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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Unconditional ... Unexpected

10 February 2011, Thursday. My blog would already be about two weeks late. I feel the lag and yet it allows me not only to remember those moments but understand repercussions, cause and effect. I still did not report to work, useless to go to work when my mind and heart is somewhere else - and for this Daddy John met me at Jollibee. It was my first time to meet him outside my place, first time to have some time with him or anyone over merienda. In terms of depression, it would have been shopping or sex that would be my aleviator, my first aid but I have no money to shop nor idea to shop for something. And MarkYD have expressed his disgust that I engage in sex for depression, he said there are other means such as pigging out - and that I tried out that afternoon. I ordered for Daddy John and me, and yet except for the fries, I am the one who finished everything!

Daddy John as I refer to him proved himself right for the name - fatherly! He was there listening me ramble and runt about my life. It was not much of a discussion, it was almost like a monologue of my life. He was very patient trying to understand my life - readers joked of envying my sex life, saying its not fair. Well, its not really fair, that I do not have to worry if I would have a fuck or sex mate, and yet I worry about losing my job! I worry about our family affairs, the close extended family I know had moved on, no longer that close, distances created when we had our own families - except for me. He listened, no advise, no criticism, he accepted me for what I am. His acceptance was unconditional, made me feel good accepting myself. He did not suggest any changes and I felt right being myself. That friendship of his was unconditional, so moving on - I told him as I may have no alternative career to think off, there is someone wanting to meet me that day.

Count your blessings, you may not have a job but at least you have someone wanting to spend some time with you.

Huh, well, if this my blessing, I share my blessing. Care to join us? I have never met him and I am not sure his preferences but my instinct, my gut feel is that he would be glad to have two playmates and not just one. Like, I have mentioned before Daddy John is a mestizo, and one can be reminded of Ric Segreto or Jovit Moya (if you are not familiar with these artist, its a generation thing, one can google how they look). So I am confident that Vic would welcome both of us. Vic is married with kids and work in Harrison.

My phone rings, an unsaved number. Are we on? I replied yes and that I have a welcome surprise! So Daddy John and I went back to my place to wait for Vic. I was feeling better to have a good threesome. Daddy John was apologetic that he brought someone and I have declined to join, I said its nothing, just me trusting my intuition when to have sex or not.

Waiting in my pad, it was exciting. Thus, when I opened the door. Huh? What? Hey!

There standing on the door is not someone new, but its Albert! My thursday fuckbud! I was surprised, I am not expecting him. Would this be a foursome? It turns out, the unregistered number is his new mobile number, he had been robbed recently and lost his mobile phone to the robbers! And going back online, Vic, waiting for confirmation have went home to his family! Oh ok ... so would this turn out to be?

This time, I asked directly Albert, are you versatile? Is it ok? I had sex with Daddy John really only once, after that, the threesome sex with him was for me to focus on the third person, who is a versatile to address his needs as a top and mine as a bottom. Yeah, Daddy John is rough and I was not sure if I can handle two tops! I was still recovering my full libido.

Yes, no problem. And Albert gave a timid smile.

It was a smile that would represent the sex - GREAT, very VERY GREAT!

My apologies if I cannot be that graphic of those bed moments. Suffice to say, I remember sucking Daddy John and Albert. Then it was sort of a line. Daddy John was lying there while Albert was sucking him and I sucking Albert. Then, the switch, I suck Daddy John while Albert suck me. It was nice being in between, felt so good sucking two cocks!

Daddy John stood up, went to my condom bowl and placed protection on his penis. I sat on my bed post and positioned Albert. Albert was on his fours, he was going to take it doggy style. Daddy John slowly inserted his cock into Albert, who grimaced but silently took every inch. Then, he went down on me. He has two cocks at both ends. Then, Albert motioned to switch on to lie on his back. Daddy John was still standing by the bed, this time Albert was lying with his legs in the air. This allowed me to suck Albert, we were doing 69 while Daddy John continued to fuck him. It was already heaven for me.

A third position, to try it a sandwich. I moved to be the bottom layer this time Albert's cock in my ass, and as soon as he settled, Daddy John took his ass again. There was rocking and moans ... and it was Daddy John who came first and withdrew himself. Albert continued to fuck me until he came. Oh yes, its a delightful start for a recovery!

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