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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Level up for the Bored Student

Edward  was bored at home. He said he is only enrolled for one subject this semester and summer does not agree with him.  Bored and wanting to relax, I mentioned that he can meet Jaypee who would be dropping by later for some rest and recreation. Likewise, Andy would most likely drop by also before he goes to work. If he is ready, he can meet both of them and me ... we can level up his experience. He had been here before on a one on one, we had oral sex, talked and cuddled.

Edward and Jaypee arrived first as expected, Andy would follow, most likely closer to midnight. I placed a male porn  on the dvd player. Men are generally visual and would respond to such stimuli, these educational tapes are very instructive of the various positions one can do.

Jayepee actively welcomed as he was soon on top Edward kissing. They were fondling each other leaving me to suck both of their cocks, switching from one to the other. The three of us started fun, remember, why wait for someone who is not here? Some men think that action would wait for their presence... duhhh, that is ego, conceitedness... Andy simply have to make do with whatever is left...

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