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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Popoy, Hilda and I ...

Wednesday, 16 February 2011. Popoy first came to my bed on 31 October 2010, however, I was not able to post our pics together, I started with a write up and was no longer able to upload the pics. Well, considering the unforgettable wednesday night, let me share our first pics together. Popoy's dick is nice because its really hard, a bit fat, and can be compared to our "saba". Popoy is also tall and has a developing body, he claims a height of 5 feet 11 and big thighs that in proportion making his dick not so appetizingly large. Honestly, he is a regular fuck buddy that I remember having quickies with him, as in, he would ask that he would finish quickly, and I remember just putting down my pants and briefs! Sad to say, the busy christmas season made us lose touch with each other. He expressed interest again upon seeing the breast of Hilda and my dare.

Hilda have expressed her fantasy, she wants to try it with two guys! BUT, we have been friends for so long that I feel weird to try and have sex with her - I got Daddy John to be the third wheel. So I was set to realize her fantasy! Actually, I even have a backup, I asked Bogs and Absex to return, to come back but around 8 pm. One hour should be enough for Hilda's first threesome, and then another one - and if somehow the first group does not realize, I have a back up duo for her.

Smooth sailing? Murphy's law - things usually go awry, plans don't work! Hilda suddenly have a meeting and she cannot come around 7, but an hour and a half later! Daddy John said ok but texted he could not escape to be here by 830pm. Popoy made it ahead of time. So, there was me and Popoy in my bed. Ting came, but he was not a bother. He was using this laptop and so, Popoy and I were doing it, kissing, sucking him, and he has his eternal hard on. My bottom was off in an instant, I felt his dick knocking in my ass, I was hard from missing that dick of his.

Oh my God! Hilda just barged in the room! Ting forgot to lock the door, I presumed he had locked it with Popoy's arrival. I immediately covered myself with a pillow.

"Dont worry guys, go ahead!" Blah blah blah! "Dont mind me!" But she continued yacking coming in and out .... duhhhh ... I lost my hard on, I lost my lust but Popoy maintained his erection. When she turned away, I stood up and put on my briefs and short. Yeah, Hilda may be an ex but we never had sex below the waist. I guess I am the only boyfriend she never tasted, well, I am gay! Besides, I am afraid I might like it and I would be her sex slave forever. So, I explained the situation and left them. Ting went out of the room with the laptop, giving Popoy and Hilda privacy.

I left them and did an errand for my Mom, went back and had dinner. Ting told me how exciting their noise was, and how Hilda is seducing him ... so enticingly that he might lost his control. Ting told me that he had to leave for a massage client and told them, instead both Popoy and Hilda have become the best of friends and more, having a rapport "attack" him together, he was already half naked - but this time, its my return that interrupted the possible threesome! Talk about karma. Popoy related how much good it felt that he considers it such a record time for him to cum for the second time. Hilda? She loved it, already nagged another one, and perhaps that I may booked her to realize her fantasy. I said, not my fault that her work was a distubance.

Bogs and Absex? I HATE FILIPINO TIME! They were so horribly late, a surprise that did not materialize. Hilda said she is hungry and wanted to take the tricycle, I agreed but we walk .... true to my instinct, we encountered Bogs and Absex on the street! The four of us ended in Chowking, Hilda is hungry for food, afterall she already had her fill. Hilda however got excited also with Bogs, she had the dilemma, go home to her husband and son and go back to my pad for a threesome? There is always tomorrow, dont risk the family. Regrettably, Hilda left for her house.

It was only Bogs, Absex, and I who returned to my place. No... no repeat of last night. But Bogs ask for a request if I can lend him a clean shirt. Oh ok, but I am not comfortable giving any old shirt so I gave him brand new Bench shirt (I love to shop so I always have brand new clothes waiting to be used). Was it a barter from last night? I dont know, anyway, no cash outlay.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Bogs ... Bogs! ... Bogs?

16 February 2011, Tuesday. Ok, my last sex was last Saturday. I was fucked hard and long by Markietot and Chet ... it was a fix that I was able to stand a Sunday pre Valentine date with a female friend of mine, and able to withstand Valentine just pigging out - ei, I almost got an instant date with another female that night too!! Damn! Yeah, times are changing, gays, beki, fairies, discretes, whatever term one can label guys who enjoys sex with other guys - are more acceptable in the society, so much accepted girls are willing to marry me! So, tuesday, my luck change, back to men!

