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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Yearender - Kiko and Walter...

I had my errands to do and yet somehow, sex was able to squeeze in, even at the last day of the year. And this time, I had two of them!! And as both were a delight to suck and fuck with, both are open to some pics before we engrossed ourselves for an orgasmic, explosive sex!!

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Big things come in small Packages

Brian!! Oh Brian. He was a bit timid, a bit shy but after a while we wamred up to each other. He is sensitive, he is defensive. He is open to meeting people but there were times that the other party does a one way eb. Physically, he is 5 fee 6 inches and around 125 lbs. Personaly, he is about half of my size, I was afraid to hug him tightly else I might crush his bones. But I am experienced, blessings come in different form. And as he was not blessed in terms of body size, his cock size is definitely blessed!!! Open minded that he is, we took shots of his cock and our sex! Finally, after a week of just sex, now a fuck friend that agrees with camera shots to share to others. (I had a private email saying my blog have been telegraphic and no pictures. Not my fault that the good ones shy away from the camera).

Dalawa laban sa Isa.

Napatingin ako mula sa pagtsupa kay Albert. Napatigil din si Kiko sa paghimod ng bayag niya. Napa-relax ang katawan ni Albert mula pagliyad niya sa dalawang bibig na sumusupsop sa kanyang katawan.
"Sabihin mo lang, titigil kami" sagot ko sa kanya.
"Hindi... sige, ituloy ninyo"
"Ahhhh.. Hmmmpp... Ohhhhh" walang sawa kami ni Kiko sa pagpapasasa sa katawan ni Albert, mula leeg hanggang tuhod, gumapang kami sa paghalik, sa pagsuso kaya umiigtad ang katawan niya sa sarap. Dama namin ang pabigla biglang galaw niya sa sensasyon.
Nakilala ko si Kiko nuong martes, 26 December, alam ko na ang husay niya at alam kong magkakasundo kami..... hahahahaha... tama ako...
Naruon na tagisang utong kami, sabay naming dinidilaan. Naruon din na dilaan niya ang bayag habang tsinutsupa ko si Albert. Minsan, yayakapin ko na lang si Albert... sarap!!

Tagal namin sa loob. Sarap ng sex, sayang at ayaw pakuha ng litrato ni Albert. Ngayon ko lang muling nasubukan, dalawang burat sa bibig ko!!. Sabay na napapaigta at umungol si Kiko at Albert. Si Kiko... tsinupa din ako habang tsinutsupa ko si Albert. Siguro dagdag libog iyon kay Albert, makita pababa dalawang tao.. bukod sa mga oras na nakatutok kami sa kanya, umiigtad ang kanyang katawan....

Hindi na nga namin napansin ang oras....
Kanina habang hinihintay namin apgdating ni Albert, nanood kami ng Star Struck - ok si Mark Herras, pero mas sex si Marky Cielo.... at ng makita namin si Albert - isipin mo si Mark Herras at 28 yrs of age! Punyemas! At wala siyang kiyeme, ng hubaran, naghubad siya ng todo kaya tuloy tuloy ang aming atake sa kanyang katawan...hanggang sa siya ay labasan!

Thursday, December 28, 2006

height does not matter, HARDNESS DOES!

28 December 2006. I was absent today from work, slept till lunch. I got a cold allergy and the medicine made me woozy and sleepy not to mention Mico's cock was so calming, and I was able to breathe properly. So when I read Ariel's message, my intuition told me to text him and I did.... this is one call I am glad I made! Actually he is not photogenic,I was lukewarm to meeting him since he does not look good in his pics, and if I may be cruel - his wacky smile sorts of border on being a retardate. BUT IN PERSON, oh wow! He is shorter and darker, he was so ooozing with sex appeal. His body is so firm and really V shape. I was afraid he would be annoyed with me since I kept on looking at him again and again.

Another factor that he had for himself - he was super stiff!!!

A repeat visit from Mico....

