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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May 1 - Prof Angel

May 01, 2012 - Labor day. No work for me and likewise for friends. I have been receiving invites and  expecting those bored with no plans to simply text me - I anticipate that I would be laboring under and over many a body.  The first of which is Prof. Angel, this would be our second time together. The first time was so good but it was just us. This time, I have alerted and told Ting! Ting would come and take photographs! I hope he would be able to take good ones.
Aside from Prof. Angel - I simply answer the text inquiries to drop by that afternoon. This time, not only would it be us, I planned to level up the experience. The other invitees I remember would be Tauro and Marco.

Prof. Angel was the first to arrive that afternoon, completely a professional. We talked for a while, status updates so to speak. I wonder how hard it is to be outside Manila and a faculty at that. Manila is overcrowded but one maintains a certain degree of anonymity with that number.

I know I would be sharing him in a little while, but I am selfish at times, and this is one of those few occasions. Who can resist such a big cock? I know that the other friends that would be dropping by would without doubt take a bite, a taste, or at least feel that snake of manhood that he has. So, I took the first suck. I welcomed him eagerly in my mouth.

One should enjoy moments given the chance, no wait, less you lose the moment.

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