I have always mentioned, open your doors, consider it as multi level marketing. Absex brought Al last week, now he brought another friend, name Bogs! Bogs, how do I describe him? Oh god, he has a very nice body, definitely masculine, definitely a guy. Such a guy that one might shell out money to be in bed with him! He is a dream come true. Too good to be true?

That was my gut feel. Bogs was nice and immediately expressed he never tried this before. So, feeling him like a straight guy experimenting in gay sex - I searched for my bi sexual porn, its in spanish, it starts with two girls and one guy, and the rest are threesomes of two guys and one girl. Its a very educational video, showing all the possibilities of guy fucking another guy fucking a girl, or girl sucking the guy while he is being fucked by the other guy, the girl sucking and being fucked at the same time, or the guy fucking the other guy while sucking the girl. Yeah, I thought it was a safe video showing some semblance of straight sex. But I was guarded, meaning I was very passive touching but not exactly all over him. I was submissive, doing what Absex instructed like sucking Bogs, making some intimate gestures.

It has been some time since I encountered someone asking for money, after the sex that is, saying its for their transportation (php100) or food (php150). But with this guy, I felt cautious that he might ask something later in return, and that Absex was just being youthful and inexperienced to bring him. I normally discourage discussion, or little chit chat in bed, not until they have cum - but in this case, for he might end up a "payable", someone who we will have to pay, I let the discussion go on. My doubt became stronger when he said he had fucked Senator XXXXXX! Well, it was no surprise that said Senator is gay, but for him to have had sex with him? Sex just for the trip or pleasure of it? Funny, Absex did not recognize the senator's name. Bogs said he is intimidated with it being his first time, he reached for my hand and started doing some hard hand massage, oh my, he knows the move. Why? Because he had worked as a masseur in Brunei before. Oh ok, and now? I worked as a driver / bodyguard for a vice mayor.

Absex and him was kissing. I was touching his pecs, those adorable hard chest of it. I even went down of it ... it did become hard but not that hard. He knows it, while Absex was really hard. Bogs was apologetic not getting that hard for a good fuck "sorry, nanliliit ang titi ko eh, umuurong" (sorry, my dick is not getting hard). He asked Absex and I fuck.

And so, after trying various touches and sucking Absex. I placed a condom on the ever hardness of Absex, and sat on his dick. I guess, I was so horny and fired I tried sucking Bogs while sitting up and down on Absex. My ass was enjoying the attention but my mouth was getting insecure. There is always a first time, and the new thing I tried, I asked Bogs to turn around and I started rimming his ass.

"oh shit, sarap" (Oh shit, it feels good)

So I continued bobbing up and down Absex 's cock while rimming Bogs, feeling his body, his legs, his thigh. Yes, this threesome is different, Bogs does not have a decent hard on but someone the sexiness of his body, the hardness of his body compensated for that lack! Likewise, the tattoos on his body intensified my perception of his manly stature.

Sad, I am old with lesser stamina, position change, with me on my back. Absex on his knees to fuck my ass while I try again with my mouth on Bog's manhood. The heat and motion intensified and Absex came! Bogs apologized. I was quiet.

Moment of truth? I went out, Ting was there. He whispered his suspicion about Bogs. So it was not only me who suspects a payable. Oh well, if he would indeed ask for some monetary consideration, so be it. Surprisingly, he did not! They dressed up and about to leave.. hmmmm.. duhhh.. if he is not a payable, and he says he finds it difficult to get a hardness for another guy, that he is simply for girls. I offered Hilda ... and a picture please? So, there, two remembrance photos of his bod after the sex.

Would he and hilda have sex in my place?

Friday, February 25, 2011

Frustrating morning, Surprising evening

12 February 2011, Saturday. I still remember Hilda asking why no booking on a Friday night, should I not look for friends, maybe we can still realize her fantasy. Duhhhh. I was forced to admit that although there was nothing, I am expecting Markietot the next morning, another 7am, another morning sex. I really enjoyed having sex with him so expecting him early, I do not want to be sleepy or oversleep. Besides, I felt him sincere and really enjoyed it ... duhhhh! Damn! He did not arrive, there was no sex, there was no txt. I expected him and so I was frustrated with his non appearance. After lunch, I heard from him - he went on leave at work and went a drinking spree with his friends, and he was so wasted he was not able to come this morning. He apologized and promised to come at night. Hmmmm, ok, I really like his hard cock. Its not that its really long, but its really hard, harder than my silicone vibrator! He deserves another chance. Everyone deserves another chance.

