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Monday, August 4, 2014

Serendipity (2 of 3)

I was right! I knew it! Jhay being sandwiched between Xxxxx and Jonas turned to his right and started kissing Xxxxx!

Jonas looked at me and my eyes gave him my instructions. He is not to be coy - I want him to be active, I want him to show that he is great sex, that he is a good fuck. Thus, he attacked on the opening, the unguarded terrain of Jhay - his ass.

Jhay was so preoccupied he was not really able to protest. I know it would be a shock, no one had ever fucked him in my pad. Now, here he is - sandwiched between two tops and then pinned further by a suck. My supportive role is to suck the cock, a pleasure to counteract the initial pain of a cock getting inside the ass.

Success! Jonas was able to bottom and before the night ends, Xxxxx would also be on top of him. Well, I would have proven my point to Xxxxxx and I would have more intimate photos, better pics of a threesome - the three of them, with the action morphing into a foursome! Me sucking Jhay's cock, while his ass is being fucked by Jonas while he is busy kissing and hugging Xxxxxx.

Jhay was the center, he was the focus.

Jhay just let go and tried to enjoy the experience. His legs in the air and all....

Then, it was Xxxxx turn, Jonas stood on the side.. and at times fed his cock to Jhay... who would have a cock on both ends.. me, still behind the camera.. taking all the scenery.. looking for a good angle to get a picture.


  1. how can I contact you sir?

  2. i wanna get fucked! :D