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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

First date, Last EB

The month started with labor day, and I did labor on top and underneath men on that day! There was even an aftermath the following day and I could not help smiling what is in line for the rest of the month! But then, I had a scheduled trip to Singapore and the week before that was consumed in preparing for that short escape, and the escape was not what I envisioned it to be! I did go with two discreet individuals, who I though would definitely fulfill their male desires once outside the country - I was wrong, they were there to look for a job and they did not have money nor prepared reservations!. Two days were lost looking for a place to stay, and I ended up two days touring by myself on top of a bus - with the rest spent likewise mediating their pettiness.

Now, its tuesday, 30 May 2012. Go ahead, smile! I kept telling myself this. I still have to clear out to the laundry my dirty clothes, fix my apartment of the cat's pooh but, I am hopeful for something. That something was another married man with children, who stumbled into my blog. Hmmmm, curiosity killed the cat, in my case, their curiosity had me sucking at their cock. All is not lost, he had given his mobile, where is my damn mobile, I immediately sent a txt : Hi! Bertbaltazar here.

That was the start, and the end - we would meet in Greenbelt and have dinner. This is the first time I am going to meet someone in Greenbelt for an eyeball. He suggested the place and time, he was all the while sending txt in english, not txt languauge, not jejemon, his language was very professional. Thus, I asked for his age and job, turns out he is in his 40s and a businessman. Hmmmm, this would be most likely clandestine, a restuarant with not much people ...would he want us to go to a motel / hotel, or simply in his car, in a dark corner or parking lot?

8pm, National Bookstore, Greenbelt. Check.

Damn the traffic. Damn the work, almost had to cancel and I was late by 12 minutes. I went inside and look at the Sheaffer Calligraphy pens. I saw Iceberg and I handed to him a courtesy form that he requested, and at his back, I saw this tall man, average body, not so big, not so thin or slim, wearing a red shirt and a sling bag. He was looking at me and Iceberg, I hope it was him. Our eyes met, I saw his face was blank, no smiles, I could not read him.

" Bert."

"Hi, am JJ" Damn the formality, I want him. There is something about him. I could not pinpoint exactly what, is it my hunger? Is it him? It has been awhile that I end up being celibate - I want him. I want him, not just for sex, I want his arms around me, I want to cuddle on his chest, make those sweet, empty promises. I want him to make me not only sexually satiated but i want him to make me emotionally secure. For this, I was and would more than willingly submit to him ... just say it, am his, totally his.

His face had already matured but not the maturity of old, it was a maturity of experiences, the hardships that he has endured and weathered. I sense no fire and yet his eyes are smoldering with life. I detected no beer belly. I stand at 5-8, 180 lbs, but he was taller and slimmer at his 160 lbs. The red shirt is matched with faded blue jeans, quite a bit far from the businessman that he is.

I asked where we would have dinner and hope it would be a reasonable one. I am the one who asked for the dinner and I expect to be the one to pay for us. I actually had withdrawn Php3000 cash, just in case, my credit card would not be sufficient or good (also, if we end up in a motel - always pay in cash and not with a credit card, no paper trail to show in a statement of account).

"Lets just have dinner there - Via Mare" which was just across National Bookstore.

"Oh ok". And we crossed. The resto was half full. In such, best to take a side table, away from the door. A table away from most passersby would always be comforting, securing. Of course, it helps that I was wearing a short black polo shirt and blue slacks, we can both claim it was just a business meet. Which is true, he talked about his professional life, his business and those that he had closed one, and how he is still looking for possible ventures, business to open. I smiled and listened, wondering how can I get to open his pants, bring out his cock and have him for dessert!

Just a chance, a private place - I know what I would do to him. I have to make him relax, feel secure, comfortable. He admitted having two encounters when he was in college and when he was abroad as an expat. In college, he watched a straight porn and gotten hard, he caressed himself, only to find his college friend assist him. His friend not only touched him, but sensing no objection, brough out his dick and took it in his mouth. He was young, dumbfounded by the experience, but he did not protest, he allowed it. It was more than a decade after, that another man's mouth would be on his cock. He was working abroad, bonding with another Filipino, he was lost to find the guy making advances. He felt the loneliness and did not protest his friend, for the second time, his manhood was in another man.