Now, what is so special about that evening? In summary, Markietot arrived. Yoshiro texted me and arrived. So, a threesome is brewing. Chet texted likewise but I was already busy giving oral sex to my two guests, Ting replied in my behalf, inviting him to come and drop over! Thus, the threesome became a foursome. Special case, Yoshiro wanted to back out, not sure if he is ready for a threesome, so, how much more, when it becomes a foursome? Read on, to know more.

Markietot may not be considered handsome by the general standards of the population but he is a terrific conversationalist, in english, that is. But I guess he was just able to hone this skill since he works in a call center. Yoshiro however have a face that it would be difficult to say no, he has that boyish charm, that innocent look that one may find it hard to imagine that he has a boyfriend and is into male sex! Well, cock wise, as one can see in the pics, he is not endowed or gifted. We all have our gifts and wish list. The last member Chet is may be considered in between of the two in terms of face and cock attributes, he has a very distinct squarish cock head.

Yoshiro texted me that he wants to back out when he is already in my pad and so is markietot, he thinks he not ready for a threesome. One should not force or push someone, but in this case, he wants to back out for he is not sure. What to do? Deadma? Ignore and just focus on Markietot, let him go home? No, one has to be a nurturing parent when the other party is acting like a child, needing reassurance, asking for comfort. I back embraced Yoshiro, hugged him, whispered to him to relax, and let me handle. And as not to alienate Markietot, I would touch him and look at him, smile at him. This way, I was able to manuever them both in my bedroom.

One has to continue to hugging, cuddling them, assure them that they are desired, wanted, that they should not fear any rejection or that they would not be left out. Likewise, although there is more attention to the one who is flight risk, you know, the one that might just back out or walk out - one just do not allow them the opportunity to waiver and have self doubt. Let lust lead the way. Assist them even in taking their clothes off, fondle their genitals, make it hard by touch. It was not simply stoking and giving them a hard on, it is to make them feel hot, aroused so sexually that leaving is not an option, getting a release is what they would want to do. And so, from getting them into the bedroom, I got Yoshiro naked in my bed. Markietot expressed nothing so no assistance required. Both of them now naked and in my bed!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Just a massage for Hilda ...

11 February 2011, Friday. I considered myself getting out of the depression mode. I was still basking in the glow of the threesome with Daddy John and Albert. Sad to say, I have no pictures just memories of that night. I believe in paying it forward but as much as I wanted to help Hilda ... there seems to be a shortage of bisexuals around to have fun with her.

So instead of having sex that Friday night, I just booked Hilda with Miguel. He is a masseur from a spa in Evangelista, Makati that does home service. His rate is reasonable, Php500 for a two hour massage plus transportation. I already had him once before I booked with Hilda and one after.

I want to keep Miguel as a masseur with no extra, no fun. There are masseurs who offers massage with extra, but I am sure some would comment that not all are even qualified to do massage less to give a full hour of massage! In my younger years, my sex was with a masseur somewhere in Sta Mesa and then paying for extra services - usually a handjob! A good massage helps blood circulation and is good for health.

Hilda commented that she already have tried masseurs which always have ended in sex with no massage, so I volunteered Miguel. But ... I fear that she might try to seduce him - what would I do? Believe it or not, I was there on my bed, lying beside her while Miguel gives her the massage. Hilda was naked, I was fully cloth, and Miguel was wearing his scrubs! Its a funny picture in my head, not really sex, almost like sex, for that I am blogging that. Can one imagine me, abstaining sex for a night and playing a chaperone? Ughhhh, duhhh... classic!

ps ... relax, i believe in karma, i believe in balance. I was celibate that night, but the next day, was an unscheduled foursome!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Unconditional ... Unexpected

10 February 2011, Thursday. My blog would already be about two weeks late. I feel the lag and yet it allows me not only to remember those moments but understand repercussions, cause and effect. I still did not report to work, useless to go to work when my mind and heart is somewhere else - and for this Daddy John met me at Jollibee. It was my first time to meet him outside my place, first time to have some time with him or anyone over merienda. In terms of depression, it would have been shopping or sex that would be my aleviator, my first aid but I have no money to shop nor idea to shop for something. And MarkYD have expressed his disgust that I engage in sex for depression, he said there are other means such as pigging out - and that I tried out that afternoon. I ordered for Daddy John and me, and yet except for the fries, I am the one who finished everything!