27 December 2006. I like Mico, his cock is one that I just love to suck, suck, and suck again. He just wanted to unwind and ask for a copy of his pics (ooopss... i still have to email it)

He already came, and he said he would no longer be able to cum anymore but... there is something about the rhytmic motion of the hand and the warm moist mouth, that his member was hard again for the second time. But I know better, I did not push him for the second time.

An instant Threesome...... and a third guy!!!

I have said and do believe that when things are so planned, it does not push thru! Its now the last day, just trying to rest after Christmas and postponing two guys just to be able to watch Zsah Zsah Zaturnahhh.....

Another text that he would be dropping by, I replied I do not mind. Then another long time net friend, finally visited me in the flesh. So there, in short two one on one became an instant threesome! What was the best? Imagine having two cocks at both ends!

And that night, I finally did it with Dude which I have postponed for a while. What I like most about Dude? He fucked and came twice, and tried for a third time... but he came for the third time jacking off... he was almost a record....

Santa's Gift.......

I slept past Media Noche. Officially, its now December 25, Christmas Day! I did not receive any gifts, nothing from my estranged family and I felt sad... then there was this txt - "Care for me to make your christmas even better?"

Two Cocks for Two Pussies......

Nice title but I am not talking about girls but two little two week old kittens. Paul is a long time friend, almost a decade perhaps. He promised to give me his cat, Mayumi, who turned out pregnant! So instead of getting the mother, I got two kittens instead. And knowing he would be coming in, by fate, I got a sex eyeball with two friends, two cocks he would enjoy, and for me also.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Manic Monday with Mico

Mondays perse are always toxic, thus there is that so called monday sickness. Now add to that the Crhistmas rush, the long lines at counters and even at MRT!!! I felt poofed out, drained. It was a monday i simply wanted to scream and then sleep.

Then Mico comes to the rescue. We have been exchanging text messages, he said I need to relax, to unwind. He was the elixir. I ended up screaming from the pleasure of his cock and I got my sound sleep after his devout fucking twice!! What a way to start the week.

Thrice on a Sunday

Doctors always prescribed a medicine - 3x a day. Did not imagine doing it so for Sunday, 17 December. Ernz himself could not believe how it happened, but it did. Enz fucked me that morning and he left after lunch. By then Mark have been txting and messaging, then he said he was in MRT and requested to be online, I did, he got directions and dropped by! So there, Mark was the afternoon fuck, a balbon, hairy chub guy. But the day was not over, later that night, after exchanging txt messages, Leo went to my pad. He was the biggest of the three, one can say in terms of height , it was small- medium - large!!

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Initiating Lance into a Threesome

Love begets love, and sex begets sex. You cannot receive love if you do not know how to give it, and you cannot have sex if you do not know how to share. Thus, Ernz and I welcomed Lance, a 20 yr old working student, into our pad. He was timid and very shy, uncertain. My pad is small so we immediately wen to the bedroom, with only a single bed but with a TV and VHS. I played immediately a man to man movie that can keep guests focused, oblivious to my hand and mouth.

I took the lead as before, touching him and Ernz, and even guided his hand to Ernz cock. He was like a robot, he complies but no initiative. This was definitely new to him, he was uncertain, unsure on what to do next. Like a baby, I prodded him to take off his shirt, the pants, and his underwear. There he was already hard, but for protocol I sucked Ernz cock first and then moved to Lance. No objections and then I guided him to sucking Ernz nipple - he did it. He was lying sideways so I was still able to kiss his body and suck his cock.

The next moment was crucial, he might resist to taking Ernz's dick in his mouth. I was holding my breath while pushing his head to his cock. He quietly took to sucking Ernz. The oral sex have been done. He had been sucked, and have sucked. Moving now on to the next lesson.

