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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Last cock suck for 2011

Am 45! Years ago, I thought reaching 45 would mean retirement for my sex life. I took a leave and went to Puerto Galera for some quiet time and I spent it on DVD marathon of TV series like True Blood and Warehouse 13. I did take a dip in the salt water for an hour in the early morning and late afternoon, to avoid getting sunburned and minimize sun exposure. My best friend joined a day after, and he woke me up a morning with his morning woodie. I do not know how heavy he is, but muscles are heavier than fat, so he literally smothered me with his hard and dark body. I did not complained but I was about to squeal from pain and delight, he muffled my shout with a pillow! I let him ravaged me, I was very passive, acting like a rape victim and yet enjoying every moment except at one point, we had to pause for me to get the lubricant from my bag (well, that obviously destroys the illusion of rape or forced sex.) To my BFF for years, thank you dear!

I know I had not an entry since October and I apologize for that. The screen of my Toshiba laptop gave out and was forced to migrate to an Acer i3 windows 7, meaning i have to adjust, learn, and look for the softwares I am used to - like Photoimpression. Photoimpression allows me to crop pics that no discernible faces show up and likewise resize pics for easy uploading. Finding that software kept me away from posting pictures. Not that I lack in sex. Then I chose a little celibacy in December, it seems I can only be successful in career (money), relationship (love), or sex - and in a week of no sex, I got some money! So I said, I would just be celibate for December, but I am not a strong person. I had two good fucks, and the last massage I got, I sucked my masseur!

I apologized and excused myself citing that I had sex with him earlier this year, and he replied saying it was in January, when he was working as a waiter. His contract ended earlier in 2011 and he shifted to being a masseur by the end of the year. He was very understanding, and still well endowed. His was my third cock and last for the month, and for the year of 2011! What a way to end the year. Oh yeah, I love to share and you can get in touch with "Mickey" at 0927 574 1916. He charges Php300 for an hour of massage and Php500 for two hours. What is unique with his technique is that he uses his two forearms in kneading my back and legs.

I would take this time to thank all the readers for reading my blog, and patient for the time being that I had not posted anything at all. I received messages in my planet romeo account and email about what happened for my absence. That was it, it started with a new laptop and new windows operating system! Then came, the christmas season, losing more time to update my blog. And I thought I would be "retiring" when I reached 45. But I guess, retirement would still be a long way for me and it brings more trouble like:

1. a person saying to others that i had sex with him and that I have a disease, very contagious disease. duhhh, i do not even remember him nor I think i have blogged about that person. I admit my medical condition: I am a hypertensive diabetic with a thyroid problem. My diabetes was diagnosed in December 2007. My hypertension was in 2008, and my thyroid problem surfaced in 2009. Diabetes runs in my mother and father side. The hypertension is noted only in my father side and the thyroid problem in my mother side (my mother and most of her siblings, likewise traced to my grandmother!).

2. a person i did have group sex with before my birthday (oct 22) but no longer welcome due to complaints of his rumor mongering, saying that i am quiet because i had to leave and go somewhere else! duhhhh! I still live in the same building, same crime scene location. My mother is already 70 and for her sake, I will not leave her side. Offers to work abroad are immediately declined.

3. and that I am about to die or something! Geesh, I know I have my temper but for these netizens, I try to control my moods. I do not get it why they have to say so nasty things just because they are no longer invited nor welcome in my place!

There are :
1)doubters - people who question my sex life and the pictures,to them I reply that i had been blogging since 2006. Prior to my blogging days, I post my erotic stories in sites like menonthenet
2)the stealers - those who take my pictures and claim it as their own
3)the voyeurs - those who would mack me saying they would just like to watch!I am not a freak show nor a torero. I take pictures and write my story to remember and to show its real for the doubters! simply said, i am not an exhibitionist.
4) the haters - those who take pleasure in spreading lies or mistruths, you will find them in the comment section, hiding under the name "anonymous", they could not even take the time to create a persona.
5) users - like this alex guy who was direct to the point asking if my place is free - yeah my place is free, but i have work.

They exude negative energy and all. But life goes on and life is still good, because I have a family, friends, and readers who are very encouraging, asking for updates and all. I guess I simply should continue living a life in behalf of some readers, for not all can have the opportunity to do so.

