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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Paulo and Jay ... (and me as support)

Who is Paulo? Its one of the frequently asked questions that I get when people would ask for a referral or date with my friends - Paulo is usually the first on top of my head, then I get that question. Duhhhhh! I would usually be silent for a moment, breath in, breath out. In my head, you ask me for a referral and when I give out, i get another question? I am moody and that is a given because I am diabetic, sugar levels go up and down, and so does my mood. Now, I learn that my thyroid is another reason for my mood swings - bottom line, I am moody and thus it is better not to trigger the "masungit" or not so nice side of me.

 But be it Paulo or any other, how do you describe or introduce someone over PR or txt messaging? Would it not be better and easier to simply trust me?  And Jay simply did that - trust me! I had known Jay from PR. The first time was such a quickie as he had to pick up his girlfriend.. oh ok, it was a fast blowjob and then he left. The second time he visited, I had another visitor, Dr Con - so it became a threesome. The third time - that was last thursday (30 May 2013), it was suppose to be a simple threesome between Jake, Karl and me but I ended with 6 visitors - and he ended up being "taken advantage off" that I fucked him, then Jake entered his ass, and Karl pierced his ass with his cock and yet he took us all. I joked over text that I do not remember much that night nor that I was the first 'assailant".  But he admitted to enjoying it and thus I promised to set him further with Tauro, Andy, and Paulo.

Jay did not asked who they are but he asked who will be the first. I replied it depends on their availability, whoever is up - hope he is likewise free and voila: fun starts! He asked if its going to be group... ummmhh, no. He might have taken three of us last thursday but these three, any of the three would be more than enough.  And true to my word, Paulo is more than enough - which is what he texted me just this morning.

 Paulo said he is dropping by to give me his souvenir shirt when he visited Puerto galera. So, when he arrived and Jay was texting me - I told him of the opportunity. He just waited for his cousin who has no key to arrive home and he went on his way. So, without further ado... enjoy the photos as Paulo and Jay enjoyed each other! Paulo joked that he had unwittingly saved his semen thus the athletic performance. I was mesmerized! I provided support by being there with the condom, lubricant, and holding on to Jay as he moaned and whined as Paulo fucked him very hard! Yet, with all those positions and continuous battering, he stayed ground and took all the manhood of Paulo!

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  1. hi herbert! its me again!:) if i may ask,who's the top guy in 11th & 12th pic frm the top? is it the same guy fair guy fuckîng from behing in pics 13th~14th? curious lang! lol^_^