Lance dick is super hard thus taking it into my mouth was well satisfying, but I find his butt sexier, it can be best described as bubble butt! Thus I took a pic of his butt, the ass that would be plowed not just by one but two cocks, and I would have to be first. I have a small dick, I do not deny it, thus for virgins, I am the primer. Once I get in his ass, it would be harder for him to say no to a bigger cock, like Ernz. He had gotten into sucking Ernz' cock, Ernz was moaning with delight. I gave his back butterfly kisses, moving my head to his ass, my hand massaging his butt, buttering him up. I got a condom, I got a lube, so I went in just fine. He stopped for a while when I fucked him. He was compliant. His ass was fine and so delicious.... now to return the favor.

I motioned Lance to sit up, took a condom and placed it on his hardness. I placed a pillow under my lower back for easier access, and then guided him inside. I was primed up, it did not hurt much. Lance shuddered for a while and a quick study, he started his fucking my ass. However, this was only for a while. Ernz took a condom and placed sufficient lubricant. It would be a sandwich fuck!

"Oohhhhhh". The quiet Lance was unable to maintain his silence, he was hurting but accepting. I felt every shove, every fuck Ernz made, also moved Lance inside me. My hands were holding on to Lance and Ernz body. Lance was not able to hold on, I felt his shudder, he came, with his cock slowly wilting inside me, I hugged him tightly with my hands, so as not to dislodge him. Ernz saw my eyes, and took that as his cue, he fucked harder, we were both moaning with delight, trying to catch up. And then he came!. Me, I reserved myself. The morning is not yet over.

Am a bottom, Ernz rested for a while. In the meantime, Lance watched the man to man film, and I got to find out his weakness, his nipples! He was hard soon enough and moaning, holding my body tigthly as i sucked his nipples, flicking it with my tongue. Soon, I again got my fucking. I was on my fours, Ernz was fucking me dogstyle, while I sucked Lance who was reclining on the bed. It was pure blissful sucking and fucking, a threesome that I like and enjoy most. Sadly, it ended with all of us coming again.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

No one new .......

The past two weeks have been incredible. Readers and friends may find it cumbersome finding the same cock posted, the same name - Ernz. Are we an item? Yes! Are we selfish? No! Although we have closed our hearts to others, our arms are wide open to embrace and hug other guys. In my case, my legs are still open, and opening them wide as my mind - we have taken pictures of Ernz, inside me.

Ernz have even met someone, and after a slight twinge of jealosy, it was ok. Actually, we are looking forward to threesomes or more. We both agree that sex is sex, and love is love. Lust is not forever, but love is. As long as we both know where the heart is, we know then that open sex is not something to be insecure about. Insecurities would always be there, it is just a matter of controlling it.

I could most likely write a lot of things already about our fucking, how much I love sucking his dick while in lying in bed, with him standing. He is shorter and more slim than me, thus he feels good on top of me. Being shorter, he can easily reach my nipples during our fucking. He knows how much I love my nips being nibbled. Thus, for him, I usually came while his cock is inside me, giving me a very hard fuck. He would at times stop for a while, to delay his coming erection.

Sunday, December 3, 2006

2 in 1 night = 3some!!! (under construction...)

I was looking forward for the night. Marlonrio was a cybersex partner and he said he was now ready to meet tonight - around 7 pm, 2 December 2006!!! Do I have any plans this evening? Noooo... everything re scheduled. One should not pass any opportunity to do so. But I have spent the day with Ernz and he does not want to go home yet, what am I to do? Marlonrio have not had sex with anyone for the past three years, whereas I have spent three nights with Ernz, who have fucked me three times in those nights he slept over! A raring sex machine who seems like the energizer and someone I have to coax and be patient with. But going ahead, just with the post title, it was us three who ended up in bed. And I got the pictures to prove it!!! Sad to say, hard to show pics of all of us. The first pic... cock pics of both cocks I had!!!

A favorite question is how do I get guys to pose for my pics? Its because I develop their trust and that they can see from my blog, I am not really interested in their faces, just their cocks - thus with the assurance that their face would not be posted, they feel comfortable continuing having sex while I click the camera with all the flash. I do show my blog, and they would note, that there are no faces in this blog of mine... and that the only eyes posted are those of mine....