Thank you dear reader for being with me. Happy new year, and I will try my best to have more life, more sex in 2012!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Countdown begins

Thursday, 20 October 2011. In a week's time I would start anew. My days are numbered, I would no longer be 44 - my 45th year begins! A friend txted me last night that my last week countdown begins, which I have started by having a dinner with Jericho and Paul. There should be four of us, but the fourth was a no show! Oh well, his lost not mine, no wonder my intuition was not to invite him yet to my place. We ate at Gerrys Grill in Robiinsons Manila and then some hot chocolate at Starbucks - it should have been my treat, a dip in my savings I deemed ok, but Jericho shouldered it saying its his gift.... hmmmm, how should I repay such kindness? Can I staged a group fun for his benefit? Or ... oh well, tomorrow is another day. The night was not over, Paul brought me to Chelu after Starbucks. Gone is the Piggys that I used to know (I met two of my lovers in that place! And yes, once, I suck a guy on one corner on the mezzenine dance floor. Jepoy is now in Australia and was suppose to marry his partner and Val is now with someone else). Oh god, for a while Chelu reminded me of the weekend Piggys, the sounds, the people, the drinks - well the waiters or attendants are eye candy! Paul ended with someone who drived a Ford something in a motel... damn, lucky bastard!

I went home around 3am and sleep eluded me so I watched Colombiana, I finally went to sleep around 5am walking with a migrained around 8am - that's it! I texted my office that I would be on sick leave. Ate breakfast, spend some time with my Mom discussing her scrapbook plans for sunday then went back to sleep. I woke up late in the afternoon with a lot of txt. Agenda for the day: 8pm orgy!!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Friends and guests

Saturday. 08 October 2011. Waking up today, it has been a while since I had a good fuck. And after sucking my friend's dick in his car ... I want more! So today I got resolved to really clean up my place and be open to invites - and I set the time to be 730pm! That should give me ample time to clean up all the mess of my she-devil cats!

A birthday dinner buffet

Friday, 07 October 2011. I scheduled nothing since I got invites from my office batch mates of two decades ago! They had married and had children, and am still happily single and all. Its nice to catch up with them and all.

Monday, October 3, 2011

invite... dis invites

Sunday, 02 October 2011. Hello World! Two typhoons had passed by the Philippines! There was Pedring and then Quiel, both pouring in rains and all. When Pedring left, I could not use my Sun USB modem in the office last wednesday, signal was so bad. Monday and Tuesday, I accepted that the bad weather affected the broadband likewise. Then by thursday, the USB modem no longer had any lights, no signal no matter how weak. I thought perhaps it was SUN, since tv shows how much their service was affected. Then, I thought it might also because I have not paid and they have disconnected me. And last saturday night, my obsessive compulsive side kicked in - went to the Mall of Asia to have the unit checked.. the verdict: busted! Had to replace it! Bummer, money problems! I cannot pig out since I am already obese and diabetic. I cannot shop since I do not have the money. And so... what else is there to do for a Sunday?

My solution: Relax, have fun. I do not have the money yet that weekend, so come sunday morning I simply started texting friends, inviting them to a possible group fun. Its not really that easy to organize, I have to remember the personalities and decide who to invite and who not to invite. One also has to remember that it being a sunday, people would most likely have their own plans and thus not be available. Lam, the super bottom, turns out to be celebrating his birthday. Paul sound excited but failed to show up. Some did not confirm and said will try. And Paulnbo replied with a dreaded text - "ilan" (how many?). I dread that answer because it only results in me having to disinvite him, which I did. Why? I find it stressful to questions I do not have the answer. And by such question, it reflects that numbers matter for him. I cannot and will not guarantee the number of attendees, was still inviting people - so for such a situation, I simply withdraw my invitation. He did apologize but the slot I intended went to someone else. And my bed turned out full that night!

There are other replies that would merit a disinvite, questions that ask who are coming? How the hell would I know who would finally make it or not? Likewise, when I make the roster I usually try to make it a group who does not know each other or at least you do not know half of the other groupies. So, I find it more irritating that when I had the patience to already mention names that confirmed - they would reply with who are they? I mean .... duhhhh.. its an orgy, basically one join for sex and not for a relationship or a soiree. With Paulnbo, I know he would insist himself so here comes the white lie, sorry - I actually have to cancel it because of the weather. :) Well, there are still rains - which actually make it bed weather.

Problem solve? Erhh no, it turns out, he was still insistent not to waste the opportunity. Why cancel? Why not push through with the orgy? Hmmmm, so I made the turn around. I asked him instead to do the inviting, I offer my place for sex - and as expected, he cannot come out even with a single player! My unsolicited advice - when you get invited, just accept or decline, think carefully of questions you would raise. You get invited, you can get disinvited.

