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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Sunday Fun

I have always written that the orgies are not planned or scheduled. Before, I used to have a very open minded lover, thus just inviting one more person turns the sex into a threesome. Ernz is a top and I was a bottom, thus usually the third would be sandwiched in between us, and we prefer a versatile that both of us can enjoy. In this case, I have pics of Baldo and his friend Trojan. I have known Baldo for quite some time and there had been some history between us - we started on a one on one sex till it was upgraded to group sex, his smiles are from ear to ear. He asked if I have some fun scheduled, I said none. On an easter sunday, was not really expecting anything or much. He asked if he can visit with a friend, I said yes!

And that is how I met Trojan. But as I am a very friendly person, I reply to other text and someone else also wants to drop by. I did not tell Baldo and Trojan that I was expecting Dr Con, MD. Things happen, like he can end up sleeping or resting and thus would not make it, or there would be an emergency. I always say No Promises since I do not want to commit myself when others have their own minds, which can change, and change again.

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  1. Thanks for finally making the photos bigger