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Monday, February 14, 2011

Out for a smoke .... forever!

08 February 2011, Tuesday. I was in the pit of depression of which I was trying to rationalize my way out. I had to work last sunday night till morning of monday, and I spent monday resting and even watched Tangled. Friday to Saturday, wow, 5 guys within a 24 hour period and coming likewise around five times - it was easy not to feel and think about the gloom. But Tuesday, there it was, and so I decided not to go to work. That evening, nothing really planned but willing to accommodate Jake.

I guess I would never ever forget Jake, never had that experience before. He messaged me in PR with "I want that mouth!". So, I replied that my mouth was his for the taking, he only has to come here in my pad. His profile said he wants to cum 5x. Hmmm, this would be a challenge for anyone - can someone really cum 5 times in one sitting? Azen did cum five times in an afternoon! Would he take the whole evening till morning?

I remember giving him directions that he can take the jeep and walk, something economical and practical. But, he ask for directions using a taxi! Wow, rich kid? Hmmm, not exactly a good omen. Why? Rich kids can mean a spoiled personality, a demanding personality, a very expecting personality, a domineering person .... he can be a challenge, would i be subservient enough? Would my mouth be as he expected? Damn, I am too old to be the one to worry and anxious. Oh well, I calmed myself, saying that things would be as they should be.

He did arrived in my pad. I had to control my mood, for if I were in a continious downward spiral I might just off to ignore him. Not his fault, but that is depression talking. Dr. Margarita Holmes wrote a book, Down to One - which refers to the libido of her husband from a healthy sex life to just one sex - because of depression. I know I should rationalize myself out of depression or as mentioned in the book, sex is just a filler.

He is short, stocky and yes, hairy. So, off we go to my bedroom - played a male porn and he started to undress. He was quiet, he seemed apathetic, and I do not feel passion or his libido - was it me or him? Oh my, I was afraid he might not even get hard, maybe he does not like me. Then, I noticed the bulge - when he took of his pants - A HARDON! I slowly was able to relax and breath. I will take that hard cock of his as a sign, he is horny, hard and ready - good for sucking and cum! No worries!

How did I suck him? Oh yes, I suck him with all the variations I could think of, making my tongue work its magic. Likewise, I only took one shot of the camera and then gave it to him. He is used to commanding, and to make him secure that there is no face - I gave him control of the camera. I can easily just crop my face and he is assured his face being behind the camera would never be seen! Likewise, it was a turn on for him to see me adore and pay homage to his cock - that he came, once, twice, and thrice! I just let him rest and then suck back the life and the juice out of his cock.

After the third time, the cum was lesser and he said it feels great to smoke after sex. I said sorry, I do not have cigarettes (yeah, I know there is a pack of cigarette and a lighter on the table - but that is not mine but left by Markietot who I know would come back at least for another one, and I do want him to fuck me again!). So he excused himself to go down and buy some cigarette ... I waited, waited, and waited... damn, something happened to him? Or... he saw my determination to make him cum 5 x, and after his third cum, he has nothing more and afraid of impending failure... he simply returned! My god, tinakasan ako? (how should I translate that for others - he escape? or simply did not return) Oh well, I just shrug my shoulders about it.


  1. nice.....hope we can,,,,sana my short video....thz...

  2. sarap naman nya =)

  3. sarap naman nya =)