And so, how did the group come around? Oto was the first one to arrive, in his case - he is "unique", there is money involved but it was complements of a vacationing friend from abroad, who came second. I was so tired from "mother sitting" that afternoon, I fell asleep and was not able to fix my place. Oto arrived early and to keep him busy, I was there sucking him till Ced arrived. As host, one should not only welcome everyone, one should also make everyone feel comfortable, ergo - one has to suck everyone! Then Bojok came, a mestizo. Baldo who earlier had balked out txted the last minute to ask if he can still catch up, it was his first time for a group sex. Baldo is a runner so his he is dark, slim, and bald. Last surprise guest was Tauro - he said he is not feeling well from the work related stress.

Oto was sucked by everyone who was there, I don't blame them, he does have a very big dick. The only other person that would equal his size was Tauro, and they ended up doing 69 together. Oto was relating its his first time to do so, and he ended up puking in the john afterwards... a mouth that can no longer claim virginity. Baldo also had fun with the others. And after the fun, I fixed up the bed and left Oto and Ced. Ced and Oto already had the "extra", now time for the legitimate massage!

I left them and came back after an hour, oh my... the massage was not yet finished. But after the sex, they do not mind me back on the bed with them, after all we had all been intimate. I did alternate sucking both of their dicks. I saw how he massage the genital area, he was also explaining how its done and all ... sad to say, my attention was on the tv, watching Kitchen Musical first episode.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Mama mia!

Monday, 26 September 2011. Pedring became a typhoon. I was suppose to go to work but I woke up with a heavy feeling and I ended up in bed for the rest of the morning. Weird, my body was aching like as if I deed a physical workout. But no, I joined Jaime Licauco's Basic ESP and intuition development seminar, and I ended up trying to bend a spoon mentally, with no success! And all that mental effort manifested itself physically... anyway after lunch, I was better. I went out for a hair cut and then I also realized... I only have 30 days left to lose weight and I would be 45!

I still have two posts pending ... but I chose to write this now, sort of a count down.

Tonight, was a dinner with Mer, Florante, and Cedigorry. I was trying to be a matchmaker, nothing romantic with Mer and Cedigorry but it would be a nice friendship, a new member of our barkada. What about Florante? Oh, when i realized he would not be anything romantic with either of the two - as always, I am the very gracious host that did not only include him in the conversation, I followed him in the comfort room, kissed him there and suck his cock. Yeah, some things would never change.. I would always be the hospitable slut.

Florante actually proposed via txt before we even met. I took it jokingly and said yes, and when I sensed he was serious, I backed out! I mean he was serious about a relationship with me, when we had not even met then!

So, is that my crazy action for the night that merits a blog post? No. I got a message from Pr from Singkitnurse, of which I gave my usual reply - my address, pics, and contact number. Then, he called me up and we talked for 18 minutes. Singkitnurse was in a relationship for 5 years and of which he got dumped by his ex earlier this month for someone they had a threesome! Hmmmmmmm, what can I offer? What can I do for him? I said he is my boyfriend now until the time we meet, have a threesome, and he would dump me for the third wheel. Now, I think that would be therapeutic for him.

off hand, I am thinking of having threesome with him and ceddiggory but if I introduce him to Caloy, I should not invite ced anymore. Oh readers... any volunteers? Singkitnurse is only 24, he is sagittarius, around 5-6 145 lbs, a bit muscular, and only one relationship for five years - that speaks good of him, any takers?

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

What plan?

Saturday, 10 September 2011. Smitten, I got inspired to go back to the gym. I tried this machine that is like hiking and I spent wednesday till friday massaging my legs with efficascent oil! Anyway, I don't mind, I was hoping for something, waiting - that was the plan. Likewise, to share the blessing, Paulo wanted to drop by and have a little fun. Who is paulo? He is my best friend forever BFF aside from Ting for around 15 years I guess. I think his angelfire site is still up - so I know it would not be difficult to find sex partners for him.

