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Monday, October 3, 2011

invite... dis invites

Sunday, 02 October 2011. Hello World! Two typhoons had passed by the Philippines! There was Pedring and then Quiel, both pouring in rains and all. When Pedring left, I could not use my Sun USB modem in the office last wednesday, signal was so bad. Monday and Tuesday, I accepted that the bad weather affected the broadband likewise. Then by thursday, the USB modem no longer had any lights, no signal no matter how weak. I thought perhaps it was SUN, since tv shows how much their service was affected. Then, I thought it might also because I have not paid and they have disconnected me. And last saturday night, my obsessive compulsive side kicked in - went to the Mall of Asia to have the unit checked.. the verdict: busted! Had to replace it! Bummer, money problems! I cannot pig out since I am already obese and diabetic. I cannot shop since I do not have the money. And so... what else is there to do for a Sunday?

My solution: Relax, have fun. I do not have the money yet that weekend, so come sunday morning I simply started texting friends, inviting them to a possible group fun. Its not really that easy to organize, I have to remember the personalities and decide who to invite and who not to invite. One also has to remember that it being a sunday, people would most likely have their own plans and thus not be available. Lam, the super bottom, turns out to be celebrating his birthday. Paul sound excited but failed to show up. Some did not confirm and said will try. And Paulnbo replied with a dreaded text - "ilan" (how many?). I dread that answer because it only results in me having to disinvite him, which I did. Why? I find it stressful to questions I do not have the answer. And by such question, it reflects that numbers matter for him. I cannot and will not guarantee the number of attendees, was still inviting people - so for such a situation, I simply withdraw my invitation. He did apologize but the slot I intended went to someone else. And my bed turned out full that night!

There are other replies that would merit a disinvite, questions that ask who are coming? How the hell would I know who would finally make it or not? Likewise, when I make the roster I usually try to make it a group who does not know each other or at least you do not know half of the other groupies. So, I find it more irritating that when I had the patience to already mention names that confirmed - they would reply with who are they? I mean .... duhhhh.. its an orgy, basically one join for sex and not for a relationship or a soiree. With Paulnbo, I know he would insist himself so here comes the white lie, sorry - I actually have to cancel it because of the weather. :) Well, there are still rains - which actually make it bed weather.

Problem solve? Erhh no, it turns out, he was still insistent not to waste the opportunity. Why cancel? Why not push through with the orgy? Hmmmm, so I made the turn around. I asked him instead to do the inviting, I offer my place for sex - and as expected, he cannot come out even with a single player! My unsolicited advice - when you get invited, just accept or decline, think carefully of questions you would raise. You get invited, you can get disinvited.

And so, how did the group come around? Oto was the first one to arrive, in his case - he is "unique", there is money involved but it was complements of a vacationing friend from abroad, who came second. I was so tired from "mother sitting" that afternoon, I fell asleep and was not able to fix my place. Oto arrived early and to keep him busy, I was there sucking him till Ced arrived. As host, one should not only welcome everyone, one should also make everyone feel comfortable, ergo - one has to suck everyone! Then Bojok came, a mestizo. Baldo who earlier had balked out txted the last minute to ask if he can still catch up, it was his first time for a group sex. Baldo is a runner so his he is dark, slim, and bald. Last surprise guest was Tauro - he said he is not feeling well from the work related stress.

Oto was sucked by everyone who was there, I don't blame them, he does have a very big dick. The only other person that would equal his size was Tauro, and they ended up doing 69 together. Oto was relating its his first time to do so, and he ended up puking in the john afterwards... a mouth that can no longer claim virginity. Baldo also had fun with the others. And after the fun, I fixed up the bed and left Oto and Ced. Ced and Oto already had the "extra", now time for the legitimate massage!

I left them and came back after an hour, oh my... the massage was not yet finished. But after the sex, they do not mind me back on the bed with them, after all we had all been intimate. I did alternate sucking both of their dicks. I saw how he massage the genital area, he was also explaining how its done and all ... sad to say, my attention was on the tv, watching Kitchen Musical first episode.


  1. this is there anyway i can join?

  2. Wow! Am new follower of your blog. Twas referred to me by a friend. May nangyayari palang ganito, and here I am being a couch potato in my room. Pwede rin naman akong maging adventurous.... matry nga. Pa-sex minsan. Hehehehe!

  3. Bert, I'm really turned on by Oto's dick. Please give me his number. Thanks!

  4. Oto can be reached at 0928 410 6687.

  5. hi oto jhad here, 09065330077