Daddy John as I refer to him proved himself right for the name - fatherly! He was there listening me ramble and runt about my life. It was not much of a discussion, it was almost like a monologue of my life. He was very patient trying to understand my life - readers joked of envying my sex life, saying its not fair. Well, its not really fair, that I do not have to worry if I would have a fuck or sex mate, and yet I worry about losing my job! I worry about our family affairs, the close extended family I know had moved on, no longer that close, distances created when we had our own families - except for me. He listened, no advise, no criticism, he accepted me for what I am. His acceptance was unconditional, made me feel good accepting myself. He did not suggest any changes and I felt right being myself. That friendship of his was unconditional, so moving on - I told him as I may have no alternative career to think off, there is someone wanting to meet me that day.

Count your blessings, you may not have a job but at least you have someone wanting to spend some time with you.

Huh, well, if this my blessing, I share my blessing. Care to join us? I have never met him and I am not sure his preferences but my instinct, my gut feel is that he would be glad to have two playmates and not just one. Like, I have mentioned before Daddy John is a mestizo, and one can be reminded of Ric Segreto or Jovit Moya (if you are not familiar with these artist, its a generation thing, one can google how they look). So I am confident that Vic would welcome both of us. Vic is married with kids and work in Harrison.

My phone rings, an unsaved number. Are we on? I replied yes and that I have a welcome surprise! So Daddy John and I went back to my place to wait for Vic. I was feeling better to have a good threesome. Daddy John was apologetic that he brought someone and I have declined to join, I said its nothing, just me trusting my intuition when to have sex or not.

Waiting in my pad, it was exciting. Thus, when I opened the door. Huh? What? Hey!

There standing on the door is not someone new, but its Albert! My thursday fuckbud! I was surprised, I am not expecting him. Would this be a foursome? It turns out, the unregistered number is his new mobile number, he had been robbed recently and lost his mobile phone to the robbers! And going back online, Vic, waiting for confirmation have went home to his family! Oh ok ... so would this turn out to be?

This time, I asked directly Albert, are you versatile? Is it ok? I had sex with Daddy John really only once, after that, the threesome sex with him was for me to focus on the third person, who is a versatile to address his needs as a top and mine as a bottom. Yeah, Daddy John is rough and I was not sure if I can handle two tops! I was still recovering my full libido.

Yes, no problem. And Albert gave a timid smile.

It was a smile that would represent the sex - GREAT, very VERY GREAT!

My apologies if I cannot be that graphic of those bed moments. Suffice to say, I remember sucking Daddy John and Albert. Then it was sort of a line. Daddy John was lying there while Albert was sucking him and I sucking Albert. Then, the switch, I suck Daddy John while Albert suck me. It was nice being in between, felt so good sucking two cocks!

Daddy John stood up, went to my condom bowl and placed protection on his penis. I sat on my bed post and positioned Albert. Albert was on his fours, he was going to take it doggy style. Daddy John slowly inserted his cock into Albert, who grimaced but silently took every inch. Then, he went down on me. He has two cocks at both ends. Then, Albert motioned to switch on to lie on his back. Daddy John was still standing by the bed, this time Albert was lying with his legs in the air. This allowed me to suck Albert, we were doing 69 while Daddy John continued to fuck him. It was already heaven for me.

A third position, to try it a sandwich. I moved to be the bottom layer this time Albert's cock in my ass, and as soon as he settled, Daddy John took his ass again. There was rocking and moans ... and it was Daddy John who came first and withdrew himself. Albert continued to fuck me until he came. Oh yes, its a delightful start for a recovery!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Embracing depression

Its now 28 of February 2011, more than a week has passed since Absex visited me with his friend Al. It was depression, and I am not even sure of what I have written. If I am mumbling about the same things, my apologies. Likewise, my apologies that at times I only have pictures and the text or story is a bit behind. But, as someone have mentioned that its not fair that I am having this sex life - other aspects of my life is not exactly that blessed, so I could just smile.

Someone have even told me that I am nice, that I should have a lover and not be fucking around and having sex. Hmmmmm, that comment hurt until I learned he has no right to say that. It turns out that he is not even married with a baby daughter just another male guy with an official relationship and unofficial one, he is number one officially but having an affair with someone who is in a relationship! That was very sombering. Others may envy, others may pity, simply said, life is not the same for all of us, we have our ups and downs.