So, the plan was 4pm. I invited Lam and Jayson whose pictures are in August, and both did not show up! Tauro did show up and Paulo was grateful for inviting him. I also invited Tomador aka Caloy, Febrile, and Paulnbo. So that was five of them - just them, I did not join, I was outside doing the door duty since Ting is happy being a lolo. His niece gave birth and he took care of his niece and grandson, to be named Elijah Uriel. So, sorry no pictures here of that sex. Afterall, its their sex and not mine. I do not like setting up orgies but for Paulo, a friend for around 15 years? I would go to all that trouble just for him. And to those who I have not met and then they have the audacity to tell me to invite people for group sex - just go somewhere else. Likewise the same to those who wants to come and just be audience, please!!! These are the moments the bitch in me comes out.

Anybody new? That would had been Keith. I find him to be a cutie, a blog reader and gave me his facebook account and we had been exchanging messages. As I always say, I prefer to meet people first before introducing them to other friends for group sex - which as someone was smart enough to recognize is the screening process. Unfortunately, due to miscommunication and my level of irritability, I simply withdraw my invitation to Keith. I asked to meet him and if he is ok, he would experience that group sex that same afternoon with Paulo and others. But he blew it - he texted me to invite others so he can experience group sex! Who the fuck does he think he is? That is why I withdraw my invitation. Its his lost not mine. But he still asks by txt that he be invited ... someday perhaps he would be here in my pad, but not now. My opinion of him is quite low, and I frankly replied, I do not want to have sex with him.

So... what leaves me? And who the fuck then is Oto? the on on this pics? Well, with plans gone astray. Like the sex party extending, I was not able to go to my gym. And I think three days of waiting for something from Ichigo is enough - the compulsive me felt pity to this masseur. He was very irritating actually, so many txt messages, and his pr profile pictures are not appealing, sure - he seems endowed but not sexy, or inspiring. I decided to meet him at Jollibee where Paulo treated me and Tauro for that afternoon of sex, I want to sermon him and give him a lecture. Instead, I felt compassion for him. I still dont find him sexy - so the impulsive me decided just then to get a massage, to just help him. He seems to be in dire need of money for his six year old son.

That charitable impulse gave me a surprise! In my bed, he actually knows how to massage! And wow! The stretching he gave my body was great! No regrets here. And I got to know him more, he is 28 yo with a 6 yr old son, and the mother was not legally 18 yet when she got pregnant by his seed. Oto would likewise be leaving for middle east in 3 months time to work as a therapist. In the meantime, he needs to earn thus his incessant txting so people would try him out! His massage was worth it -inclusive of the pity and compassion. Ronald for me is still the best, PHp400 for two hours of relaxing massage (pr account is ronald258).

I had no plans of sex so even when he had finished his massage... nothing.... nada. But with nothing else to do, I allowed him to stay as he watched porn movies and I saw his cock raise out from his briefs! I know he boasted on his pr account of his size, but seeing a long hard cock ... now that makes my libido rise.

Damn! I would be paying for sex... of well, I would just think of it as charity for his son, and i did relish sucking and getting fuck by his cock, and so i took out the camera for picture taking. Oh, and before i forgot, I have this caller, nathan, who called me up while Oto and I where having sex. Oto was nice to have sex over the phone with Nathan while I actually suck him, lick his balls! Nathan kept calling that night and until the next day!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Something magickal ...

Tuesday, 06 September 2011. That was the day I meet Ichigo. I got to chat with him yesterday afternoon and he got excited with the pics and then my blog. I guess there is some sort of OCD with him, for after the PR messages, there was really the text messages. I had two other friends inquiring last night, I was not really up to it so I decline both of them but I kept my options open with him. Why, there was something, I guess he is new.

And now, its already Wednesday morning and I should be in the office but I overslept from last night. I know I was tired but after the sex, I felt like a completely drained battery, i remember still being hungry even after eating dinner and so! Do remember, he was only one guy!! Now, its around 11, the morning after, and I am finding myself still sming, still excited that I am making this write up for this blog post although I have two other sexpereience waiting to be posted. Is it just sex or something more?

Well, I had breakfast at my Mom's house as usual. On my way back to my pad, as I walkclimb the sairs,I was thinking of Ichigo. What an experience! We had a small talk before and after the intimaacy ( I do not want to call it sex, what is wrong with me?). I smiled as I see a txt message from him and bewildered as I read the message -

is the numerical wasy of saying
"i love you"
But what if i ask you
which means
"do you love me too?"
Would you answer me

Simply a forwarded message? Whatever, I find myself laughing by myself, smiling from ear to ear. Its nice. Its fun! Its a glorious feeling. Its like one of those damn Glee kids ffalling inand out of their hormones. Rare that I would feel this way, so I simply relish the fleeing while it lasts. This one day of absence I would relish forever.