUNGIT", and he repeated - he wants sex. And I answered : "no".

Looking back : I went down and talk to the guy on the stairs. I could not welcome him to my home.

MORAL : DO NOT SHOW UP UN INVITED!  A surprise visit is not always welcome, you risk it, you risked being rejected, declined. 

Saturday, June 8, 2013

1st : One on One ... 2nd : THREESOME!


Another favorite question I get is if I have any particular body type or preference, any favorites? My usual answer is none and that I care basically is a working cock - a hard dick. My last encounter is basically that - he is tall and definitely a chub, obese most likely and not just overweight.. his was a body of a god, that of the enlightened Budhha.. and I have Karl, short and slim - typical Filipino size, typically a twink.

It was like Champoy - to those readers who does not know, this refers to a defunct tv comedy show, the word referring to a delicacy that is both sweet and sour, a very unique taste, unusual.. sort of describing opposites. So, looking at the two, it was Champoy! And I enjoyed both of them.