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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Patience is a Virtue

Inigo sent a message over PR, he is interested to know me and enticed me with his cock pics. Who does not love a good hard on, one that is stiff and right for sitting? However, it started there and it ... sort of just hang there... no follow up, no scheds... just the occasional text message of - good morning  / good afternoon / good evening. Times I would be direct and ask him and the reply is that he is busy at work. He would txt that he is hard or horny but nothing more, no opportunity or desire to go to my place to ease his libido. It would had been so easy to give up but I have some patience ... I want those cock pics inside me, so I patiently waited ... and patience was almost rewarded ....

He texted that he is around the area and that he is looking for an apartment closer to work. He works at housekeeping of a hotel which explains his "busyness", afraid to be absent or late for work. Again, somehow it did not work out. Had to beg out, the eyeball did not materialize. Almost give up, anyway, if its meant to be, it shall happen... it shall happen.

Another day of his searching and still within the area. This time, I said I have no other commitment, why not? I shall meet him in my place...but he does not know where my place is and asks for a compromise - meet him at LRT Libertad station... hmp! But I had been waiting this long, just a little bit more stretch, and what gives... and so I relented... just texting... texting...

We agreed to meet around 630pm at Libertad and as the time nears, his text brings another tone : "I am not handsome. Do not expect much". What the fuck? I do not judge the face afterall I had long ago resigned that  it is more likely that I have a more presentable face, that I would be fairly handsome than this bloke, not that I would like to brag but I am definitely not physically ugly. My mood can be nasty  but not my face - which would explain my relative success in having sex.  Should I now give up? I just want a taste, a feel, a touch - not a relationship with someone who has limited time ....

Patience! I reminded myself. And in between, I got a text from Jake who said he did not report to work and likewise within the area, perhaps we can meet or something. I agreed with Jake and I eventually met him first than Inigo! I let him talk to Inigo over the phone while I have my merienda at Jollibee. Still, Inigo got lost and we had to look for him somewhere else - 7 11!  What is this? A  hide and seek? Inigo be better worth it...

There! There at 7 11 he is, found him having a drink. Ordinary looking person, not an attention getter.... I was thank ful that I had the patience.. patience in texting and all. Finally, met Inigo. The three of us went to my place.

What happened in my pad? Let the pictures tell you the story.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Wishes for Willow

Willow is the name of a fantasy movie I loved. Willow is also the name of the witch in the Buffy the Vampire slayer TV series. Surprisingly - Willow was my guest last night, he proclaims to be a long loyal blog reader. More surprisingly, he is cute, handsome, and obviously gifted with a long cock good for sucking, and a very loyal lover / partner for around 7 years! Wait.. wait, if he is loyal and loving - what is he doing on my bed? Don't get him wrong.. I had to exert extra effort to have him in my mouth and he left intact. He was confused with his relationship and thus ended to an impulsive eyeball with me.... and me? Before we got to talked I presumed he wanted sex and thus I immediately proceeded to realize that wish of his..... so here, my mouth and hand got to work before my lips and brain started to be a "friend" in deed.

I hate to burst your bubble but he is not perfect physically.. he is a bit short, around 5-2. I know that my disclosure might seem bad but it is part of being honest and that honesty, my sincerity is what I offered to him last night. His last text was that he made some realization after our encounter which made me smile. I find him a bit sad or reflective - he was able to have something that most of us do dream off - a live in partner for the last 5 years, and before that, they were a couple of around 2 years. His family is very supportive, such that they look  for Red when they are not together.  Kainngit na ba? Nope, around 3 months ago, they agreed to have an open relationship because of a third party, and two months after - Red is also officially a boyfriend to Jake!!! Duhhhhh. Apparently, the Red defines an open relationship as being able to have two boyfriends or more. Oh my goodness! Readers, friends, do please react on this one. Me, my understanding of an open relationship is that it allows both parties to have sex with other men, other guys, other gays BUT it precludes you from having another relationship. I had my share of open relationship - and the problem arises when we note someone else trying to come in emotionally and not just sexually! I mean sex is just sex, it does not involve the heart ... understandable that one can have sex without any meaning. But having two boyfriends because that is your definition of an open relationship? Wow as in weh!! First time for me (and I am 46 years old, going 47 in October) to hear such.

