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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Mama mia!

Monday, 26 September 2011. Pedring became a typhoon. I was suppose to go to work but I woke up with a heavy feeling and I ended up in bed for the rest of the morning. Weird, my body was aching like as if I deed a physical workout. But no, I joined Jaime Licauco's Basic ESP and intuition development seminar, and I ended up trying to bend a spoon mentally, with no success! And all that mental effort manifested itself physically... anyway after lunch, I was better. I went out for a hair cut and then I also realized... I only have 30 days left to lose weight and I would be 45!

I still have two posts pending ... but I chose to write this now, sort of a count down.

Tonight, was a dinner with Mer, Florante, and Cedigorry. I was trying to be a matchmaker, nothing romantic with Mer and Cedigorry but it would be a nice friendship, a new member of our barkada. What about Florante? Oh, when i realized he would not be anything romantic with either of the two - as always, I am the very gracious host that did not only include him in the conversation, I followed him in the comfort room, kissed him there and suck his cock. Yeah, some things would never change.. I would always be the hospitable slut.

Florante actually proposed via txt before we even met. I took it jokingly and said yes, and when I sensed he was serious, I backed out! I mean he was serious about a relationship with me, when we had not even met then!

So, is that my crazy action for the night that merits a blog post? No. I got a message from Pr from Singkitnurse, of which I gave my usual reply - my address, pics, and contact number. Then, he called me up and we talked for 18 minutes. Singkitnurse was in a relationship for 5 years and of which he got dumped by his ex earlier this month for someone they had a threesome! Hmmmmmmm, what can I offer? What can I do for him? I said he is my boyfriend now until the time we meet, have a threesome, and he would dump me for the third wheel. Now, I think that would be therapeutic for him.

off hand, I am thinking of having threesome with him and ceddiggory but if I introduce him to Caloy, I should not invite ced anymore. Oh readers... any volunteers? Singkitnurse is only 24, he is sagittarius, around 5-6 145 lbs, a bit muscular, and only one relationship for five years - that speaks good of him, any takers?


  1. can i get an invitation bert? lam here

  2. oh you will get volunteers i'm sure

  3. hnd ma-view ung profile ni singkitnurse

  4. pretty odd story.. left by his bf because of that 3some experience.. its sad but it can be true.. im thinking that its not really a 3some.. im guessing that there is happening between that guy and that bf of the nurse before they had this 3some.. what yah think.. i may be wrong.. cause i dont know the real story.. its a guess.. cheer him up.. i know your such a nice guy.. :-)

  5. hello...i likw your site..but im just confuse...and have sugestion that you segregate the we can view it....i love the pics..much,much...

  6. burado na yung account ni nursesingkit sa pr. talked to him as well regarding the break-up but i think we missed-out on the third wheel being a hook-up by he and his partner...

    only one thing's for sure. sex was better with the hook-up/third wheel than sex with nursesingkit...