It was last week when someone, a national figure, committed suicide. And this week, a 70 yr old guy who became father again told me that no Filipino becomes depressed. We all have our moments, suicide have crept into my mind, I feel wasted, I feel useless. Dr. Margarita Holmes titled her latest book "Down to One", referring to the decreased sexual libido of her depressed husband - in my case, down to none? And yet when I would talk and meet my friends and visitors, I guess I am still lucky. I am 44 and I guess I only have limited time, I mean can I continue this active sex life till my golden age? I am just lucky in my genes that I have not so age or matured that I still pass for a person in his 30s!

But embracing depression is a struggle, and so with friends still wanting to take advantage of my fun place, why not? Thus, absex was most welcome last week's wednesday with his friend. Hmmmm, how shall I describe Al? He is fair with a slight belly and seems to be horny as hell. He said he had not had sex for a while since his wife is pregnant ... only he answered that the wife is only 3 months pregnant after the sex. Oh yeah.. yeah right! Some people do find it hard to admit they enjoy, that they love male sex!

And how was the male sex for me? Nice, very, very nice.

09 February 2011, Wednesday.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Out for a smoke .... forever!

08 February 2011, Tuesday. I was in the pit of depression of which I was trying to rationalize my way out. I had to work last sunday night till morning of monday, and I spent monday resting and even watched Tangled. Friday to Saturday, wow, 5 guys within a 24 hour period and coming likewise around five times - it was easy not to feel and think about the gloom. But Tuesday, there it was, and so I decided not to go to work. That evening, nothing really planned but willing to accommodate Jake.

I guess I would never ever forget Jake, never had that experience before. He messaged me in PR with "I want that mouth!". So, I replied that my mouth was his for the taking, he only has to come here in my pad. His profile said he wants to cum 5x. Hmmm, this would be a challenge for anyone - can someone really cum 5 times in one sitting? Azen did cum five times in an afternoon! Would he take the whole evening till morning?

I remember giving him directions that he can take the jeep and walk, something economical and practical. But, he ask for directions using a taxi! Wow, rich kid? Hmmm, not exactly a good omen. Why? Rich kids can mean a spoiled personality, a demanding personality, a very expecting personality, a domineering person .... he can be a challenge, would i be subservient enough? Would my mouth be as he expected? Damn, I am too old to be the one to worry and anxious. Oh well, I calmed myself, saying that things would be as they should be.

He did arrived in my pad. I had to control my mood, for if I were in a continious downward spiral I might just off to ignore him. Not his fault, but that is depression talking. Dr. Margarita Holmes wrote a book, Down to One - which refers to the libido of her husband from a healthy sex life to just one sex - because of depression. I know I should rationalize myself out of depression or as mentioned in the book, sex is just a filler.

He is short, stocky and yes, hairy. So, off we go to my bedroom - played a male porn and he started to undress. He was quiet, he seemed apathetic, and I do not feel passion or his libido - was it me or him? Oh my, I was afraid he might not even get hard, maybe he does not like me. Then, I noticed the bulge - when he took of his pants - A HARDON! I slowly was able to relax and breath. I will take that hard cock of his as a sign, he is horny, hard and ready - good for sucking and cum! No worries!

How did I suck him? Oh yes, I suck him with all the variations I could think of, making my tongue work its magic. Likewise, I only took one shot of the camera and then gave it to him. He is used to commanding, and to make him secure that there is no face - I gave him control of the camera. I can easily just crop my face and he is assured his face being behind the camera would never be seen! Likewise, it was a turn on for him to see me adore and pay homage to his cock - that he came, once, twice, and thrice! I just let him rest and then suck back the life and the juice out of his cock.

After the third time, the cum was lesser and he said it feels great to smoke after sex. I said sorry, I do not have cigarettes (yeah, I know there is a pack of cigarette and a lighter on the table - but that is not mine but left by Markietot who I know would come back at least for another one, and I do want him to fuck me again!). So he excused himself to go down and buy some cigarette ... I waited, waited, and waited... damn, something happened to him? Or... he saw my determination to make him cum 5 x, and after his third cum, he has nothing more and afraid of impending failure... he simply returned! My god, tinakasan ako? (how should I translate that for others - he escape? or simply did not return) Oh well, I just shrug my shoulders about it.