Now in his early 40s, here he is, having dinner with me asking questions about my blog, my experiences. He was curious. I guess it might be some mid life crisis, this urge to explore, to find more about life. I would have to be gentle and yet I would have to be agressive, he would be the passive one. Having shared his past sex experience, I can just imagine myself kneeling, my head bobbing up and down, his pants on his ankles. He would be holding my head, pressing it to take his cock, he would be moaning with delight. I see the end of the drought, I can taste his essence, I can smell his semen in my mouth.

Enough daydreaming! Where is the waiter? Check please.

Let me get that for you.

Huh? Well, Ok, if you promise I would pay for dessert.


Where shall we have dessert.

I smiled from ear to ear.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May 1 - Final Count, SIX for SEX

 If my Memory serves me right, Marco made it that afternoon then it was Onyx. It was so cramped, and I took a break after a while leaving them to their devices. Dandy finished himself and said that next time, I should warn him.. duhhh ... I did not invite him to join the orgy. He said he wanted to drop by to get copies of his orgy pics, which I have no problem with. Now, he tells, he needs an advance notice? Well, he would no longer be welcome then for group fun. :)
Tauro was nice to welcome Onyx but I think it was not exactly mutual. But he was nice enough to accommodate Onyx, with the aftermath of Ting telling me how he found Onyx to be so choosy. Anyway, he left after Dandy. I did take note of the comment. Earlier, we joked that Tauro is smitten with Prof. Angel, however.. in the end it was simply Marco and Prof. Angel that are still hugging and making out!

May 1 : Instantly 3 + 1 = 4

I expected surprise visitors, and one of them was Dandy. I have no problem with him since I have known him for quite some time. One of the unforgettable would the time that he crossed paths with Elmar, a more agressive top - thus he ended up being the bottom.

I was still texting Marco, who decided to make an alibi from going with his family in Tagaytay and proceed.... well, I did tell him the numbers are rising and that the fun is so much.

May 1 - A repeat of the sexual dance

Three is a magical number, with the three of us, I took it to start and get myself fuck. Another visitor would make it four, which would only divide us into two twosomes. Five people becomes a threesome and a twosome. After Tauro, I was only texting Marco to come but he was so undecided.  But the fun had only started. It being a holiday, I already expected surprise visitors. So, before any more surprises, I got my ass fucked by Prof. Angel while he suck Tauro. For me, this scene is always hot.

May 1 - Tauro makes it a Threesome

 Tauro and Ting arrived, saw me enjoying the flesh of Prof. Being long time friends, they already know the roles they have to play. Tauro would complete and join to make it into a threesome. He also has a cock worthy to be sucked.
 So there, Ting knows he would be the Photographer and all. He took the camera and started rolling. From the cock in my mouth, I moved to have Prof A cock inside my ass, first i sat and then we moved to try other positions while he suck Tauro.

May 1 - Prof Angel

May 01, 2012 - Labor day. No work for me and likewise for friends. I have been receiving invites and  expecting those bored with no plans to simply text me - I anticipate that I would be laboring under and over many a body.  The first of which is Prof. Angel, this would be our second time together. The first time was so good but it was just us. This time, I have alerted and told Ting! Ting would come and take photographs! I hope he would be able to take good ones.
Aside from Prof. Angel - I simply answer the text inquiries to drop by that afternoon. This time, not only would it be us, I planned to level up the experience. The other invitees I remember would be Tauro and Marco.

Prof. Angel was the first to arrive that afternoon, completely a professional. We talked for a while, status updates so to speak. I wonder how hard it is to be outside Manila and a faculty at that. Manila is overcrowded but one maintains a certain degree of anonymity with that number.

I know I would be sharing him in a little while, but I am selfish at times, and this is one of those few occasions. Who can resist such a big cock? I know that the other friends that would be dropping by would without doubt take a bite, a taste, or at least feel that snake of manhood that he has. So, I took the first suck. I welcomed him eagerly in my mouth.

One should enjoy moments given the chance, no wait, less you lose the moment.