In that 7 years, Willow had been almost faithful - exception was meeting with an ex. And in the last three months that they had an open relationship... Willow had only met 5 guys... huh? 5? I can meet 5 in a week. Willow is an ideal long term relationship material except I am not sure he realize that. He was being wreck that at his age of 29, he is worried there would be no others that would love him. Duhhhh.. so from sucking, I ended up cuddling the guy... hmmmm, anyone interested in him? sent an email!!!! hahahahaha

Actually, when Willow arrived I just finished a threesome with Jake and Inigo - which I initially planned to blog first but the story of Willow impressed me more. I took pictures with me still dressed up for I thought he might be a one minute challenge, you know.. suck, cum, and good bye - with no need of undressing... well, i sucked, massaged him, and cuddle for a time.... i felt more intimate with him than we had anal sex.. he asked questions, we talked, we conversed - i felt someone peeking into my sould, and it was a rare experience, i bared parts of it.

I can only wish willow he find the right one and that he realize there is nothing for him to fear. One of his questions - who or what instances that i can curse or hate an encounter. For a moment, it was like being on stage of a Question and Answer portion - hate is a useless emotion, one simply forgets and move on. When there are bad times, I simply look forward to a good time!


Wednesday, May 15, 2013

FUCKED once.. twice... thrice !!! (part 1)

I always received a PR message that goes something like " invite ka, punta ako, txt me 0999 999 8888", other permutations would simply  "text me when there is an orgy, my number 0999 999 888". I try to simply smile about these messages and hold back replying my Mr Universal idiot question " Why should I invite you?". I mean, really now... I do not know you, never met you, and you want me to simply text you when there is a group fun? I do not even know when the next group fun would really be! But when I receive these idiotic or Bilib sa sarili messages, then I can hope that I would be blessed with an encounter, I simply have to wait and believe.

Tuesday, 14 May 2013 - received a text from Ber that he would be dropping by 9pm. I thought he might be the one but I shall rejoice if and when he arrives. He is simply one of those I categorize as No show,  simply promises, text with no action. So when Andy texted looking for fun, I told them the possibility but not counting on it, best he looked for someone else. True enough, before evening, Ber texted his regrets that something came up and he would not be able to cum. Not frustrated, just a sigh, was not expecting him really. Andy found someone else - but it rained and all! Guess what, he brought a bottom, chunky looking.. who immediately covered his nose when i opened the door, for after me run 4 kittens. It turns out, he is allergic to cats, he did not even get to pass the door. See.... frustrating.

Jaypee also sent a text but not really expecting him, he is a planner - plans but lacks the conviction of execution. Surprisingly, despite the rain, he made it to my place just as Andy and his friend had left. Ok, Jaypee wants a massage - so I texted up Meller who came immediately to service him. I went down to Mother's house and have my dinner ... i guess, i at least would have Jaypee's cock in my mouth. He only pays for the legitimate massage, I provide the sex!

I do not know how Andy got to have Robbin, most likely from PR likewise. Robbin came from a concert at MOA Arena. I just said yes, Go! AND it is Robbin who got fucked once by me.. and then twice as Jaypee sampled him, and thrice as Andy entered him! Robbin is such a delight such that in a threesome position, he was being fucked by Andy on his back that I sat on his cock. It was good....

Pictures were taken by me or when i am in the pic - they were taken by Jaypee.  It was so much free wheeling that we had tried various combinations and positions. Will post the rest of the picture set in the next blog posts.

I am a bottom but at times I have the urge to be top and I usually have to take the first "bite" so to speak. I am not well endowed, small is the size of my dick, which gives me the first fuck. In group bang, the bottom should be fucked according to size - from small to large. Thus, after me, it was Jaypee and Andy the last. This I try to follow and it allows the bottom to be prepared to a bigger cock, and it does not stretch the anus for the not so well endowed. Size is a relative issue so it is rarely discussed but I get to control the order of fucking by being the one who place the condom on the cock, obviously - condom is placed on your dick, you are the next top!.

Yes... the last pic is me fucking Robbin. He was moaning and obviously enjoying having a cock at his ass and mouth.