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Monday, February 7, 2011

Bert baltazar goes bisexual ?

Yes, you are seeing boobies now! My proof that a girl, a female, a woman have visited my pad and had sex here! Like I have said to some friends, the world is going topsy turvy, I have outed myself to women and some friends so they would no longer go after me for marriage - and yet they just responded nothing wrong if I am gay! Anyway, relax, its not I who had sex with Hilda. Hilda is a long, long time friend of mine, actually, she is my ex girfriend! Wow, it was easy to type that, not to admit in front of people. If I did not have sex, how come I was able to have pictures? Well, if I can share friends, why not her? Absex have always said he is bisexual, so I dared him to put it into the test - have sex with Hilda!

Absex was excited, it had been months since he had sex with a girl and I told her, no strings attached, just a one night stand. You see, Hilda is married and employed. She got married to this guy I eyed in a jeep, we followed him and the rest is history. Unfortunately, their marriage is not working out and the guy is cheating. So, an eye for an eye. She asked me if I have a friend that would be willing for a one night stand. We did set it up with Azen, my last hook up but he did not show up for last thursday. So, friday I got to chat with Absex and that was it.

So there was the three of us, but being friends with Hilda I could no longer cross the boundary. She went for shower and since it has been four nights, four days, I started up with Absex who was already hard with excitement. I suck him enjoying his big dick ... hmmm, sorry I did not have pics of his cock, just search for it in this blog. When, Hilda entered the room, it was my cue to leave them.

Somehow I am a gentlemen, ok ... Hilda wants me to join them but I do not claim bisexuality ... I just left them and had dinner with my Mom. I came back later, played with the computer, Hilda came out with the pillow and I dared her for a picture! You see, she enjoyed it, and really wondering about the video I played - bisexual adventures. She said, she wants to try it like in the video, two bisexual guys and her. Any takers? Anyone who wants to prove or revalidate their bisexuality? Let the fun begin!