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Friday, May 3, 2013

a live show? ... indeed

01 May 2013, Wednesday. Miguel texted me that afternoon. It has been a while since I heard from him months ago, or was it a year ago? I am again reminded of blogging lest I forget these events - need to write to remember. What do I remember, we had sex before and I was astounded when he confessed how he got interested to have sex with me: he has a lover for more than 6-7 yrs and that lover of his had sex with me, and then narrated to him that indiscretion. I was astounded and speechless. More so with his next proposal, a threesome with his lover... oooops... that I had to decline.

So back to present, Miguel texted saying he is bored and horny. He is moreno, not muscled, not chunky, not slim, average, just right - nice to hug, yummy to cuddle. He is also a good conversationalist, someone with a nice "nescafe" smile (just look at how those male nescafe models smile - they definitely lighten up your day, that his smile. I offered him to join instead the get together (earlier posted which he declined since he finds it too late and his decline brought a little bit of sadness). And he inquired if I know any massuer - legitimate one! Whoa! Back in the game!  I offered Meller  and we set it at 630 pm.

Dang! Meller is on dayoff, Wilson offered Jacob instead. It turns out Jacob is only 21 yrs old and had only been massaging for only 2 and a half months. He is a bit tall, i think at least 5-9, slim and lanky. He is very fair, and because of that youth of his, I even doubted and asked him point black if he really knows how to massage. Well, no other choice... but honestly I like the innocence of his face, his skin was fair and flawless. I have no doubt others who had the means had paid him more than a simple massage. If i do have money I would want service from him and be willing to pay for extra service.. or jsut to be able to to have him inside my lips.

So there, in my bedroom - Jacob going to massage Miguel.  Miguel is even shy that he opted not to take off his boxers. I smiled at his bashfulness. Jacob started the massage and I was on the floor playing farmville lookinng at them occasionally. My intent?  :)

Jacob then asked Miguel to turn on his back and he proceeded to massage the front side.Miguel had already taken off his boxers when Jacob started putting oil on him. By this time, I already have a towelette dubbed in alcohol. Miguel was started to have four hands on his body.

"Relax, just wiping the excess oil"

Jacob then turned to massage the head, this is usually for the last 10 minutes. I moved to Miguel's lower body, making him relax and before he can react or anything I took his cock inside my warm and moist mouth.

Miguel gasped. I did not see but I felt he looked down at me as I started to moved my head up and down. His cock had gotten hard inside my maniuplative tongue. I know Jacob was watching but I did not care. Miguel said he is already single... he had broken with his lover of 8 years, poor guy I think. I can only console the best way i know how, sexually.  He moved his hand, and for a second I though he would move me away. His hand pressed me lower on his cock, kissing his balls. I was simply happy to comply.

A good hard massage and deep throat action - Miguel did not last. He was quiet, but I felt, tasted his climax as he came into my mouth - just as Jacob finished massaging his head. I felt Jacob's eyes on me. I only smiled.

Miguel quickly dressed up and paid Jacob and was soon out of the door. I guess he feels guilty with his manly pleasures and I could only hope he would come back again, and he would always be welcome. I talked to Jacob while he was waiting for his ride home, I apologized if I had made him uncomfortable.

"Its ok, sir. First time for me to watch a live show".

 ps... Hahahaha! Normally I hadve declined messages asking to visit and watch an orgy or sex. I usually decline because it feels weird knowing someone is watching you and I am not sure if my sex partner would agree, I cannot agree in their behalf. Unwittingly, I had provided a live sex show for Jacob... well, lucky him!

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