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Monday, April 30, 2012

Eleventh hour

I was positive that I would still meet someone and be able to have something new to post, someone new that would be worth writing and blogging about. Thus, eleventh hour ... I thought I would have no one, nothing to write. But Hotmarkie decided to drop by ... and I took the risk.

He is the proverbial tall, dark and handsome.. and SLIM.  Some would not like that but I have a slight preference for them, I guess opposite attracts. I know, some might say I am a chub and yet those chub lovers would not consider me a chub worthy to be chased. So I simply have to diet a little, exercise by walking and taking the stairs and all.

So there was Hottiemark, slim and dark. I have to stress on the slim for some take that as a physical representation that a person is not healthy.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Sunday Fun

I have always written that the orgies are not planned or scheduled. Before, I used to have a very open minded lover, thus just inviting one more person turns the sex into a threesome. Ernz is a top and I was a bottom, thus usually the third would be sandwiched in between us, and we prefer a versatile that both of us can enjoy. In this case, I have pics of Baldo and his friend Trojan. I have known Baldo for quite some time and there had been some history between us - we started on a one on one sex till it was upgraded to group sex, his smiles are from ear to ear. He asked if I have some fun scheduled, I said none. On an easter sunday, was not really expecting anything or much. He asked if he can visit with a friend, I said yes!

And that is how I met Trojan. But as I am a very friendly person, I reply to other text and someone else also wants to drop by. I did not tell Baldo and Trojan that I was expecting Dr Con, MD. Things happen, like he can end up sleeping or resting and thus would not make it, or there would be an emergency. I always say No Promises since I do not want to commit myself when others have their own minds, which can change, and change again.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

House call

I am sure there are those who would be commenting I am crazy, or that my absence would mean I am sick or was sick. Well, maybe they are right. This, reminds me of an episode earlier, I did not get to write it but it was etched in my mind. My guest was a doctor and after the sex, we end up talking about my medical condition - the genetic diabetes (type 2!) that I have. Well, he did another house call, I guess he wants to test my oral skills again and if my anus is still elastic, this time I accommodated him and another cock at the same time! Yes, as in my earlier post, Elmar, was here, and he stayed till Dr Con, MD arrived.

The first time, the last time, I was not able to take pictures, this time, I did not miss the chance. I asked permission from him and allowed me take pictures of his cock. It is nice to suck on a very hard dick which I plan to sit later. Likewise, what makes him more unforgettable, he is one of the very, very few that brought his own condom - Durex! After sucking on that cock, I placed the condom and sat on it. I gyrated on top of his cock making him moan and groan from pleasure. How I miss my youth, although I am still up to it, could not last long, had to change position, from straddling him, I moved to be on my fours. He fucked me from behind while I suck the cock of Elmar. It was pleasure, blissful to have a cock at both ends. Jonas joined from his cleaning up my pad, I only have two orifice, my mouth and ass are already filled, so I could only jack off, while sucking and being fuck. Three cocks, thrice the pleasure.

What I like about his cock most is that it is very hard, it is like an alkaline battery, it lasts long, enough that I sat on Elmar's dick while his cock inserts himself! Now, I miss Ting, he would have taken pics although Jonas was there, he got transfixed watching us, he jacked off and came for the second time!

Cleaning up!

Thursday, cleanliness is next to holiness? Anyways, by the ways, and always.. just staying at home and being hospitable and open to friends who are left in the city. I already have two visitors, Jonas which I have posted pics earlier, with him showing his relaxing massage. Now, he is helping me clean up up my pad while I clean up the pipes of others. And the first of others is Elmar. Oh wow, no one new, him I first tasted last October 2011, and visits me around once a month or so. So, here, obliged me to remember his cock. Well, if you are here, you are also more than free to partake of his delight. Visit me also tomorrow? Or rather visit us?

Elmar is definitely yummy and into group sex, he reasons out basically the more, the merrier, that it is somehow more lustful, more enticing to see more bodies. But as he deigned to watch, I could not help but taste him in my mouth before he fucks someone's arse with it, or my ass for that matter. Hmmmm, why not mine? Let me update my blog and more! Besides I already got fucked twice last night. The last time he was here, he showed a top friend to the bottom side. That, for me is the funny side of life, most self declared tops would eventually meet someone they would be more than willing to be the bottom one. In this case, less I forget, it was Dandy! I joke him about it, and now he tells me, he knows Dandy likes it since he opened up, and that Dandy even exchanged numbers and invited him over.. oh well, whether in Caracas or Manila, still the same characters of male sex players.. me, minus well enjoy the big slab of cock he has. He tells me to wait for some more or that it is soft, I said let me take care of it... his cock becomes hard and fills my mouth. It is so nice and empowering to do that, to have something grow and become hard with my oral administration. I cannot but help but smile, to be grateful for everything!.