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Sunday, April 22, 2012

one on one to group fun (part 2)


  1. mmmmm looks delicious. Count me in!!

  2. ano number mo bert>

  3. one on one tayo bert

  4. Nakakulong ka na ba bert?? Sex tayo

  5. I was away ... went to Singapore, and yes, I did have sex there in my hotel room, with someone I had sex six years ago.

    Nakakulong? jailed? made me smile, this is one of my fantasies. Talked to a friend last night (28 may 2012), he told me he spent a night in jail. reality is so far away from fantasy. he was so afraid, restless... and he left the jail house untouched. why would i be jailed? bakit po ako ikukulong?

    hmmmmm... let me think, oh yeah, once i met someone on the streets of malate and we were doing it on the streets, we were picked up in a police car but i maintained i have no money and we were later on released. I was sweating and all, but maintained we have done nothing at all... that was the closest.....

  6. Singapore ey? Hmm I am going there in July. I'll have to get some phone numbers for fun times!! hehe

  7. i think he meant to ask you kung may partner kana :P

    kaya pala no activity sa blog, nagbakasyon ka. hehe


  8. curiosity kills the cat! cutious lang ako nung una ngayon lagi ko ng binabasa yung blog mo..Bert hope na gagawa ka ng clan tapos pwede na magsex sex lahat! :)

    1. i do not know how to create a clan, nor should i even create one