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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Father and son ??!!!

"UVH 800" I texted the Taxi license number as it leave.
Zee texted back " Akala ng Taxi driver, tatay kita, kasi may baston kang dala "
What the fuck? Its not a baston, its an umbrella!
Well, I would be 48 this October and Zee just turned 26, he could have been my son when I was 22.
Us. a father and son? Then I recall what had just happened .. I took that cock of his in my mouth, sat on it, and he fucked me .. twice.. it would had been incest if we were truly father and son.

It was Friday, 15 August 2014.  I woke up early to catch the additional 10% SM advantage discount - I bought some plastic boxes hoping to organize my pad.  I was able to work out for an hour at the gym before heading home. Nothing really planned except getting to know Zee. He searched for some pinoy erotic stories and ended up reading my blog, but he enjoyed reading most are my sexcapades prior to my blog posting, way back prior to 2006! I replied to his email and we had set a date: today!!!

Our set up : meet in my pad to get to know each other, just a one on one. But as plans usually go .. they do not happen!! I always say I do not plan for group fun or orgies because it is stressful : you invite people and they would not come, one ends up with no one. I do not plan  and I would receive text messages from people wanting to drop by : so I end up with group sex!! Thus, I would rather plan for a one on one .. and enjoy it more, better when it becomes a group sex!!! But of course .. to those who are waiting to be invited.. good luck! I have no time to invite since I would be busy sucking and fucking!

Zee is a wonderful conversationalist. He arrived early, we actually entered my pad at the same time. I took time to talk with him on the terrace and on my room. I was getting comfy with this guy.  He only had one relationship that lasted over a year. I felt at home with him .. well, it was a red moon and I felt lucky getting to know the person.  Well, I was expecting two other friends then : Janus and Yummy Elmar.  Janus have earlier texted he is going to start a new job tom and i replied its time to celebrate one last hurrah. Yummy Elmar was a bit bored and asked my plans, and I replied that I was going to meet Zee and Janus, he is most welcome to join us.

I was not sure who are versa and thus i thought of another friend, but he declined since he is graveyard shift.  Then I received another text - this time from Paul NBO :"Kamusta ". I said I am fine, am ok and would be meeting some friends. "Can I come?" Oh well, why not.. since Zee is a a nice person, I see no problem. So I replied that he is free to catch up... and now.. from one on one.. it would be a fivesome!!!

Yes the fun was in full swing .. it started as a threesome between me, Zee, and Janus " A train suck, I would be sucking Zee as he sucks Janus. Then, Zee and i would be sucking Janus! I could no longer hold back.. from sucking Zee, I placed a condom on his erect cock... it was so nice.. he was waiting for me to sit on it. Then as i sat on it, i suck on Janus' dick. It feels so great being impaled on a cock and yet my mouth filled with another dick! We tried various positions.. then when i was on my belly, Zee fucking me from behind, and both of us taking turns to suck Janus who was standing beside the bed.. Zee was no longer able to hold back.. and came! I squeezed my ass to milk that cock of his.. it was spectacular.

Then Yummy Elmar came and I took that time to rest and take a long, long shower... hoping they would simply have a go between themselves... Oh my!! I was wrong, I came out of the shower and they were all just lying there, watching a male porn! This is the job of the host.. to initiate when people tend to shy among themselves. I took off my towel and guided them to touch each other.. while i suck a cock after another.. it feels good to suck a hard dick but partly it was the host's job! This is a job I love!!

Then... another text from Jhay "Kamusta" Duhhhh, i am busy.. i have no time for chitchat. I simply replied " Punta ka na lang dito, dalit!" and his reply " Ok, ligo lang ako!" That is what i love about Jhay, he trusts me ..  no fuss, no questions.. would just simply join!!

Well, I like Zee and I have told him that then as I also ended trying to monopolize him .. well, I did introduce Paul NBO and Jhay when they arrive but I think I had Zee on the far corner of the wall, sucking him, being fucked by him.  One of the best memories is being on my back as he furiously.. BUT sweetly smiling as he ram his manhood in my ass! I was moaning and enjoying each thrust. Zee had read my latest post and wanted to at least cum 4 times or more.. well, he came thrice that night.. I told him to rest, he should not forced himself... besides my ass was already more than happy.

Janus left ahead since he starts on his new job the next day. I accompanied Zee to Pasay Road where he can get a taxi - I do not mind leaving the three : Yummy Elmar, Paul NBO, and Jhay. The three are all adults and I know I can trust them anyways. It looked like rain so I brought an umbrella.. its not a cane or baston like what that taxi driver taught.

Oh well.. when i came back... it was just in time to take pictures of the other participants. I was so busy sucking and fucking with Zee i was no longer able to take pics of the other guests. Paul NBO came with the help of Jhay and I sucked Jhay till he came in my mouth ... what a friday night!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Angry SEX ... Train fuck!!

What is new with this post? Finally a close up picture of a train fuck! Inigo had never been fucked in my pad but XXXXX had fucked him in his boarding house. XXXXX was not sure if Inigo would allow himself to be bottomed but had intrigued him with a train fuck - thus the experiment finally happened!

It was a tuesday afternoon, and XXXXX was mad as LLLLL from Malibay kept texting him. XXXXX refers LLLLL as the "pokpok ng malibay" (whore of malibay).  That bit of anger expressed itself, XXXXX fucked Inigo with a fury. I simply had to open myself to Inigo who inserted his cock inside me - the fucking motion was provided by XXXXX. He was not only fucking Inigo, he was also fucking me - I felt every thrust and it was chorus of moan between me and Inigo, we were both loving it. When XXXXX takes a break from the fucking, Inigo then fucks me on his was so on stop fucking motion.

The first train fuck - I was on my back and Inigo entered me, he then leaned forward thus he was almost on a dog position for XXXXX to fuck us very furiously.

Then, it was Inigo's turn to be on his back and he was fucked sideways. On this interlude i took pictures and suck on his cock .. Inigo would push my head away as he delays his orgasm.

Then .. as he was on his back.. his hard cock.. yes - take a look on the pictures above, then imagine me - sitting on that hard cock! I sat on that cock facing Inigo.

And when my legs grew tired, i took my ass from that cock and used my mouth - and that is when Inigo was unable to contain his orgasm.. he came.. and CAME....  YUP!! One more satisfied visitor...

PS .... I said thank you to LLLLL for it was his incessant texting that provoke XXXXX, he released his frustration with the fuck thus it was one hell of a good sex. LLLLL was mad for being labeled "pokpok ng malibay", which XXXXX gave since LLLLL posted his number on his PR profile looking for group sex.

now the search is for versatile guys who can fuck my ass and open his own ass to be fucked...