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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Jonas ... ex security guard

The attached pictures are taken last tuesday, 03 April 2012. Jonas is someone i have known way back in 2005 or 2006 i think. I know him first as an ex OFW and that to save on his placement fee, he asked assistance to look for clients. I obliged and even help him prepare his resume, then we lost touch. I presumed he had left again to work abroad as a masseur. It turns out, he had some lung spots and did not pass the medical exam, so he ended up as a security guard till last January 2012. I was cleaning my computer for files that I stumbled on his resume that I prepared, saw his email address and traced his facebook account, thus we got in touch again. This time, since he left the security agency, he asked help that I advertise his massage till he settles back in the province. Whew... that is our history. To cut short, if you are interested, please contact him at 0905 316 0541. However, as a precaution, would keep my endorsements at a separate blog, please follow it too

Wait, if I created another blog for my endorsements, should I keep this post separate? Well, not exactly, my last encounter with him was in a gray area. He was prompt to appear in my pad that he turned up a bit ealier than Adam. Sorry, no pics of Adam. It would had been best to forget about this Adam aka android something but the encounter was something we all could learn something about. It also showed I can be rude, as far as I think I personally judge my action, but I doubt if he realize I was being rude at all.

Well, let me get about the story of that sex. I met Adam aka androidsomething on PR as with others. He sounds defensive, less confident about the size of his cock. As it turns out, i would not say small or less than average, it was a good size cock. Actually I love his cock, it was definitely hard, and it was so uniquely nice to suck and get fuck with. Unfortunately, no picture shorts as he had requested no pics earlier by text. I understand for he could be identified by his cock, it is spherical at the head, thus its like sucking a big oblong lollipop, and more funny thing, it was a bit bend sidewise, downward! Oh, I guess, better description would be diagonal to his left side. Thinking about his cock, that cock would always be welcome in my house... his face, or rather the person it is attached to, makes me pause - oh well, next dick please!

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